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September 2004. American Idiot came out and
Green Day returned to the forefront of the
musical scene around the whole world.
September 2004 and the discover of the band
of their lives for a lot of young french speaking
people. 6 years after, Pierre Qui Roule is keen
on publish this magazine about this fans and
theirs stories.
So now, take a Corona, a pack of cigarettes
and good reading :D


 001. Testimonial : being a fan

 002/014. Fans mail

 016. Interview of a fan

 017/024. Fans stories

 025/028. Comic strip
   Testomonial :                                              being a fan.

What is this strange sickness that drives someone to talk for years, without tiring of the same person,
to defend them more strongly than onself, and to wait 10 long hours, just to see them for two small
hours? Being a fan, is something that happens to you one day, being a fan has no explanations, that's
what they say. Well, it actually has. In some cases, it hides a fear which is going to eat away at the
person and dictate their behaviour with the others : the fear of being abandoned. The icon then
becomes a reference, the assurance that you will never be totally abandoned. "I have that deep fear
that the other people might be tired of me and leave." explains Tonie, 18 years old "So I think that I
hold on to Green Day because, this will always stay. This is not concrete, something you like is not a
person, so it can't get tired of you. Have you ever seen something you like dumping you?"

That fear of being abandoned is often the result of a previous abandon, or a lack of affection which has
been lived this way. "I've never had a real relationship with my father, and I'll always resent him for
not having raised me. Tré is funny, and loving with his kids, so he represents the father I'd like to have.
You know, the kind of father whom you can joke in the car with. Well, I have my mother for this, but
what do you want, we are in a society where we always want more..."

But if the person has this fear of being abandoned, it's also because he thinks he deserves being
abandoned. According to his inferiority complex, this fear of being abandoned is regular: the other
people can leave at every moment, because he is going to do something which will drive to this. This
fear and this complex are linked. Do you believe that someone who is self-confident has this fear that
the others might leave? No, it's unthinkable. But the inferiority complex is not just the fear of being
abandoned or a self-confidence reduced to nothing. It is also daily self-criticisms. The person is then
going to admire someone.

"Tré is the person I'd like to be; a sociable and charismatic person, who does not pay attention to the
criticisms, for what he shows. I think I love him because he's the opposite of what I am. But it's
strange, because I like Billie Joe for the weaknesses we have in common: the ability to get in to a
state, the impulsiveness and the importance that he gives to the criticisms."

The psychologists would explain this by the need of the man to be part of a group. We tend to like the
people who are somehow a bit like us, because they are comforting, and take us off of the loneliness,
awkward and worrying. Why do you believe that every band has his fan community?


A thought burst in my head and I need to tell you. I was twelve and strung out on confusion,
trapped inside a world of disillusion. Nobody liked me, everyone left me, they were all out
without me, having fun. I didn't watch any videos, I didn't listen to the radio. And one day, I
heard you sing. I sat in the state of a daydream, with all of your words flying over my head. Every
day and night I felt my mind was going insane, dreaming of your songs when something went
wrong. I've got a really bad disease. The happiness you pinned on me, was in my head from so
long ago. I've got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor, make me wish you to be
there. I'll go for miles till I find you, cause I know that you're the best thing in town, the best
thing around. I wish I could tell you, what makes me go so insane, what is it about you that I
adore, but the words would come out wrong. So I use your words to say: You are the moonlight
of my life, every night. Thank you for all.

Romane, 17, Belgium.

(Text/Inspiration from Who wrote Holden Caulfield ?, Coming Clean, Letterbomb, The Static Age,
Before The Lobotomy, 409 in your Coffemaker, Don’t leave me, Homecoming, Restless Heart
Syndrome, Having a Blast, Whatsername, Scattered, Best Thing in Town, Only of you, At the
library and Last Night On Earth.)

“Do you know Green Day??” Everything started with this question, asked by my cousin about 5 years ago. I
said “no” and she gave me a copy of the record “American Idiot”. At this moment I didn't know anything
about Green Day and I didn't think they were about to become so fucking important to me. But... holy
shit!!! This record had something... I used to listen to it over and over. Then, I discovered their old songs.
Boy, it was as if that band was telling the story of my life. I recognized myself in their texts and their
melodies took me away in another dimension.
Thanks to internet I knew who were hidden behind those songs, and since then, those 3 Californian guys
with appealing personalities have been going with me daily, in the happy moments as in the sad ones. They
helped me to make progress. And like a kinda tribute, I tattooed the lyrics of “Boulevard Of Broken
Dreams” (this song means so much to me) around my ankle. Now they are stuck with me till the end.

I was in a phase where I was looking for myself and Green Day taught me to don't give a shit about what
people think about me, to have my own opinions, just to be myself. Today I can say it, this band changed
my life for the better.
Thank you Billie Joe, Tré and Mike. Just Thank you.


