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									                       WILLIAMSBURG UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS

                        WUU NEWS                                     october 2008
 September 28—Rev. Preston Moore               her a hearing. Come to church this Sunday
“Our Place in the World of Religion”—          prepared to be surprised.
 Part II” The mapmaking continues. See
worship theme for 9/21 above, including         October 26–Natalie Miller-Moore
information about related LFD programs.        “Weakness to Strength”
                                               Illness is something no one wants. But we
 October 5–Reverend Jennifer Ryu               all have, or have heard, stories of it leading
                                               to great spiritual growth. This Sunday we
“The Wisdom of Atonement” During
                                               seek a deeper understanding of the paradox
these holiest days of their calendar, Jewish
                                               presented by such stories.
communities everywhere put making
amends for hurting others at the top of
their lists. Can we import the wisdom of       “Are You Lying Awake at Night
this practice into our own religious            Worrying?”
tradition?                                     Early     September       brought     Atlantic
                                               hurricanes      flooding      our    southern
                                               neighbors. Later in the month came
 October 12–Reverend Preston Moore
                                               collapsing financial institutions, the
“Estranged Bedfellows: Recovering              bombing of a U.S. embassy and more
 the Unity of Psychology and Religion”         nuclear saber-rattling from North Korea.
Did you know that these two used to be         The polarizing presidential campaign
thick as thieves? What happened? Is there      continued to pump out overheated rhetoric.
any profit in trying to get them back          All the while, soldiers kept dying in Iraq
together? Come be a fly on the wall at this    and Afghanistan.
couples counseling session for two of the
                                                   The deluge of bad news makes me feel
world’s great disciplines.
                                               anxious, and I know many of you are feeling
                                               the same way. On the other hand, imposing
 October 19–Reverend Preston Moore             a news blackout is no way to deal with life's
“Saviors of God: a Theology Bold and           sorrows. The caring part of your nature and
 Brash Enough for Unitarians” God is           mine won't let us to that.
not an old man with a white beard sitting          Is there a way out of this bind?
on a throne in the sky. She needs your             In Buddhism there is a teaching, or
help—the help that only you can give. Grant    “sutra,” that we should “live with skillful
                                               nonchalance and ceaseless concern.”
    Be      unconcerned    and    constantly            She reflects that children and youth
concerned at the same time? It sounds like          learn how to be in the world through
a Zen paradox. But nonchalant doesn't               observing and imitating the adults around
mean unconcerned; it means unheated. It is          them. They learn to interpret the messages
possible to care deeply without boiling over.       around them through the responses of the
It is not only possible; it is a profound           adults in their lives. More than any
spiritual practice. We can transform the            amounts of word or text, children learn
mind and enlarge the heart so we can hold           through our example. For those of you who
the paradox of caring deeply for the world          are parents, you know how true this is as
without being consumed by the heat.                 you have observed your child playing and
    Of course there are times we need to get        you recognize yourself, in the actions, the
steamed up about injustice. That Buddhist           words, the tones—for better or for worse!
sutra is telling us we have a choice about              What does this mean for our faith
when to get heated up and when to stay              development        programs        here    at
cool. The skill comes in being awake                Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists?
enough to choose.                                   How are we serving as models for our
    October may not bring cheerier                  children and youth? How do we serve as
headlines, but with "skillful nonchalance           models for one another? I actually think
and ceaseless concern," maybe we can all            that it is not just children who learn to be
get a little more sleep.                            good people, ethical people by the behavior
    May your hearts and minds find rest,            around them. How does an Enron happen?
                                                    It happens because the culture around us
                                                    says that making money is more important
                                                    than acting ethically. So what are the values
“What are we teaching and what are                  that we are teaching through our behavior
 we learning?”                                      here at WUU? How do our faith
There was an article the UU World in                development programs assist us in living
September that caught my eye, it is called          the kind of lives we want to live?
“How to Raise a Mensch: Cultivating your                I look forward to exploring with you
Child’s Ethical and Spiritual Growth” by            some answers to these questions!
Debra Haffner. If you want to read the                  Blessings,
article     you    can     find   it   here:            Margaret
The article talks about how as parents, we          From the President
want our children to be good people, to live        The church year has kicked off with a
ethical lives that are engaged in the world,        BANG! The strong start was the LFD
to give back and be in service to the               weekend with Rev. Sue Sinnamon and
community. Many of us in fact seek out              wonderful participation of the people who
and       join     Unitarian    Universalist        braved Hanna to come out on Friday night
congregations for help in instilling values,        and/or Saturday. The feedback from
to reinforce what we hope we are teaching           Friday's session was invaluable and is
at home.                                            available on our website. On Friday night,

