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    Bruce Alt, Grand Knight                                             or slogan can
Bishop Ireton Council 6189
welcomes all Knights and their
families. Please join us at our
Fraternal events, learn firsthand
about the many aspects of the
Council, meet your fellow
Knights, and provide your input
on how to better our Council.                       Bishop Ireton Center, Home of Council 6189, Knights of Columbus

Please join us at our meeting                     3300 Old Courthouse Road, Richmond, VA 23236. Phone (804) 745-3262
on September 11, 2011 at 7:00
pm.                                              The Grand Knight’s Message                    after much discussion and assuring
          Council Website:                     Brothers,                                       him the Lector would not be the
                                                                     “Council Cook”, Kenny has accepted
                                               Unity is the second principal of our
          Catering:                                                                            to appointment. As many of you know
                                               order. Without unity we would get
                                                              by now, Kenny will conduct “the good
                                               nothing accomplished. Ours is a unity
                                                                                               of the order” as the Supreme Council
Recruit a new Knight for the                   of purpose, we unite around our Lord
                                                                                               envisioned the position should be. The
Council.                                       by opening each meeting with the
                                                                                               Lector will be granted the time to
           In This Issue…….                    prayer Jesus taught us, “Our Father”.
                                                                                               “edify” us with wisdom, history, and
                                               We unite as a group to protect our
Grand Knight’s Message        Page 1                                                           thought provoking discussion
                                               families by striving to lead our lives
Prayer List                   Page 1                                                           concerning the Knights both as a
August Knight & Family        Page 2           as Jesus taught us, and as Fr.
                                                                                               council and as the whole organization.
Military Retirees News        Page 2           McGivney did so many years ago,
Something To Do               Page 2                                                           I urge all council members to come to
                                               created a financial assistance program
Hurricane Season              Page 2                                                           the next meeting Sunday September
Bike Ride                     Page 2           to help the widows and children of
                                                                                               11, and be challenged by our Lector to
In Memoriam                   Page 3           those members who were hurt or died
Calendar of Events            Page 3                                                           become better men.
                                               in industrial accidents. This year I ask
Our Lecturer Note             Page 3                                                           There will be an Officers meeting
Charity Motions               Page 3           Kenny Martin to be our Lector, and
                                                                                               Wednesday September 8th, at 7:00pm.
You Are invited…              Page 3
                                                                                               All officers should plan to attend; any
Vets Bingo
Little Angels
                              Page 4
                              Page 4
                                                Prayer List.                                   council member may also attend. I
Serving On Active Duty        Page 4          Who have we hurt today with our                  would like Gene Zimmerman to bring
Your Insurance Agent          Page 4
Wheelchair Games              Page 4          words or who did we not call to say I            his calendar so we can get dates for
2nd Degree                    Page 4          regret that I have not talked to you in a        our council programs secured and start
Ladies Auxiliary              Page 5          long, long time? There are so many of            getting commitments from members
PGK Dinner                    Page 5
Safe Home Cookin’             Page 5          brother knights just waiting for such a          to head up the various programs. I
Council and BIC Members       Page 6          call. There are many who can’t make              would also like to discuss any
                                              that monthly meeting for reasons of              programs or activities the officers or
Caption descri
SeS bing                                      poor health or injury. And there are             members would like to include for the
                                              those we may have offended and we                rest of this council year.
     [Type text]                              did not mean to hurt. Make the call.             Yours in the service of God
         2011                                 And while you are at it, pray for Chris
       Vol. 123                               Craig, Bob Klaer, John Quinn, The                         Alt
                                                                                               GK Bruce Alt
                                              Waldrons and others we don’t see.
                                  Pray the Rosary - Pray For Peace – Remember 9/11
Knight and Family of the Month                                   According to Frank, the military is a logical target for
                                                                 spending cuts. $200 billion could be saved by reducing
The September Knight of the Month The Knight of the              the U.S. military presence in the world. This means that
month for September is PGK Gregory for his work as Master        military pay and compensation may end up being the logi-
of Ceremonies and his assistance with the overall planning       cal “soft” target for Frank’s military spending cuts.
for the retirement party of Fr. Harry Hock (GK Bruce Alt)