Dear Billie Joe, Mike and Tré,
I have to begin this message with these words : Thank you. I've been a fan for about 3 years. And it has been 3 years that I
feel good. When I discover you, with "American Idiot", it was like a revelation. I knew it was the kind of music I had always
wanted to hear before. I love your song so much <3 And then, I discover you guys, you are so amazing, full of life,
awesome...I know you're always there even if everything is bad in my life. It's really great to know that. You help me in a
certain way. I've been in the show on june 26th last year in parc de princes in Paris. It was such a great time ! When I saw
you arrive, you were exactly like on the pictures and the videos and woooh' it was a great emotional time. I was so sad
when you left the backstage...I could never thank you enough for this wonderful time. I'll never forget this day...Of course I
hope to see you in concert again, and maybe to meet you one day.
Please, never stop to do your awesome music. You are made for music. I love the older albums as the news. What you
produce is amazing, and it's better and better everytime. Green Day, you're the best ! And also, never stop to be crazy, you
make us smile, and we all need to laugh :) Thank you again, thank you Green Day to make dream so many fans around the
world, to be there when we need it, to prduce so good songs with great lyrics, you're brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you, and sorry for all the "thank you" that I forget.
I love you guys ! ♥


                                                                    Dear Green Day,
                                                                    I'm Juliette and I'm 17 years old. I just want to say : «
Tré, thank you to be so powerful, so nice and joyfull.
                                                                    THANK YOU ». Thank you for your music, for all the
Thanks for making me happy just with your fucking perfect
                                                                    great moments, for giving trust in me and for all the
smile. And make sure you'll be happy for the rest of your
                                                                    happiness you bring into my life. You are very important
life, Frankie. Mikee, keep laughing because WE LOVE YOUR
                                                                    to me. Three months ago I lost my brother. He was 23
LAUGH buddy! You're the only one to make me happy with
                                                                    years old and he killed himself. It was me who found his
a laugh (Well, Tré's one is not far..). Billie Joe. Keep making
                                                                    body. It was the most terrifying thing I've never lived. I
me happy with your voice. Keep yourself happy, too. Make
                                                                    loved him so much. If I tell you that it's because grace to
good choices. Everything will be alright. And if one day, one
                                                                    your music I felt understood like in the lyrics of « Wake
of you would like to listen to our band, it's named
                                                                    me up when September ends ». With your other songs I
SmashFire. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook (Yes Billie,
                                                                    found the force to overtake this hard event. I realized
I'm a supporter of the Evil ;D), and Youtube. Thanks to have
                                                                    that the life has to continue !
read that. I'm gonna finish with a "cliché" thing. You guys
                                                                    Thank you to help me without know it.
fuckin saved my life. I won't be here anymore for a long
                                                                    You are my first exemple.
time if Green Day has never existed. Thank you.
Mael Williams.

PS : Guys, I have to thank you for someone who's not there
anymore to tell it by himself. His name was Toni. He died
from a suicide attemp on March, 20th 2011. He was a boy
of 18, a talented guitar player, vocalist and pianist. He lived
in Bolognia, Italy. He saw you several times, he was the
hugest fan of you I've ever met. And he was also my
boyfriend. If he was here, he'd say you mean his entire life
to him. Billie, you were his model, the father he never had.
He considered you as his model for the future. Mike, Tré.
Antoni loved you like brothers. From the paradise where
he's now standing, I believe he's watching over you. Take
care of you guys. The last words are for you Billie. There's a
little girl named Andie who leave the world too soon. Her
and her mother love you forever, never forget it.Consider
them like your angels of nowhere.

Dear Billie Joe, Mike & Tré.

Maybe you won't read this, but I'm really happy to write something for you.
I've been a Green Day fan since 5 years now. Everything began when I heard Holiday for the first time on the radio. Since that, I wonder
why I love you so much. You, three guys who might be my fathers. I've never stopped listening to your music, thinking of you all the
time ; you are and will always stay in my thoughts. You're not my favorite band just because of your music, but also because of your
personalities. You're the reason why I know some of my best friends, the reason why I feel glad.
One year ago, I saw you for the first time in Paris on June 26th. Of course I had the time of my life but I still cannot describe what i felt,
the only word which occurs me is the following one : HAPPINESS. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I expected something
magnificent, but it was even more powerful. You can't imagine how in only one evening, you were able to make me feel so fucking
happy ! When Tré looked at me and smiled at me, it was as if the time had stopped... I'll always remember this moment, this concert
and all these feelings I felt.
I often miss you ; it's hard to want something we cannot have.
You inspirate and motivate me every day. « You taught me how to live. »
I'm proud to be a Green Day fan and to be a part of the Green Day Family !

I could never enough thank you for what you brought me through your music, though your personalities. I love is not enough...

All my love for you,
Rage & Love
From Virginie, a 15 year-old French Idiot

                                                                      My name is Oceane, I'm 15 years old and I am part of the horde
                                                                      of fans you have in the world for 3 years now. For this reason, I
                                                                      wanted to start this text by thanking, so thank you. Thank you for
                                                                      all what you do, thank you: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre
                                                                      Cool ... What Green Day. Nothing but music, and messages you
                                                                      pass on, people can see things differently. But also share a
                                                                      passion, because being a fan is also that, to have the pleasure to
                                                                      share his passion, and that's just magic. These things, you have to
                                                                      hear hundreds of times, it is, but I think it's always nice to hear.
                                                                      What is even more magical is the day finally meets or those with
                                                                      whom we share everything. Both the joy the sadness, all with
                                                                      music. It's October 4th, 2009, this fucking October 4th that I
                                                                      finally realize my dream. And again June 26th, 2010 (what fucking
                                                                      concert for that matter!). I tell you, it is just with times like that,
                                                                      they could invented memories. I said to you soon, still hoping for
                                                                      lots of other moments like these. With all my love. Oceane C.