Rev. Sinnamon reiterated the fact that               paths in the Memorial Garden and
WUU has a chance to take a leading role in           mulching around shrubs and trees to keep
the Thomas Jefferson District by putting             equipment away and retain moisture. We
Lifespan Faith Development at a forefront            might need to apply that moisture first if we
in our programming. So far we're breaking            don’t get rain. Meanwhile, we have been
records in sign-ups for covenant groups              replacing the roses in front of Parker
(co-ed, female and male groups). Many                House. The grounds committee meets with
returning and new children signed up for             tools in hand, this time we can also use your
children's LFD programming last weekend              wheelbarrows. See you there, Virginia
and also held their first regular children's         Banks, co-chair.
choir practice that Joelle is leading. The
environmental group continues to be active
                                                     Williamsburg          Climate        Action
and we've heard that there are some
"green" items being offered on November
                                                                  October 13, 7:00-9:00 pm,
1st at the Raucous Caucus auction. On top of
                                                                     WUU, Sanctuary
all this, there's the regular art group, yoga,
Live Off Five, informal book clubs and                                     “Building a Drought
more. The Board used to be involved in all                                 Tolerant Lawn” will
decisions facing the church—those big and                                  be presented by
small. Policy Governance means that we                             WJCC Master Gardeners
leave the day-to-day decisions to the                Bob Winters and Rich Strenkowski. Learn
executive team and, like most corporate              how to reduce weeds, improve soil, use less
and non-profit boards, we will provide               water and save money. All are welcome! For
more of a "helicopter" view for the                  more information, contact 253-8029 or
executive team to operate on a day to day            check out
basis. Maybe this means we're not as visible
in terms of managing the small stuff, but            Raucous Caucus -Auction 2UU8
believe me, we're working hard on setting            If you're going to "serve as a
direction and looking towards the future.            delegate" at the Raucus
Are we there yet? Not at all. But, are we            Caucus on November
thrilled at the direction we're taking at            1st, you'll want to get on
WUU? You betcha!                                     line to buy your tickets
                                                     when they go on sale - Sunday, October 5th.
Grounds Day                                          Auctioneer Richard Wolfe will have the
              The next grounds day will be           crowd going wild for the items being
              October 11 and the rain date           auctioned and the DOG Street Rhythm
              will be October 13 (Columbus           Kings are already practicing their patriotic
             Day). If you have ideas about           songs. "Campaign Chairs" Ruth and David
       what needs doing or would like to             Hopkinson and their many volunteers are
volunteer, please come on out. You can also          combing the land for items and services to
contact us via Work we              auction - what do you have to donate? The
expect to do includes moving mulch to the            deadline for donations is Oct 19th. Ruth

Hopkinson is hot on the campaign trail but           worship and the three “T’s” (time, talent,
will stop to take your call—you can reach            and treasure) in the life of the congregation.
her at
    The    Campaign     junkies     in   our         Notes from the Stewardship Team
congregation can tell you that the auction, if
                                                     It may seem a bit early to talk about the
you've never been, is not only the largest
                                                     2009 Annual Stewardship Campaign,
fundraiser for WUU, but it is a party you
                                                     but actually it’s almost a year-around
won't forget. We hope you'll make plans to
                                                     process. Months before the appeal to pledge
come! You'll be able to bid on dinners at
                                                     monetary support for next year’s activities,
fellow WUUs' homes, vacation homes,
                                                     the planning and budgeting for facilities
garden design consultations, artwork, UU
                                                     and programs must be worked through.
B&B's in DC and Lancaster, PA and more!
                                                     Only then can the campaign team help
It's a great way to socialize, support our
                                                     inform members and friends of the
wonderful WUU and wear your finest Red,
                                                     particulars    -    the   aspirations   and
White and Blue!
                                                     expectations and prospects that are
                                                     possible. And the price tag. The campaign,
New UU Orientation                                   of course, then provides the opportunity to
October 12, 19 and 26                                make it all happen through our
Are you considering membership? Join us              commitments of financial support.
for the 3 session new member orientation.            You can help shape this year’s
The first meeting will be on Sunday,                 campaign. We welcome your thoughts on
October 12, from 4–6 pm at the home of our           how to promote a growing sense of
co-ministers. Snacks will be served.                 commitment and generous spirit within our
Sessions 2 & 3 will be in the Sanctuary              congregation. Our aim is to link the
following the second service (12:30–2:30             practice of committing your dollars for the
pm). This is a great way for us to get to            WUU mission more closely with a personal
know each other better and spend some                sense of spiritual growth by doing so. With
time exploring whether WUU is where you              this in mind, two questions to ponder:
belong. To sign up, contact Jacqui at                 Do you have any suggestions for a more or the WUU                        effective and spiritually evocative
office at Childcare is                   campaign?
available upon advance request. Please let            Would you join the campaign team in
us know of any special dietary needs.                    some capacity?
Session 1: Oct 12 “Our Beliefs” - UU
                                                     We’d like to hear from you! Our email is
history, sources and principles
Session 2: Oct. 19 “Our Values” -
Discussion of UU religious education and
values, and of our Covenant and Mission
Session 3: Oct. 26 “Our Spiritual Needs
and Growth” - Discussion on the role of