The September Family of the Month: The family of the             Looking for Something to do in September?
month is Jerry and Linda Duncan. Linda was the                   Your County Historical Sites museums (Magnolia
Chairperson for Fr Harry Hock’s retirement reception. Both       Grange, the 1892 Old jail and the Chesterfield
Linda and Jerry spent many hours planning the party and          Museum are open Tuesday through Saturday. The
many more hours setting up, cooking and serving, as well as      sites are a part of the Blue Star Museum initiative.
cleanup after the reception. Congratulations for making his      Military & retirees and their families can tour the sites free
retirement party a great success. I wish to congratulate         through Labor Day. Mark your calendars. The
Jerry and Linda for being our September Family of the            Chesterfield Historical Society is having an Antiques
Month. (GK Bruce Alt)                                            Evaluation Road Show. Dig out your collectibles and see
                                                                 what they are worth. It will take place on September 10th,
Military Retiree News…sobering facts                             2011 from 9a.m.till 1:00 p.m. Partnered with Chester
                                                                 Lions at the 9th Grade Campus Thomas Dale High School.
Cost of our wars and the impact on the deficit present a         $10 per item or 3 Items for $25 - Call (804)796-7121 if
significant challenge to our nation. But cutting veterans        you need more details or see the flyer at
benefits could have an even more detrimental effect on our
society and economy. We need to remember that the worst
burdens of these wars have fallen on veterans and their          Bike Ride
families. Returning veterans have higher rates of suicide and     CHASM is sponsoring a bike ride called Spirit 76,
mental illness, increased drug and alcohol dependence and        Saturday, October 01, 2011 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM. There
higher rates of violence. Those high-risk behaviors have         are two rides through southern Chesterfield County, a 40
resulted in elevated numbers of car crashes and drug             miler and a 76 miler. The rides benefit the CCHASM
overdoses, elevated levels of homelessness and divorce. All
                                                                 organization. More information can be found on the
veterans from ourl conflicts currently qualify for benefits      CCHASM website at If anyone is
that help them deal with the emotional, physical and             interested in riding in a group, please contact PGK Jim
financial effects of returning home from war now and in the      Cook.
future. From healthcare and disability benefits to education
and training to home loan guarantees, these benefits help our
veterans acclimate back into civilian life and remain healthy,   Robert D. Neary Award Honoree
contributing members of society. By keeping our veterans         Council 6189 was honored by the presence of Mrs.
healthy — both physically and mentally — employed and            Margaret Mayer and her sons, Joe and Kevin, at our
sheltered, they will have less need for other, more expensive    August meeting. After dinner the Grand Knight presented
and less efficient federal safety-net programs. The toll of      Margaret and her sons with the Robert D Neary Award.
these wars in terms of human and economic costs will             This award was named for Past State Deputy Robert D
continue for decades. We need to let Congress know that we       Neary, who was the founding President of VKCCI, and is
will not fail these wounded warriors. Contact your               given in memory of Knights who have worked tirelessly
representative now. We owe these young wounded warriors          for “the good or the order”. The award was presented to
a debt that is hard to pay but one that we must do. We also      Margaret in memory of our brother Knight Richard Mayer
need to pray for them and their families. With this said, Rep.   for his lifetime work on behalf of the Knights and his
Barney Frank (D-MA), the ranking Democratic member on            effort to lead our Bingo
the House Financial Services Committee, is blaming military      committee which provides
spending for the recent S&P move to downgrade the U.S.           the money to support our
credit rating. Frank says the credit reversal “could change      council’s charitable giving.
our thinking” and the influence the military has in politics.

Hurrican Season: Go to this site to keep up with hurricane activity: You can find a plan that
may help you be better prepared for what may be coming to our area. Get a weather update by typing in your zip code.

