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									  Edvard Munch:

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Edvard Munch Art Prints
    Who is Edvard Munch?
 He was born on December 12, 1863 in
  Loten, Denmark.
 When he was five his mother died. When
  he was 14 his sister died.
 He decided to become a painter at the age
  of 17.
 He had his first private exhibition in 1889,
  the same year his father died.
 Munch was one of the
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  first artists known as
  Expressionists.           Munch’s work
 Expressionists would
  use their artwork to
  express their inner
  emotions, not
  necessarily to paint
  what they saw.
    How did Expressionists paint?
   Expressionists would use color and shape to express
    emotions in their paintings.
   Red could express anger or love and white might
    express purity or innocence.
   Shapes would be distorted to show anguish.

            Insert image of Munch’s work
                The Scream
 Munch’s most famous
  painting is The           Insert image
  Scream, painted in              of
 Its central figure is a   The Scream
  symbol of modern
  man, terrified of the         here.
  state of the world.
 The painting shows
  pain, isolation, and
          Munch Late in Life
 In 1908, he suffered a nervous
 He moved back to Norway and
  continued to paint until his death in
 Munch’s methods influenced many
  artists, even today, and his paintings
  remain portrayals of every person’s
  search for meaning in the world.

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