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Alabama Administrative


-Governor’s Congress

        Alabama
  Administrative Code
         - ACLD

  - Professional Study

- Professional Learning
 - Instructional Leader
•PowerPoint Presentation
•Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
•AL Council for Leadership Development (ACLD)
•University Redesign
•Professional Learning Units (PLUs) & Certification
•Alabama Standards
    Instructional Leaders
    Professional Development
    Quality Teaching
    Code of Ethics
   Convened by the Governor in 2004
   Mission = Supporting Alabama’s
    instructional leaders
   Over 200 educators and business leaders
    examined leadership issues
   Scope of Work
    - Standards for instructional leaders and professional
    - Selection and preparation of school leaders
    - Certification of school leaders
    - Incentives to attract and retain quality principals in all
   Recommendations to the Governor and
    State Board of Education
    - Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders
      ADOPTED 2005
    - Alabama Standards for Professional Development
      ADOPTED 2006
   Alabama Principal Leader Pilot
    - Goal = To improve and sustain quality instructional
    - Exemplary principal leaders selected statewide
    - Two-year commitment
    - Development and implementation of new principal
      mentoring program

           Leadership Development
      (Now Leadership and Evaluation)
        Division of Instructional Services
Alabama Council for Leadership Development
     Supported by Leadership and Evaluation
  Members include superintendents, central office
 instructional leaders, principals, assistant principals,
       aspiring principals, and teacher leaders.
               Rickey Darby, Elementary Coordinator,
                    Shelby County – Chairperson
                   Kimberly White, Assistant Principal,
                      Hoover City - Co-Chairperson
   Rotating Off -Wanda Davis, Principal, Decatur City
           Alan Garner, Federal Programs Supervisor,
                          Scottsboro City
           Jackie Greenwood, Principal, Auburn City
       Samuel Houston, Superintendent, Decatur City
       Rotating Off -Eric Mackey, Superintendent,
                     Jacksonville City
   Kathy Murphy, Administrative Assistant to the
           Superintendent, Butler County
           Jan Peacock, Principal, Baldwin County
   Linda Felton Smith, Superintendent, Troy City
       Anita Thompson, Teacher, Cullman County
       Michael Wilson, Principal, Birmingham City
        New ACLD Members - Spring 2009

                Mrs. Jai Jordan, Teacher, Tarrant City
   Mrs. Joanna May, Assistant Principal, Athens City
       Dr. Ernesto Rosado, Principal, Baldwin County
                    Dr. Jeff Wooten, Superintendent,
                           Muscles Shoals City
            Dr. Jason Wright, Principal, Auburn City
          Thomas R. Bice

   Deputy State Superintendent

          Charles Mason
Superintendent, Mountain Brook City

       Evelyn Nettles-Baugh
    Principal, Birmingham City
   Defining criteria for approval of professional
    study used to meet requirements of
    instructional leader certification called
    Professional Learning Units (PLUs)
   PLUs will replace Continuing Education Units

   Criteria will align professional study to
    instructional leader and professional
    development standards
   Providing assistance to local education agencies
    (LEAs) in designing and evaluating professional
   Facilitating the development of professional study
    for needs identified by LEAs
   Facilitating the approval process for professional
    study used for instructional leader certification
   Facilitating the coordination and communication
    of professional study opportunities
   Facilitating the development of professional study
    activities and programs

   Collaboration with SDE and other stakeholders

   Reviewed council’s purpose, opportunities, and

   Considered and adopted structure for future work

   Determined possible direction based on identified
    professional study needs for individuals holding
    instructional leader certification statewide

   Defined Professional Learning Unit (PLU)
    ADOPTED 2008

   Established PLU requirements for instructional leader
    certification maintenance
    ADOPTED 2008
   Developed professional study application for
    prospective providers and vendors
   Developed statewide training for all prospective
    professional study providers and participants
          Adopted in 2005