                                                                      I write this letter simply for thanks you for all you send by the
                                                                      music, and for all you make. You are awesome guys, really. My
                                                                      text is not long because, i don't kwon really write long text, but i
                                                                      hope our project you will be more .It's simply, short but
                                                                      nevertheless what you represents for me, and for all of the other
                                                                      fans . You are my favorite band, and that not for nothing. You'll
                                                                      be for all my life really!

                                                                      Smiley Face :).

 Hi ! I'm Manon. I'm fan of Green Day for three years old now. And... you are the best group for me. And I will never forget June 26,
 2010, my best live, it was like a dream.. Texts are so beautiful with melodies. Green Day is my source of happiness when it is
 wrong. You are really great, a real pleasure with you. Green Day forever ! ♥

I feel stupid. I think I have so much to say, but I can not write everything. There are so many things I want to say.
An "I love you" seems a bit silly.
I admire you so much for your fucking music is so good, so I find myself in it. I can even say that I found who I am because of your songs.
And I admire you for what you are, finally, the perception I have. It's hard to explain.
I will never forget the day I saw American Idiot for the first time, it was like a fucking slap in the face.
I never forget your concert in Paris Bercy in the room, 4 October 2009, yet another bloody slap in the face, but much more powerful.
That day, I realized that I would be a fan of you until the end of my life.
And finally, your amazing show at the Parc des Princes, Paris always, always with that slap.
See you on stage is probably the greatest gift that is given.
It's silly but that is how I feel.
So, thank you guys for your music and those crazy times you made me live!

Megan (Megoow).

                                                                                               Green Day. "What a stupid name" that
                                                                                               was the very first thing I thought when I
                                                                                               saw your name on the record that my
                                                                                               brother bought. Anyway, I'm not gonna
                                                                                               tell you how I started listening to your
                                                                                               music - because I know you don't fucking
                                                                                               care. I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank
                                                                                               you for jour enthusiasm, your eternal
                                                                                               jokes, your talent, your energy, your
                                                                                               drums, your bass, your guitar, your voices,
                                                                                               your music and your concerts. You've
                                                                                               been such a true source of inspiration and
                                                                                               comfort to me. I've never felt as alive as I
                                                                                               did on the 4th on October 2009 and on
                                                                                               the 26th of June 2010 when I saw you live
                                                                                               in Paris. And what I've learnt thanks to
                                                                                               you is that it doesn't matter. Whatever
                                                                                               the name. Whatever the age. Whatever
                                                                                               your ideas. Whatever your clothes.
                                                                                               Whatever your life. You taught me how to
                                                                                               live. Everyone's unique and deserve to
                                                                                               live his life the way he wants. Just be
                                                                                               yourself, be proud of what you are, and
                                                                                               don't regret anything you do because in
                                                                                               the end, it makes you who you are. I'm
                                                                                               looking forward to seeing you again and
                                                                                               listening to your new stuffs. "Keep
                                                                                               fighting the good fight !"
                                                                                               Isabelle R.

One day, my sister was talking about a band called Green Day. I loved their music, and, when my sister show me International
Superhits!, I felt in love. First, with their music, their style. Then, with their drummer. It was like a.. Revelation. It's weird, I know. But,
I grew up with their music, I was singing 'Minority' in the playground of my school, near my teachers and my friends, who were
thinking that I was mad. When you're only 6 years old and you're singing 'A free for all, fuck 'em all, you are your own sight..', people
around you can be affraid. I bought their album 21st Century Breakdown in 2009, and I found Tre' beautiful, like in my memories. I
remembered how much I loved him, and I felt in love again, but more than the first time. I found all their albums, a lot of Green Day
items.. And, slowly, I became -once again, and more than ever- a Green Day fan.
Now, I'm 13. Green Day is a part of my life, and I'll never forgive them. I'm proud to be a Green Day Idiot. ♥
Julianne, 13 YO, French.