Spotlight on: Johnsmith                             Financial Update
Johnsmith brings his soulful                        Fiscal Year 08-09 August
lyrics to the Live off Five!                        Pledges:                     $19,938.83
Concert Series on Friday,                           Fund Raising:                   $105.00
October 10 at 7:30 p.m. Singer-                     Outreach Plate Collection      $954.00
songwriter Johnsmith employs                        All other:                     $965.62
gently beautiful story telling                      Total Income:                $21,963.45
sung with a smooth and lovely                       Expense:                     $32,358.21
voice in his contemporary folk music. As a          Net:                        ($10,394.76)
solo performer Johnsmith totally opens up
and bares his genuine self on stage. Night          Fiscal Year 08-09 Year to date
after night, CD after CD, he brings it all on
                                                    Pledges:                     $61,939.11
full heart. Johnsmith’s CD Break Me Open
                                                    Fund Raising:                   $321.00
was top 5 in the Folk DJ’s 2006 most
played CD of the year. Tickets are $10 for          Outreach Plate Collection     $2,250.00
adults, $5 for students. Please join us for         All other:                    $6,465.38
dinner before the show (6:00 p.m.)—just             Total Income:                $70,975.49
$5!! Dinner reservations are required;              Expense:                     $59,546.32
email:                     Net:                         $11,429.17

                                                    Dave Banks, Treasurer
It’s That Time Again—Almost!
For years we did a mitten tree for FISH
                                                    Is WUU a Green Sanctuary?
until we found what they
really need is socks and                            The goal of the Environmental Stewardship
underwear—they give one                             Group is to promote better stewardship of
pair of mittens, three pairs                        the Earth. We share the vision of the Green
of socks and three sets of                          Sanctuary Program: “a world in which all
underwear to each person. So, bring NEW             people make reverence, gratitude, and care
socks and underwear (infant to adult, men           for the living Earth central to their lives.”
and women) to the FISH barrels and I will               We appreciate that our congregants take
see that your contribution gets under the           this vision to heart in their own lives. Are
Christmas tree this year.                           we doing the same in our church life? In all
Thanks, Dolores Moyer                               aspects of congregational life, whether
                                                    working in offices, committees, grounds
                                                    and facilities maintenance, or social
Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday begins                gatherings, please be aware of your impact
at 12:01 am Friday, October 10 and ends at
                                                    on the environment.
midnight on Monday, October 13! For
details:                                            ESG Meeting dates (all on Monday at 7 in
                                                    Fahs) are: October 6, 20 and 27.

Buy from                               Exploring Nature and our 7th
Don’t forget—use the Amazon box on the             Principle. Saturday, October 18, 10:00
WUU website and WUU earns money on                 am-noon. We will explore the woods of
every dollar you spend!                            Greenhaven (Moyer farm) and see what is
                                                   happening as the year wheels from summer
                                                   into fall. Group activities for adults and
Thank you, WUU!
                                                   children of all ages plus time to sit quietly
On Monday, September 8, Dolores and
                                                   under a tree, breathe deeply, and listen.
Wayne Moyer delivered 67 jars of peanut
                                                   Please register with Wayne Moyer and
butter to the food pantry at FISH. These
                                                   provide your email address if you did not
jars were donated by members of our
                                                   visit us last spring. We look forward to
congregation in response to the increased
                                                   seeing you come sunshine or light rain.
need for food assistance by our neighbors.

Racial Awareness Group meeting
The Racial Awareness Group will meet in
the Sanctuary building on Friday, October          Spiritual Practice
3, and Friday, October 17, at 7 pm. The            (Lifespan Faith Development: Adult
purpose of the Racial Awareness Group is           Program)
to work to break down barriers between the              What is a spiritual practice?
races. All who are interested in this work              Why is it important?
are welcome to attend. For more                         How is it done?
information, please contact Cindy Schuler,         In this "hands on" experiential class we will
Joseph Mazilli and Peter Mellette at               answer these questions and others as we                                      explore a variety of classic spiritual
                                                   practices: deep relaxation and breathing,
Association Sunday Dinner                          music and silence, prayer, Qigong
October 12, 2008, 6:00 pm, Sanctuary               (grandmother of Tai Chi), singing, mindful
Come watch video highlights of the UUA             eating, contemplation of sacred texts,
General Assembly and have small group              intentional listening, altar building,
conversations about the proposed changes           observation of nature, and dream work. If
to the UU 7 Principles & Purposes. Read at         you would like to deepen your sense of the
www25/ This site also provides         spiritual or learn new forms of spiritual
a way for you to respond directly to the           practice, then this is the class for you.
UUA about these proposed changes. Dinner           Thursdays, Nov. 13 & 20, Dec. 4 & 11, 7-9
will be provided for a suggested donation of       pm in Sanctuary
$5/person. If you like to cook for large           Advanced registration required, deadline:
groups, please contact Jennifer (220-6830)         Sunday November 2, Class size: 12
to volunteer your culinary skills.                 Register at
                                                   Put the program name in the subject line,
                                                   and include names, email addresses, phone
                                                   numbers and any special needs or concerns.