 Applies to Individuals Holding
Instructional Leader Certification
1.   Planning for Continuous Improvement
2.   Teaching and Learning
3.   Human Resources Development
4.   Diversity
5.   Community and Stakeholder Relationships
6.   Technology
7.   Management of the Learning Organization
8.   Ethics
        Preceded by Rationale

      Has several Key Indicators

Key Indicators are written as Knowledge
          or Ability Statements
   Adopted in 2006

   Twelve Standards

   Applies to all educators
1.    Organize adults into learning communities
2.    Require knowledgeable and skillful school and
      district leaders
3.    Provide resources
4.    Use disaggregated student data
5.    Use multiple sources of information
6.    Prepare educators to apply research
7.    Use learning strategies
8.    Apply knowledge about human learning and
9.    Provide educators with collaborative skills
10.   Prepare educators to understand and
      appreciate all students
11.   Deepen educators’ content knowledge
12.   Provide educators with knowledge and skills
      to involve families and stakeholders
                 Available 2009

                Fully addresses
   • Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders
              Completely aligns to
 • Alabama Standards for Professional Development
               Approved two ways
                       • ACLD
   • Local Education Agency (LEA) superintendent
                     Applies to
   • All educators maintaining instructional leader
Only method to earn Professional Learning Units
           Who may apply for ACLD approval?
•   Agencies/organizations/associations/groups
•   Commercial vendors/private providers
•   Local education agencies
•   Other entities/individuals

                  How do you apply?
• Complete/submit an ACLD Professional Study
  (PS) Application (PART II Online Training)

 How does professional study become approved?
• ACLD reviews/approves each PS Application
• Applicants notified of approval
• All LEAs may provide, but are not required to,
  approved professional study.
• The ACLD and/or State Department of Education
  (SDE) does not approve professional study already
  approved by LEAs.
• LEAs may use and/or adapt the ACLD PS Application
  in professional study development, approval,
  and implementation process.
• LEAs may approve professional study submitted
  by other entities.
• ACLD/SDE will provide technical assistance upon

  Local Education Agencies
        are not required
           to submit
locally approved professional
    study to the ACLD for
      review or approval.
                            WHAT IS A PLU?
• Content driven, long-term unit of professional study
• Fully addresses the Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders
• Completely aligned to the Alabama Standards for Professional Development
• Earned upon completion of an ACLD or LEA approved professional study
• Replaces the continuing education unit (CEU), which is based on seat
  time at one event rather than the development of knowledge and ability
  over time

                     WHO MUST EARN A PLU?
• All educators electing to maintain their instructional leader certification

               HOW WILL PLUs BE RECORDED?
• Software Technology Incorporated, Professional Development
 (STI PD, Part III Online Training)
• Educators electing to maintain instructional leader certification
 must earn five PLUs over a five-year certification cycle.
• At least two PLUs must be earned from ACLD approved
 professional studies.
• Two PLUs may be earned from an LEA approved professional study.
• The fifth PLU may be earned from professional studies approved by
 either the ACLD or the LEA.

• 2009 – 2010
• A method is in place for transitioning from CEUs to PLUs over a
  five-year period (PART III Online Training).
• Complete conversion to PLUs is anticipated in 2014.
            Approved Professional Study
             Professional Learning Units

   ARE directly related to an individual’s instructional
    leader certification.

   ARE NOT related to an individual’s position, role or
    place of employment.
The Term “Instructional Leader”
Includes anyone holding a valid Alabama certificate in
one or more of the following areas:

   Superintendent
   Superintendent-Principal
   Principal (any grade level)
   Educational Administrator
   Supervisor (any subject and/or grade level)
   Administrator of Career and Technical Education
   Instructional Leader
   Practicing Instructional Leader
            To Obtain A Certificate Copy
   Submit a Duplicate Certificate Request (Form DUP)
   Submit a $30 fee to the SDE
   If employed by an LEA, the LEA will have Form DUP
   All individuals, regardless of employment, may
    obtain Form DUP by going to the SDE website at
    -   Click on Sections
    -   Select Teacher Education and Certification
    -   Select Publications
    -   Select Forms
    -   Select Form DUP and download