Hello there! I am writing you this letter to tell you why I love this fucking band called Green Day (and its members) so much. I could
never thank you all enough. You taught me how to think, you taught me how to live as well. Your songs are all fucking amazing, I can
sing them all day long. Your lyrics touch me. Such songs as « Jesus Of Suburbia » (which is my favorite song) or « She » , make me think
that they have been like written for me. Some of your lyrics are a little bit dirty (still fantastic anyway), but a lot of other Green Day
songs contain so many different intense emotions. « Rage & Love » is really like the story of my life. You give me hope. When I feel bad,
your music and even your faces are the only things that can make me smile again. And I really think you have changed the history of
rock n roll, mostly thanks to the brilliant record « Dookie ». Thanks to you, I have also improved my English, haha. Because of you, I
want to go to the Bay Area, and I will! I have even become more tolerant thanks to you. I saw you live twice (in 2009 and 2010), both
times in Paris, and it really has been the best days in my poor life. You are absolutely magical live. Billie Joe, your lyrics are so
incredible. You are such an awesome songwriter, and you are fucking underrated for this. Your voice is really beautiful and powerful.
And your numerous « ya know » are memorable! By the way, keep on tweeting, so I could keep on laughing all alone like a fool at 3am
thanks to you! You are a very kind and generous guy. Tré, you are the craziest and the funniest man ever. But I am sure that you are
nice as hell. This is kind of weird when you say serious things! You are such an incredible drummer! One of the best ever, definitely!
And when you sing, oh my God, it could make me cry of laughter! Your lyrics are so beautiful and poetic, hahaha. Mike, you are the
quietest guy of the band. However, your funny faces in concert, your inimitable laugh, and your jokes are so comical. You are so kind,
you are a great human being. Stay as you are, dude. Finally, Billie Joe and Tré, you have to know that a lot of fans (including me) call
you « Trillie » (Tré/Billie) – like a sort of couple – especially when, for example, we see a random picture where Tré is touching Billie Joe
on “King For A Day/Shout” onstage, or when you are kissing. Cutest couple ever : ) Well, I know that tons of people already told you all
these things, and I am a huge Green Day fan like so many others, but this is important to me telling you how much I love you, how
much I love your songs, your gigs and the rest of the things related to you!
Keep on rocking, you kick ass!
Julie P.
A-shitty-small-town, France.
Rage & Love xoxo
P.S: Pardon my shitty English please.

Hi guys,

I'm 18 and I began to listening music when I was 11. Before this age I haven't taste for music because my parents listened french music...
So, I listening for the first time your song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” As my parents weren't very rich, I had to listen to the radio and
wait until it returns. It was my first favorite song and to date it's my favorite song. You have opened to me the doors of world music.

It's something magical. Really. And I'm not the only one in this case. For some of us, it's a feeling of pure admiration, not a love feeling,
but it's intense. The music brings us together and create others feelings. I want to cry when I listen Wake Me Up, I want to move my ass
when it's Basket Case and when I listen Redundant, I think it's a nice song.
It's weird, because I grew up with you, you are part of me as I've never seen.

Several times, I wanted to see you at stage, but my parents didn't agree... Now, I hope you come back to France and beware to your ass !

You're fucking awesome.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Let us dream for a long time.

Sorry if I have a bad English.

Guillaume, Orléans, France.

 Dear Billie Joe, Mike, Tré

 How can I explain the upheaval you have made in my life within
 twenty lines?
 I remember before going to school on my TV, 3 guys ... My first
 word was "Wow they are weird but they are different." As the
 days pass, I became more addicted. In October 2011 it will have
 been six years since I'm fan.

 I don't want pity but I'm currently disabled, thanks to you I'm
 alive, I have the strength to live as I am told that one day I would
 come see you played live in the south west of France! You came
 to play a concert in Toulouse in my city but I was in the hospital
 for surgery of the stomach (gastric sleeve). Now I am almost
 healed. Thanks to you I found a perfect life and music. I have so
 much to tell you! Green day for me is firstly a mixing of talented
 musicians and good lyrics and an excellent stage presence. I also
 like your outspoken, and the way you rebel against policies.
 Thanks to you I met other fans and some of them have become
 my best friends. Every other month we meet at the water's edge
 for a day "Green Day", we talk mostly about you, we play a guitar           I've been thinking about what i could say for a long time, but
 too ^ ^. If I do not know you, my life would be depressing, I'm             it is not as easy as i thought. How could you thank the
 really passionate I need your music to give me hope. I hope one             person who help you to wake up everyday ? To go ahead
 day have the opportunity to meet you! Finally I have a question             even when there is no hope left ? Well i haven't got the
 for Tré: Why you do not do a Twitter account as Billie Joe and              answer to these questions. There is no word that can define
 Mike (even if mike did not tweet)? I made ​lots of kisses! Thank            that feeling, or maybe : Thank you. Thank you for everything
 you for everything! I love you guys                                         you've done. Thank you for the laugh, for the tears, for the
                                                                             strength you give every time i see you on TV. You're
 Anne, 22 years, French Idiot Twitter: @ Dirty_Dookie                        definitely a part of myself, a part of my life. I can't imagine
                                                                             how my world could keep turning on if you stop singing. If
                                                                             you stop making us dreaming. When i listen to you, i feel
 Remember the French fans love you and are waiting for you! <3               alive, as never. I hope everyone could here you as i do.

                                                                             Until the end of time
                                                                             I love you all.

Hi Mike, Tré and Bilie Joe, I would like to thank you for
everything : your music, being yourselves, write incredible
music with awesome lyrics, unforgettable shows... Your
music means so much to me and I don't spend a day
without listen to one of your songs. I was to your last show
in Paris, 26th june 2010. The best day of my life. You guys
are the best! Keep being yourselves and rocking on stage!
Audrey, France.