                                  JOIN A BINGO TEAM,, YOU WON’’T REGRET IT
                                  JOIN A BINGO TEAM YOU WON T REGRET IT
In Memoriam
Remember in your prayers, those members of our Council           Christ's Church. Unfortunately, we all are too familiar
and their families who have gone to their heavenly reward.       with the reality of 10% of the crowd doing 90% of the
                                                                 work. As Knights, we have pledged our commitment to
Laura Bocek, Tony Longo, Judy Morley, Clyde Gray, David          supporting one another and serving God's neediest
Gibson, Grand Knight for Council 6546, Debbie Gorman,            children. So I ask you Brother, are you working, are you
Scotty Haviland, John Foster, Anne ReDavid, Annie Scott ,        watching, or are you wondering? - God Bless, Kenny
Richard Mayer, PGK Lawrence C. J.Poh, PGK Mike Malone,           Martin, Lector
Lillian Marcario’s mother, David Rubio, Jean Brennan, Tim
Kelly, Mary Ann Charest, Larry Farren, Nancy Lee
                                                                 September 2011 Charity Motions…
Wanamaker, Harry Lee Goode (brother of Annie Scott),
Stewart Foulke, Patrick O’Hare, Sr., Wendell Lloyd,
                                                                 American Heart Association                       $1000
Glendora Martin Jones, Aunt of Bob Martin, Mary L. Priddy,
Mother of Brenda Martin, David Cuff, father of Stephanie         American Wheelchair                              $450
Cooke, Lois Crostic, Peg Bierkowski, and Frank Goble.
                                                                 Bailey Bridge School for Handicap Student        $250
Remember in your prayers those members of the Order and          Supplies
their families who may be sick or in distress, or in the         Chesterfield FOP #47                             $1000
                                                                 Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia      $700
  Sonny Dorish, Chris Alt, Flo Wirt, Fr Michael Schmeid,         Church of the Epiphany                           $500
                      Victor Agosto, Whitey Belcher,
                      Catherine Kelly, Hilda Binko, George       God’s Children Fall Prom                         $1000
                      Binns, Jeremy and Risa Alt, Mathew         Matoacca High School                             $500
                      Alt, Eleanor Brooks, Bill Mulvihill,
                      Helen Brennan, Jackie Stosch, Sandra       Reams Road Elementary School                     $500
                      Philips, Tony Longo, Chris Craig, Fran     Robert D. Neary Award (Anthony Longo)            $500
                      Kusma’s father- Al Krieter, Sonny
                      Dorish,, Wilma Satterfield , Samantha      Robin Yoder Prosthesis                           $1000
                      Yost, Ruth Haskill, Father Leo, Richard    Sacred Heart Catholic Church                     $500
  Satterfield, TSgt Richard & Stephanie Satterfield, Kim
  Keller, Nick Marcario, Jim Bourque, Al Elko, John              St. Augustine Building Fund                      $500
  Gorman, Jim and Merle Waldron, Cathy Zimmerman,                St. Augustine Building Fund (Tony Longo’s        $200
  Patricia Melia, Margaret Hicks                                 Last Wishes)
  ***Note: Please check the list. If you want the name of a      St. Edwards Catholic Church                      $500
  family member removed from these lists, please email or        St. John Neuman Church Debt Reduction Fund       $500
  call Buddy Cranford.
                                                                 St. Josephs Catholic Church                      $500
Calendar of Events
                                                                You Are Invited….
   Sep 6          BIC Meeting                   7:00 pm         Look around - how many Catholic men do you know? How
   Sep 8          Feed The Homeless             8:00 am         many are not a Knight of Columbus? With an application in
   Sep 11         Council Meeting               7:00 pm         your hand why not ask them to join the Knights of
   Sep 17         PGK Dinner                    6:30 pm
                                                                Columbus. The admission committee will provide the
                                                                education as to what the Knight of Columbus do and how
Our Lector’s Note                                               we offer many benefits to it membership. We are the only
                                                                Catholic men's organization in the world. Surely we can
Tommy Lasorda once stated "when it comes to baseball            meet our goal to show support to our Grand Knight Bruce
players, there are three types...those that make it happen,     Alt and to help him have a banner year- hopefully a "Star
those that watch it happen, and those that wonder what          Council Year. Surely, there are young Catholic men in
happened." One could make the same observation of               your church who want to be a knight.
BINGO: Our Bingo games support our charities. Please consider helping if you are not on a team. No one will be turned
away. Call Brother Frank Cuffe or a Team Captain. You are appreciated
Veterans Bingo                                                     •   Fact 2: Twenty-four million households have no
                                                                       life insurance protection at all. Almost one third of
Council 6189 hosted a “bingo game” for the veterans at the             adults have no life insurance protection.
McGuire VA Hospital. The Veterans Bingo on Sunday,
August 7, 2011 went very well. These “wounded                      •   Fact 3: Forty-four percent of all households either
warriors” always seem to be happy to see us show up and                don’t own life insurance or believe they should, or
do these small games for them. Imagine yourself confined               own life insurance and believe they need more.
to a mobile gurney or a motorized wheelchair and no place              Among those that already own some life insurance,
to go? For many of us veterans who can get around with a               40 percent believe they don’t have enough.
lot more dexterity, we take so much for granted and except
by a grace of God, do we enjoy that. The games went well           •   Fact 4: One-fourth of primary wage earners feel
and for all those who helped, DGK David Brennan thanks                 they do not have a plan in place to provide a decent
the following for their help and support: his wife, Ann                standard of living for their family if they died
Marie, Buddy Cranford, David and Lynn Griner plus two                  tomorrow. Twelve percent of families would
of their friends from St. Augustine Church - Jan and Pete              immediately have trouble meeting everyday living
Fortier, Joe Ferrel, Gerry and Beverly Parent, John Senn,              expenses and another 15 percent would have
Doug and Jerri McPherson, Richard and Wilma                            difficulty keeping up after several months.
Satterfield, and the entire Cooke Family- Jim & Stephanie,
Tammy, Andrew, Katie, and Julia. We had a large                    •   Fact 5: People would like to discuss life insurance
gathering of wounded veterans at this event and they                   with a qualified professional agent. They believe
enjoyed the game as much as we enjoyed giving them one.                that buying life insurance is an important and
Pray for handicap veterans.                                            complex financial decision. Half find it difficult to
                                                                       decide how much to buy, and 43 percent worry
                                                                       about making the wrong decision.
Little Angel Internment…
The next interment of the Little Angels will be on               I’d like to meet with you at your convenience. I’ll work
