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					University of Washington Correspondence


TO:     Michael E. Purdy
        Contracts Manager
        Capital Projects Office
        Box 352205


                               Enter manufacturer’s name and product title below
RE:     Sole Source Justification Request for ___________________________

The purpose of this memorandum is to request approval of ________________________ as a
sole source product for the ________________________project.


Provide any necessary background information about the need for requesting a sole source
product and how it will be used.

Sole Source Justification Explanation:

We have conducted research of other products in the market as part of our analysis of whether
this product is a sole source. The following describes the nature of our research, the products
we evaluated, and our analysis of why other products do not meet the University’s functional
and operational needs.

Provide the details of your research of the market here.

Based upon our research of manufacturers and the availability of products on the market, we
have     determined      that  the    following   information   clearly   demonstrates  that
_______________________ is the only product available with the features required by the
University, and that the product should be approved as a sole source product.

Describe the reasons why you believe this is the only product (sole source) that meets the
University needs. Describe what the University’s needs are as well. In writing a sole source
justification request, keep in mind that it must be sufficiently complete to defend against a
challenge by another manufacturer who believes that their product should be used by the

Summary and Conclusion

Based upon our research, we believe that ___________________ is a sole source product and
should be approved for inclusion as such in the specifications for this project.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Michael E Purdy                            Date
Contracts Manager, Capital Projects Office

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