Just THANK YOU ! Yes, a huge thank you for all that songs ! I love your band and especially your mentality ! You speak
plainly, you say what you think. Few people dare !
For a lot of people, you're the best. And I'm agree ! Not a day goes by without me listening to one of your songs. They are so
realistic and some of them calm me down when I'm feeling bad.
They sum up the life of a lot of people. I hope your band will continue, like it did since 20 years.
Nobody can compare with you. Nobody is better than you on stage. Your way to create an atmosphere is unique ! Your
shows are unique !
I wish good luck to Emily's Army even if I know they don't need it in light of their talent.
Thanks Billie Joe ! Thanks Mike ! Thanks Tré !
Estelle, 14, from Belgium.

                                                                                 Dear Green Day, First of all, thank you. Thank you for
                                                                                 teaching me that it's okay to be a minority, it's okay to
                                                                                 be messed up because you guys are fucking crazy and
                                                                                 that's why I love you and that's why you are a model
                                                                                 for me. You don't need all those messages to know
                                                                                 that you are amazing. Don't ever forget that Green
                                                                                 Days fans will always be there for you, because you
                                                                                 have always been there for us. Your songs have helped
                                                                                 me to live through some difficult moments of my life.
                                                                                 Your lyrics inspired me. I only saw you once. It was in
                                                                                 Paris, October the 4th, when I saw you, I knew. I knew
                                                                                 that you guys will always be part of my life, you will
                                                                                 always be in my heart. Even if I don't listen to your
                                                                                 songs really often now, I know that you are here for
                                                                                 me. For all these things, I wanted to express my
                                                                                 gratitude. Tré, Mike, Billie, thank you. Justine.

My name is Julie and I think I was 10 years old the first time I heard a Green Day's song. I hated rock music until that I listen to
American Idiot, thanks to my sister. I was watching a French radio when American Idiot began : First, I was reluctant because of the
style, the guitar, the drum, then I felt surprised : I was really addict to this song, I used to listening to American Idiot at all time. So
I decided to listen to the whole album and felt in love of the rock's spirit, of Green Day, of their lyrics, of older albums.
I believe that it makes me change the way I think, what I love and what I listen to.

I'm called Adeline, I am an huge fan of Green Day since the concert in Toulouse (02/10/09) where I went thanks to a friend. Green
Day is so important for me, it makes me met a lot of others fans who are now my friends.

Plus, our love for Green Day makes us met a lot of amazing persons like the WTFuckers, the GD Family and us, Adeline and Julie !
We are happy to say that we met thanks to you guys, We cannot thank you enough but we can say that without you, our lives
would be different.
You are amazing guys ! We hope to see you soon in France :)

My name is Mickael, I’m 14, I’m a teenager like others,
and that is what bothers me, I don't like music, I have no
purposes, no dreams, just a few friends.
Today, 11-02-2004, the world is waiting to know if G.W
bush will be reelected for a new term.
So I’m watching TV, and I saw a music video called
“American Idiot”, Green Day came into my life.


My name is Mickael, I’m 21, I grew up with you, Green
Day, you who gave me a passion : the music, you
brought me friends, and even love !
You are helping me every day without knowing it since
2004! My biggest dream is to play music with you, on
stage or not, just play guitar, bass or drums with you !
So if you want you can realize my dream *Dreaming, I
was only dreaming*.

Thank you for all.
Mickael Boulat.

A magazine in not a real magazine without an interview inside.
An interview of a fan by another one ..
How did you hear about Green Day ?
On TV. It was in 2005 and at that time, Boulevard of Broken Dreams music video was constantly played on it. And few
weeks later, I decided to buy American Idiot.

When did you became a fan ?
I don’t really know .. I think I became fan gradually. It began when I met other fans on the internet. There’s nothing
better than sharing your passion with people like you, who love the same band, who live the same thing, who
understand you like nobody else does in “real life”.

What did you like about them ?
At first, the music, inevitably. It is thanks to this that I became interested in them. Then, little by little, I discovered men
behind the band. And after, I loved them even more.

What do they have that the others don't ?
I think their main asset is their live performances. When we saw them live it’s obvious they enjoy it and that they are
made for this. Yeah, stage is definitely their main strength. And it’s not only the opinion of the fans. I saw a lot of
people who aren’t fans say they are one of the biggest live band of our generation. From that way, they put everyone

What do you like the most about each member ?
I’m gonna start off with Tré .. I think what I love the most about him is the fact that he’s trolling like a boss. Seems like
he’s got a battery in the ass. How is it possible not to laugh at his jokes ? Tré is the kind of guys who makes you smile
even if you're sad. And he's also one of the rare drummers that people don't forget under their drums.
Mike .. Without a doubt, his laugh! I could listen to it over and over again. Such a laugh, it's not legal (laughs). I also
like his tricky side, I mean. For example when he makes crazy faces on stage. Oh and, I really love his schizophrenic
side. It reassures me about my own mental health.
And to finish, Billie Joe. What I like the most is laugh at him, but spare the rod and spoil the child. He's the target of all
the fans jokes .. and all the weird fantasies. Like, Tré, moonmen and him. Or him in a bee costume.

What is the craziest thing that you could do or have already done for them ?
Economize for 2 years in order to travel to California and Oakland, maybe ? Or spend almost 8 hours to make that fake
magazine, hoping they will read it (and to translate it hoping they will understand our shitty English).