                                 September 21, 2011 at           with you to make sure your family is protected and take
                                 9:30 a.m. hosted by the         the stress and worry out of your buying decision. I’m at
                                 Gibbons Assembly. They          804-377-9110 (office) or Call
                                 are held at the Mt. Calvary     me – let’s talk. 804-873-8732 (cell) (Don Principe,
                                 Cemetery at 1400 S.             KOFC Insurance Agent)
                                 Randolph Street,                32nd National Veterans Wheelchair Games
                                 Richmond, VA. You are
                                 welcome to attend this          The Virginia Mid Atlantic Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of
                                 quiet but solemn service.       America and the Richmond VA Medical Center are
                                                                 honored and thrilled to have the Games return to its
Serving On Active Duty
                                                                 original site, June 25 – June 30, 2012. The National
                                                                 Veterans Wheelchair Games will be held in downtown
Sgt First Class Paul Kushma is in Iraq. His address is:          Richmond at the Richmond Convention Center and at
SFC Kushma, TF5423, COS Gary Owen, APO AE 09331                  various other venues throughout the City. Over 3,000
                                                                 Volunteers are needed to assist with this event to make it a
A Note on Insurance ….                                           success. Volunteers will be needed from June 24, 2012
                                                                 to July 1, 2012. If your corporation, church, civic
  September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. To help           organization, city, county, school, sorority, fraternity or
  educate consumers about the need for and value of              group is interested in serving as Volunteers, please contact
  adequate life insurance protection, the Life Insurance         the Voluntary Service Office at McGuire VA Medical
  Market Research Association (LIMRA) has published              Center for more information at (804) 675-5135, or online
  the following five facts. These statistics are certainly       at Forms are available if you
  worth considering.                                             want to help in this event.
    • Fact 1: Nearly 75 percent of North Americans
         agree that life insurance is the best way to protect
         against premature death of the primary wage            2nd Degree
         earner.                                                There will be a 2nd Degree at Fr James Scanlion Council
                                                                6936 on Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anti-terrorism: There are ways you can protect you and your loved ones. Our website has a good U.S. Army                       4
document that will show you how. September is the month we remember the victims of 9/11.
Ladies Auxiliary News                                       Past Grand Knight’s Dinner
June 5 Installation Luncheon and Final Meeting of            On September 17, 2011, we will hold our annual PGK
2010-11 – Officer Installation took place at Howlett’s       Dinner to honor PGK Bill Burnett and all PGKs. The menu
Restaurant and Tavern in Chester. We honored our             will be
departing Treasurer, Ann Allen, as June Member of the             • Prime Rib Baked potato
Month, and also awarded her a $50. gift card to Macy’s for        • Green beans Salad
all her great service during the year. Our guests of honor,       • Shrimp cocktail Dessert
Noel and Betty Owers, were unable to make the luncheon,           • Beer and
but we presented them with a $50 Gift Certificate for                 wine
dinner at Howlett’s Tavern for all their musical service to
the Knights and the Auxiliary over the years. The June       Cost of dinner will be
meeting was conducted that day.                              $15 per person,
Matinee and a Movie – On Saturday, August 13th,              couples $25.00.
Barbara Bodeman, Bobbie Wade, Pat McHugh, Clara              Please call the GK
Thompson-Agosto, Natalie Bradshaw, and Eva Weck-             Bruce Alt or PGK
Ontiveros gathered together to see a movie which they all    Gene Zimmerman at
hope you get to see soon, The Help. BRING LOTS OF            the BIC to make your reservation. We need to have an
TISSUES!! Afterwards, Natalie, Clara, Bobbie, and Eva        accurate head count for purchasing our food supplies.
had a lovely early dinner at the Capital Ale House in
Donations Awarded to Richmond USO Center and                A Note From Your Financial Secretary
Richmond Fisher House – On Sunday, August 14th, Ellen
Molloy, Chairman of the Central Virginia/Hampton Roads       On September 17, 2011, I feel privileged to be appointed to
USO Region, and Avila Porter, Program Assistant at the       be the Council’s Financial Secretary for the next three
Richmond Fisher House, joined many of the Ladies, and        years. To get this new relationship off to a good start, I
all of the Knights who were on hand for dinner before the    would like to say “thank you” to
Knights’ August meeting. With proceeds from the May          the members who have paid their
21 USO Canteen Dinner Dance totaling $1,560, we were         dues in full. If you have paid your
able to present these charities with checks for $780 each.   dues, but haven’t received your
The men, who were instrumental in helping make the           2011 membership card, please let
Canteen successful, also were generous enough to donate      me know. Members who have
additional checks for $500 each to both the USO and the      attained HONORARY or
Fisher House. With past Grand Knight Bill Burnett’s          LIFE membership status will have
assistance, we were so pleased to be able to present $2,560  been given durable plastic cards
total to such worthy charities this year! Thanks, also, to   issued by the Supreme Council. Congratulations to Brothers
those Ladies who were able to bring desserts to this off-    Don Newcomb, Larry Martin and Richard Fisher for
cycle dinner. Contrary to what you might have read in        recently attaining HONORARY membership. I have their
bulletins from other sources, we did NOT conduct a           new cards and will present them soon. We still have some
meeting afterwards at 6:30!!!                                members who are in arrears, though. While the reasons for
First Meeting on September 11, 2011 – Our first meeting      this are many – and, sometimes personal – please contact me
of the 2011-12 year will be Sunday, September 11 , 2011.     via e-mail ( to sort it out. It could
I have told Grand Knight Bruce Alt, who is without           be something as simple as your moving and not updating
cooks this year, that I’d ask the Ladies to provide a pot    your address. If there is a financial hardship that makes
luck meal for the evening. Please see details in your        dues difficult, please let me know. The Order has stated that
August 16 email from me. Our meeting will begin after        financial difficulty is not a valid reason for suspending a
dinner, at 6:30pm. Also, we will be glad to accept your      member. Our Grand Knight and Trustees do have the
checks that evening of $25.00 for yearly dues, and an        authority to waive dues under this circumstance. Please
optional $3.65 for PKDL (Penny per                           help me serve you and help you maintain your status as a
Knight per Day per Lady) for their                           member in good standing. I will be in touch with you
charities if you feel so inclined, and bring                 periodically in future issues. Fraternally,
in a single check made out to Ladies                         Robert S. Prebish PGK – Financial Secretary
Auxiliary Council #6189. See you in
September! (Eva)