Tell us if you will need childcare. If you         Our Newest Members
don’t have email, call Jill Whitten at 220-
9975 to register. If you have questions,
please contact the program leader, David
Hamilton. *

*For phone numbers and personal email
addresses, please check your directory. If
you don’t have one, stop by the
membership table in the lobby. It is our
policy to NOT publish them in documents
that go on the Internet.

October Share-the-Plate—Avalon
On Sunday, October 5, the offering will be
                                                   Cindy Palmaz
directed to Avalon, which is a local
organization committed to intervening in
and reducing the incidence of domestic
violence and sexual assault. In order to
achieve this mission, Avalon offers shelter,
advocacy, education and support to
survivors and fosters awareness and
prevention by educating the community.
Please join us in supporting Avalon.

Dolores and Wayne Moyer delivering peanut butter to FISH. Rev. Jennifer
      was also there and handed over a check to FISH for $1100.oo.

                    October 2008 Program and Events Calendar
         Sunday services at 9:15 and 11:15; Lifespan Faith Development at 11:15

1    Wednesday                                   16  Thursday
     7:30 pm        Choir Rehearsal-S                7:15 pm        Board meeting-FH
2    Thursday                                    17 Friday
     7:30 pm        Worship Associates-A             7:00 pm        Racial Awareness Film
3    Friday                                      18 Saturday
4    Saturday                                    19 Sunday
5    Sunday                                          9:15 & 11:15   Worship Services-S
     9:15 & 11:15   Worship Services-S               11:15 am       LFD all ages-FH, PH
     10:15 am       Adult LFD program-S              Share the Plate—mortgage pay down
     New member Sunday                               12:30 pm       New UU orientation-S
     Share the Plate collection                  20 Monday
     4:00 pm        Animal Blessings                 9:30 am        Art day-FH
6    Monday                                          12:00 noon     newsletter deadline
     9:30 am        Art day-FH                       6:00 pm        WCAN small group
     7:00 pm        WCAN-FH                          7:00 pm        ESG-FH
7    Tuesday                                     21 Tuesday
8    Wednesday                                       6:00 pm        WCAN small group
     5 pm           Yom Kippur                       6:30 pm        Silent Meditation-S
9    Thursday                                    22 Wednesday
     All day        Yom Kippur                       7:30 pm        Choir Rehearsal-S
     7:15 pm        Executive team mtg.-FH       23 Thursday
10   Friday                                          7:30 pm        Membership Comm.-FH
     6:00 pm        Dinner                       24 Friday
     7:30 pm        Live Off Five concert        25 Saturday
11   Saturday       Grounds Day                  26 Sunday
12   Sunday                                          9:15 & 11:15   Worship Services-S
     9:15 & 11:15   Worship Services-S               11:15 pm       LFD all ages-FH, PH
     10:15 am       Welcoming Comm. FH           27 Monday
     11:15 am       LFD all ages-FH, PH              9:30 am        Art Day-F
     12:30 am       Finance Comm-PH                  6:00 pm        WCAN-FH
     4:00 pm        New UU orientation               7:00 pm        ESG—FH
     6:00 pm        Association Sunday               7:00 pm        Dream group-PH
                    dinner                       28 Tuesday
13   Monday         Columbus Day                     6:30 pm        Silent meditation-S
     Rain date for Grounds Day                       7:30 pm        Jazz Band practice-S
     9:30 am        Art days-FH                  30 Thursday
     6:00 pm        WCAN -FH                     31 Friday          Halloween
     7:00 pm        ESG-FH                           All day        Auction set up
14   Tuesday                                     FH=Fahs House; PH=Parker House
     5:30 pm        Social Justice-PH            S=Sanctuary; L=Library; A=Activity Room
15   Wednesday

3051 Ironbound Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 220-6830

Harold Philipsen, President
Preston Moore, Co-Minister
Jennifer Ryu, Co-Minister
Margaret Sequeira, Director, Lifetime Faith Development

Newsletter submissions:
Church office:


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