Some fans say Green Day saved their lives. Is that your case ?
I don't know. I won't say they saved my life because, even if they didn't come into my life, I would still be on this earth.
But, they do changed my life forever. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if my ears didn't meet their music, in 2004. I ..
I can't really put words on what they bring into my life. You can't describe it.

Did you ever saw them live ? If so, what did you feel ?
Yes, twice. The first time in 2009 in Toulouse and the second time last year in Paris. Still today, I don’t realize I really
lived these moments. It seems to be a part of a distant dream. Like it’s too good to be true. The very first time I saw
them live, I was petrified, I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I couldn’t believe my three idols were just in front of me, just a few
meters away from me. The 2 shows where I went were definitely the 2 happiest days of my whole life.

Did they influence you ? In which way ?
They influenced me because I grew up with them. I was fourteen when I discovered them and now I'm almost 21. I
think that if I had never hear about them, if I hadn’t become a fan of Green Day, my life would be totally different now.

If you can say them only one thing, what it would be ?
I would thank them for everything they bring into my life, to me and to thousands of other fans. And above all I would
tell them to continue again and again because we need them.                                                    Pico M.
Some other fans wanted to talk about their own story.

Heres comes Roshambo !

Hello guys,

I just take a minute to introduce myself : for the French Green Day fan in Internet, my name is Roshambo (and guess
why) but some call me Roshie. I'm a 17 years old girl from Burgundy, the wine country, by far your shitty and sunny
California ! No, I'm kidding. I really hope I will go to your golden state, one day.

Last year, I've gone in NYC for holiday. (very great city by the way, you must try it !) I was at the Edison Hotel, in Times
Square, and the only thing I could see through the window, except the yellow cabs, was this shiny words in the night :
I swear ! And what a girl who listened Green Day since she's 10 years old do before reaching New York ? She buy
tickets for this Broadway show of course !
The little kid of 39 with too much eye-liner wasn't on stage yet, but it really doesn't matter... What a fucking good musical
guys ! Well done ! It's a world apart from what I could imagined, and I'm very glad to saw it. The story, the music, the
cast : everything was perfect !

I went to London in April, with the girl who gave you this stuff (if everything happened usually) and we had saw another
musical, Chicago. Very good too ! For you men, a lot of pretty girls with very few clothes who dance, act and sing very

Anyway, you know, Burgundy is at three and half hours from Paris but I had, and I hope I will never miss one of your
shows in France. I think it's all because of you... I don't know why, I can't explain how you electrify me with your music
and your words. When I heard this two simple words “Green Day”, what happens to me ? Both they make me crazy,
And yet, what I know about you ? One has a blond hair child, another a new fiancée and the last one a singing dog, ok.
(yes Billie, don't worry your tweets are cool) We don't know each other, so how can it's possible, all this passion, this
energy about you ? Another strange thing in this strange world...

I will see the ZZTop this summer, but god, they will never make me cry like you did at Bercy... Tears had come to me,
well, without any authorization. I was supposed to be happy, so why being in tears when I heard you for the first time ?
(and when I heard When it's time, but it was because I know you were living soon) Too much happy maybe ? But I
stayed dry during the show at the Parc des Princes. Yep, I was just an overjoyed girl this time.

You were, you are and you'll always been, well, maybe not the best band of the entire world (I don't even try to search
perfection), but my favorite band at least, and that matters.

I was fan of your band before learning about what is rock'n'roll. And I don't love Green Day because they're playing rock
music, I love rock music because Green Day is a part of it (among a lot of others).

Thank you for sharing your music with the world,
and don't forget that France loves you with a big “A”, as amour.

Sincerely, your dear Idiot, Roshambo.
(yes, I guess I know what it means)

I couldn't find any words, in any language to describe what I feel for them.. Three guys who live just on the other side of the
world, who don't know a thing about me. But these guys, they're like my saviors. That's the only way I can say this. No one
can understand this, except if they experience that feeling. It's something way too strong, it comes from you guts, it's more
than just a band, much more than music.

4 of October, 2009. Everytime I think about that day, I cry. I almost thought I would die, strong as it was to see them here,
on that fucking stage, so close to me. For more than two hours, we shared the same wild energy, like a common orgasm. «
Are you alive?! » he was screaming. Sometimes, I still see them, I still hear them. On that sunday of October I felt alive.
Not for the first time in five years, but it was close to that.

So yeah, at the end, I cried as a little bitch in front of Bercy, on the phone. And you know, I could not care less. Too much
feelings, at the same time, just like the end of a whole life, five long years of waiting, day after day. Five years spent in
hoping, crying, screaming, shouting, singing on those lyrics that talked so much to me. They still do today. Five years, and I
expected so much of that day, that I was so afraid of being disappointed. Actually, it was better than anything I could have
imagined. And when they asked me « How was the show? » I think I just couldn't give a proper answer. Just a smile and a
« You can't fucking imagine » as an answer. No, you can't imagine. You'll never be able, to understand the importance of
Green Day in my life.

