Name hysteria by jennyyingdi



              Reasons for the Outbreak of Witchcraft Hysteria in Salem

      Which of the following is most responsible for causing the hysteria around the
      Salem witch hunt? Rank each from 1 to 6. One being the most responsible, 6 being
      the least responsible.

   _________ Symptoms. The girls’ symptoms could only be caused by witchcraft.

   _________ Setting. The dancing took place in the woods.

   _________ Smallpox. The smallpox epidemic signaled the devil was present.

   _________ Ergotism. A disease caused by eating rye infected with the ergot fungus.
             Among other things, it can produce hallucinations, causing strange behavior.
   _________ Teenage boredom. No television, no CDs, and lots of Bible reading. Fun is
             not allowed.
   _________ Feuds. Disputes within the congregation and property disputes between the
             accusers and the accused.

Using your rankings, write a response that explains your position. Use examples from the
play, what you know about the Puritans, and your own opinion to back up your reasoning.

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