Anti-terrorism: There are ways you can protect you and your loved ones. Our website has a good U.S. Army                5
document that will show you how. September is the month we remember the victims of 9/11.
  Council Officers                                                     BIC Board of Directors
 Chaplain                Rev. Leo Gagnon        288-1272              Chairman              GK Bruce Alt         744-8288
 Grand Knight            Bruce Alt              744-8288              President             David Brennan        218-1098
 Deputy Grand            David Brennan          218-1098              Treasurer             Rob Morley           560-7522
 Knight                                                               Secretary             PGK Bill Burnett     389-6411
 Chancellor              George Cranford    276-7243                  Past Grand Knight     James Cooke          739-6461
 Financial Secretary     Robert Prebish     379-6366                  Past Grand Knight     Tom Hoof              748-8328
 Recorder                Jack Simila        231-0005                  Past Grand Knight     Gene Zimmerman       796-2209
 Treasurer               Andrew Owens        943-2678                 Past Grand Knight     Robert Prebish       379-6366
 Advocate                Tony Meyer         768-2422                  Brother               Sonny Dorish         743-7304
 Warden                  William Wirt       675-7097                  Brother               Frank Cuffe          530-3167
 Inside Guard            Victor Agosto, Sr. 897-1102                  Brother               Jerry Duncan          271-0739
 Outside Guard           Rick DePlato       275-6373                  Brother               Kenny Martin          639-7718
 3rd Year Trustee        William Burnett     389-6411                 Brother               George Zuban         790-1219
 2nd Year Trustee        James Cooke        739-6461                  Brother               John Stosch          275-7401
 1st Year Trustee        Alan Ontiveros     768-9405                  Brother               Rick DePlato         275-6373
 Lecturer                Horace Scott       275-2382                  Brother               Anthony Toler         320-1909
 Lecturer                Kenny Martin       639-7718                  Brother               Not Filled
 Ladies Auxiliary:       Eva Weck-Ontiveros 768-9405                   "The Ireton Informer" Editor – George Cranford-
 District Deputy         Jim Yosh            786-2422                  276-7243. or Email:
 Insurance Agent         Don Principe        873-8732

