Logistics Software is the Ideal Solution For Shipping Optimization

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					Logistics software helps logistics providers who manage shipping and other
related services for their customers. Logistics software helps automate many
manual processes, reduces redundant data entry, and provides online tracking of
shipments and cargo 24 hours a day, around the world. With good logistics
software, all types of cargo can be handled, from small packages to full
container loads and consolidations. Shipment documentation is included in
Magaya logistics software. Wizards build air waybills and other documents
quickly. The Magaya Cargo System is logistics software designed specifically
for international freight forwarders, NVOCCs, consolidators and forwarding
agents, couriers, warehouse providers, and cargo airlines who require a
complete and accurate warehouse management system combined with a fully-
integrated accounting system, built-in tracking, and reporting.
Magaya Corporation is participating in the Export Control Forum as an
exhibitor on February 27-28, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Irvine, CA.

The event is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of
Industry and Security, and is designed to update the business community on
the latest initiatives in the export control field. Sessions explore issues in
policy management, technical, legal, and enforcement regulations and the
compliance challenges facing freight forwarders and exporters. Magaya
representatives attending the event include Vice President Gabriel Ruz and
Logistics Management Advisors Wendy Barreda and James Ung.

Magaya logistics software helps freight forwarders, logistics providers,
exporters and others in the logistics industry to comply with US Customs
regulations with features such as the Magaya AES plug-in. This plug-in
connect your system to the Customs Automated Export System and validates
and transfers all your shipment data to Customs automatically.
Another feature that improves communication between logistics
providers and ocean carriers is the Magaya-INTTRA Ocean Carriers
Interface. It enables logistics providers to send booking requests to ocean
carriers, receive confirmations and the Bill of Lading, track containers,
and send shipping instructions from the Magaya system using all your
shipment data and saving redundant and error-prone data entry.

The connections between the Customs system and the Magaya system are
possible due to the innovative B2B communication infrastructure
underlying all products. It enables electronic exchange of trade
documents an transactions such as shipments, invoices, and more. All
accounting transactions are connected to the operations transactions,
saving time and improving efficiency.

Unlimited use of the AES is included with the Cargo System and Supply
Chain Solution at no additional cost. Other Magaya logistics software
products available include a warehouse management system, the WMS,
and a wholesalers platform, the Commerce System.
Logistics software company, Magaya Corporation is growing and has moved
its Northeastern U.S. office and its Brazilian office to be closer to new and
existing customers in each of these regions. The Northeastern U.S. office was
located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Since opening in 2010, the office has grown
with the addition of new employees. The new location is in Jamaica, New
York, just a few minutes from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, in a
major warehousing and freight district.

The director of the Northeast region for Magaya sales, Daniel Najman, noted
the company wanted to be closer to the freight forwarders who are
concentrated near JFK. “We have many customers here and we are receiving
more requests from companies in this area,” Mr. Najman said. “With growth of
about 35% since opening this office 2 years ago, we anticipate more customers
and want to be here to provide quality customer service to them.”
“This means a huge increase in the investment in technology applied to
logistics. Magaya is the first freight forwarding software company to
move to this region and we propose to take our full array of products to
all the sectors of the supply chain in this region,” said Ignacio Bencomo,
Latin American Business Manager for Magaya Corporation. Many US
freight forwarders and NVOCCs have partners or branch offices in
Brazil. Using Magaya logistics software on both sides of their operations
provides real-time tracking across their supply chain, one-time data entry,
and reduced communication expenses and labor costs.

Magaya logistics software is the leading choice of start-up companies in
the logistics industry. In addition to the New York and Brazil offices, we
have offices to serve you, including the corporate headquarters in Miami,
Florida and regional offices in Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles,
To manage supply chain processes, software designed specifically for
wholesalers, distributors, and other logistics service providers can
provide numerous benefits for managing the purchasing, ordering,
sales, and shipping of inventory. The best solution includes built-in
warehousing features, international shipping documentation, and
online tracking, covering all the processes from seller to buyer. With
the Supply Chain Software, a supply chain operation can create
quotations for their customers, arrange pickups, receive cargo at a
warehouse, and create all the related accounting transactions and
shipping transactions. International shipping documentation is
included. Scan barcodes, and get electronic signatures and Proof of
Delivery. Manage Purchase Orders (PO) and Sales Orders in your
system and via an optional EDI. Customers can track shipments and
inventory online in real time. Other online features include payments,
bookings, shipping instructions and more.

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