They saved me when I was the loneliest person on Earth. Jesus of Suburbia and Holiday, 15 minutes to save a whole life.
Who on Earth can claim that? I was screaming in silence, now, I owe everything to Green Day. The person I am today, my
closest friends, my girlfriend, even the fact that I'm in college. They might say I am childish, but I almost feel pity for those
who can't understand. I got a meaning in my life, that they'll never get. I'm not just a girl who hopes to meet her perfect
boyfriend, marry and have children. I am a Green Day fan.

Once upon a time, a young girl who was finding herself heard a song on TV. It literally, blew her mind. At the end of the
song she decided to learn more about this band called “Green Day”. First she wanted to listen to this song, “American
Idiot”, again, then she listened to others songs and she looked for some information about this three guys. The more she
learnt about them, the more she loved them. She never heard such music before. There was something special about
them. The singer's voice? For sure, he was able to pass lots of emotions through his voice. When it comes to the guitar, it
blew her away. The bassist? He was such a genius; she could feel the bass running into her blood and resonating in her
stomach. The drummer? He was really energetic, as they said “the drum rhymed her heartbeat”. Then, she discovered
their personalities.

It was six years and a half ago. Back in September 2004.

Almost 7 years later, lots of things have changed in her life. Some people have gone, others have changed, she has met
new people...even her hair color has changed... But one thing hasn't changed: her passion for Green Day. Yeah, she
became a fan. They managed to touch her heart with their lyrics, their music. She relates to lots of their songs. She cries,
laughs or just smiles and sings the lyrics with her heart, when she listens to them. But they also seduced her with their
personalities. Indeed, they stand for many causes and they are really close to their fans. They belong to this few bands that
are sincere with their fans, who give everything on their albums, on stage but also in the everyday life. Therefore they
opened her eyes on lots of causes and she learnt to fight for her ideas, her opinions. They also taught her that it's okay to
be the minority, she has to be proud of it, and she's free to do whatever she wants without thinking about people's
Moreover they don't take themselves seriously and that's amazing. They still have fun even if they've grown up. They're not
that kind of boring adults who think you can't have fun when you're over 25, married or parent.
Last but not least, thanks to them, she has met amazing people: Green Day fans, the Green Day family. People who share
her passion. She could talk during hours about this band with them, and contrary to her friends, they are not fed up with
that. Indeed, they debate, make fun of their idols, are nostalgic when it comes to shows. Oh yeah shows... Two dates that
she will never forget: 10/04/09 and 06/26/10. Her dream came true: seeing her heroes just in front of her was an
indescribable feeling. It may sound frightening but thanks to this passion, her life isn't empty anymore, she has found her

This girl it's me, Selma, 17. Well, "thank you” it's not enough obviously, but...thank you Green Day, thank you for all the
good things you've brought in my life, thank you for everything !

Hi guys !

First, I'd like to apologize for the many grammar mistakes you might spot in my text – and in the whole book. There is at
least one true cliché about us Frenchies : we can't speak English properly. Sorry for that.

Haha, I've daydreamed hundreds of time about telling you what GD means to me, and now I'm sat on my bed, with my pen
and my almost blank paper, not knowing what to say and how to say it...“ I love you's not enough, I'm lost for words”. Let's
try anyway. I bet tons of fans have explained to you their love for Green Day ; mine's not very different. (Oh God, are
you actually going to read me ? Seems so unreal that I'm writing to my idols !)

I don't mean to sound cheesy or anything, but being a Green Day fan really lights up my life. With some powerful and
intense things like concerts, but not only. As I don't get to see you everyday, it cheers me up daily with the fact that, before
I close my eyes at night, or when I wake up in the morning, I always cast a look at a Green Day poster. And, of course,
there is the music...One of the only things that can make you dream when you are, like every other fucking mornings, on
the road to school or to your place of work. You push your earphones in your ears and start daydreaming. I'm sure you see
what I mean.

I've been to two Green Day gigs so far, and they were definitely the best fucking days of my life. Just know that, since the
very moment when you disappeared backstage after Good Riddance, I've been longing to see you again, to feel this
intense happiness again. Every single day. Every single hour. Every single minute. Every single FUCKING second, I've
been longing, almost pining sometimes. I could not describe how it felt to be in the front, jumping, singing, screaming,
laughing, dancing, crying...along with other Green Day fans, along with you guys. You're aware of being one of the greatest
live bands, aren't you ? Well, it's damn true. Perhaps I'm not objective, but to me, you are the #1 greatest live band.
Remember that show in Paris, where we all raised “THANKS” signs at the end ? I did have the time of my life – we all did -
it was almost ridiculous to just say “thanks” ! You give SO MUCH of yourself during shows ! Thank you for that, thank you
for showing us that you like to be with us, and that you don't do that only because it's your job !