                                         Pray For Peace, Pray For Our Military

  Bishop Ireton Council 6189                                                                                 U.S. Postage
  3300 Old Courthouse Road                                                                                    Chester, Va
  Richmond, VA 23236                                                                                         Permit No. 37
  Phone: 804-745-3262

                                              Insert Address Label here

        Forward and Address Services Requested
                                                                                        Issue #123
                Dated Material
                        Issue #77
                      Council 6189 Activities Calendar September 2011
        Sunday                   Monday                Tuesday                Wednesday               Thursday           Friday                  Saturday
Notes: Requesting all to rsvp PGK Gene Zimmerman if theywill be attending the PGK dinner Sept
                                                                                                 1                 2                       3
       17th . Call the BIC office. The event will kick off 7:00pm with introduction of PGK’s

 4                         5                      6                      7                       8                 9                       10

                                                                       B.- P. Gorman            Council Officers
                                Labor Day                              K. - T. Toler            Meeting 7:00 pm

 11                        12                     13                     14                      15                16                      17

Patriot Day
Council and Ladies Aux
Mtgs 7:00 pm A light                                                   B.- Alt                                                           PGK Dinner
Dinner is at 5:30 pm.                                                  K. - T. Toler                                                     6:30 pm

 18                        19                     20                     21                      22                23                      24

                                                                       B.- Meyer
                                                                       K. - Zuban
 25                        26                     27                     29                      30                Notes: The Ladies Auxiliary will have is first
                                                                                                                          2011-2012 Year meeting on
                                                                                                                          Setptember 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm.

                                                                       B.- Brennan
                                                                       K. - V. Agosto, Sr

                           Remember 9-11-2001 - Pray for the Victims

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