   Directions for completion of form and fee submission
    are included in Form DUP
 Professional study and PLUs are related to the
  individual’s instructional leader certificate,
not his or her position, role, or place of employment.
Turn Your Idea Into A Plan
               FAQ Memorandum
              January 13, 2009
      State Superintendent of Education
              Joseph B. Morton

                   Points to Remember
• Questions asked by over 4,200 Alabama educators
• Responses are compiled from the ACLD and SDE
• Applies to individuals holding a valid Alabama instructional
  leader certificate
• FAQ Document is marked DRAFT, January 13, 2009
   • Responses may be subject to change as new instructional leader
     certification and the approved professional study process is refined.
                                   Page 3
•   Professional Development
•   Professional Study
•   Alabama Council for Leadership Development
•   Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders (Abridged)

                                   Page 4
•   Alabama Standards for Professional Development (Abridged)
•   Instructional Leaders
•   Instructional Leader Certification as related to instructional leaders
•   How to obtain a copy of an instructional leader certificate

                                 Page 5
•   Professional Learning Unit (PLU)
•   Approved Professional Study
•   Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
•   Commonly used acronyms
                       Page 7
•   What is a Professional Study (PS) Application and
    who should submit?

•   May a provider submit more than one PS Application
    for ACLD review?

•   May a PS Application be written for any of the eight
    instructional leader standards in 2009-2010?
                              Page 8
•   What technical support is available for providers completing an

•   What is the timeframe for submitting an application for review
    and approval to the ACLD? What about notification of an
    application’s status?
•   Does an local education agency (LEA) have to submit locally
    developed professional study to the ACLD for approval?
    What if an LEA uses an outside provider to develop the system’s
    professional study?
•   What happens if a provider or participant does not complete an
    approved professional study?
                             Page 10
• How does an individual know if he/she must earn PLUs?

• How many PLUs does an individual holding instructional leader
  certification need to earn?

• Over what time period must PLUs be earned?

• What is the timeframe for phasing in PLUs?

• If an individual holds multiple certificates, will meeting the
  renewal requirements for instruction leader certification rewew
  the other certificates?
                              Page 11
• If a teacher holds both instructional leader and teacher
  certification, may he/she elect not to renew the instructional
  leader certificate and renew the teaching certificate?

• When an individual renews an existing instructional leader
  certificate, will he/she receive a certificate that states
  “instructional leader”?

• Must an individual earn PLUs if he/she is an administrator, but
  does not serve as an instructional leader in various roles,
  positions, and/or places of employment ?

• Will reading coaches follow the Alabama Standards for
  Instructional Leaders or the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards?
                               Page 13

• How will the SDE keep a record of PLUs earned?
• Who will use Software Technology Incorporated, Professional
  Development (STI PD) to record earned PLUs?
• What if an LEA, group, or individual does not know how to use
  STI PD to record PLUs?
• How will an individual know if PLUs have been accurately
  “credited” by the provider and/or recorded by the LEA designee
  through STI PD?
• How does an individual know if a professional study is “really
  approved” by the ACLD and/or LEA?
• Will the SDE recognize any other method to keep a record of PLUs
                            The ACLD and SDE are working on
      NOTE                       responding to additional
                                questions from educators.

Pending questions include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
                       • College course credit and PLUs
           •Evaluation components of approved professional study
       • PLU questions related specific instructional leader certificates
                • Lapsed instructional leadership certification
              • Number of PLUs that may be earned in one year
        • Professional study and PLU issues for individuals out of state
        • Earning more than one PLU on the same leadership standard
        • Equitable opportunities to earn sufficient PLUs in 2009-2010
                       • Maintaining PLUs using STI PD
      • Ability to participate approved professional study and earn PLUs
                     for individuals not employed in an LEA
    • Transferring earned PLUs from one place of employment to another
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