You know, you guys and the music and the gigs are not the only things that makes me happy. The fanbase does too. I
wonder if you're aware of the greatness of the Idiots community ? We're like a huge family, really, I feel close to each single
Green Day fan in the world. Because we're a minority who cares about music (and art in general) more than money,
fashion or popularity, and of course, because we all have this burning passion for GD. However, this fanbase has NEVER
and will NEVER become a bunch of fanatics that send death threats to the members' girlfriends, or take a blade and etch
the band's name into their skin just to prove they're a “true fan”. No, we are beyond all of this, and this is what is so
awesome about the Idiots. And meeting some other fans is one of the best things that ever happened to me, as well as
becoming a Green Day fan. Surrounding myself with them makes me feel that I'm not the only one being lost in a society in
which I don't fit. Well, I'm not lonely, but I'm like, socially awkward, not popular and everything. So it's good to get along
with people who understand you, and don't give a shit about the price of your clothes and your handbag's brand, nor if your
cell phone is a fucking iPhone or a fucking Blackberry. And I met these people thanks to Green Day.
(Fuck, I'm not even sounding cheesy, I'm sounding desperate. Never mind.)

So guys, I could never thank you enough for all you brought – and still bring – to me. If, at one point in my life, I hadn't
discovered Green Day, I'd probably still be the weak, squeamish, boring girl I was before, and I would have undoubtedly
become a stupid, stereotyped wench lacking of personality and doing her best to fit in. You made me stronger.
Whenever I feel depressed, empty, bored as hell...I just remember the greatest moments of my life, and GD is responsible
for most of them. I don't want to say “You saved my life” cause it sounds a bit stupid, but you did, in some way.
So thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ! MERCI BEAUCOUP !

Before concluding this letter, I'm going to ask you a favor...Could you please keep on making me dream ?

Hope you'll come back soon, guys, I miss you being on the road, and the world of music needs you.
Bye !
Julie, a.k.a. Punky

To Billie Joe, Mike and Tré,

I will always remember the first time I heard about Green Day. It was in 2004 and I did not know back then that "the band
who plays American Idiot" was going to change my life. I don't really know how it happened but American Idiot changed my
life in many ways. I became a fan of a band for the first time of my life, I met and became friends with amazing people, music
became my passion, I bought my first guitar and started discovering new rock bands. Music is my life now and I would not
be the person I am today without you guys.
I will remember the first time I saw you live forever. It was in 2009 and it was really a dream come true, something that I had
waited to see for five long years. Each one of the Green Day's show I attended were just magic, on stage as well as in the
crowd with the Green Day family.
Sometimes, I seem to forget why I loved you so much in the first place, because there are so many amazing bands out there
... All I have to do is to listen to one of your record, and then, I remember exactly why I felt in love with your music, almost
seven years ago now. Each one of your records brings back amazing memories.
I started a blog about your band which is going to turn six next month (July) and it is a real pleasure for me to share the
latest GD-related news with the French Idiots, an amazing community.
Please keep on creating great music and stay true to yourselves.
I love you, I will never forget all the happiness you brought me and you're still bringing me.


Green Day

I spend my time listening to Green Day
It's all my life, it's my reason to survive.
The June, twenty six, tow thousand and ten,
I can go to see and to hear them.

It's really more than a passion
It's like a second life.
I don't really know what I could be
If I didn't know Green Day

Every word, in every song gives me shiver.
There are more than songs, its comprehension and compassion about our life and destiny.
They are gods and it's a religion for me to listen to them.

I need them to stay alive.
I need Billie Joe's voice.
I need Tré's strength.
I need Mike's determination.

Every word, in every song gives me shiver.
It's like they was in us when they write songs.
It's like they know all about our life.

I spend my time listening to Green Day
It's all my life, it's my reason to survive.
The June, twenty six, tow thousand and ten,
I can go to see and to hear them

It's really more than a passion
It's like a second life.
I don't want to be alone,
I just need some adrenalin and songs who describe me..

I Love you fuckin' awesome guys !!!

Alizée Agier

Hi guys !
My name is Gabrielle. I'm 13 years old. I live in Paris, just near the big shops, like the Printemps or the Galeries Lafayette,
you know. I'm a French fan of Green Day for 1 year. I know, it's a very little time, but I have every albums, and your band,
guys, is the band who changed all my life, and saved it. I grow thanks to you in my head. I'm stronger than last year, thanks
to you. Oh my god, I can't believe you will read this bullshit that I write. ... You are my everything, you are stuck in my head
every day, every morning when I wake up ; every night when I sleep. When I'm sad, I listen to Green Day, when I'm happy, I
listen to Green Day, when I'm with my friends, I listen to Green Day and play Green Day Rockband. Me and Green Day... It's
a story so much better than a love, so much better than an adventure story, so much better than all the story who exist in
this fuckin' world. You make me happy every day. You know, I'm very sad because my grandmother is sick ( she have a
cancer ), my other grandmother is sick too. My grandfather was made during a few month, but I was sad because of him, but
you were here ! You are here to make me happy , when I listen to your music! I could never enough thank you for all what
you did for me. You are my idols, and the biggest example that I have in my life.

So, first for all, I'm very sorry for the dead of the brother of Cleveland, who was killed by the drier. Poor cat. But I am
wondering what he did to be in the drier... It's so weird... I'm a fan of My Chemical Romance too ! They are amazing, just as
you are :3. And I can stop laughing when I see Billie Joe's tweets on Twitter, it's amazing. You are so silly BJ, it's why I love
you, just as Tré and Mike.

So, I hope you will eat a lot of cookies when you read my letter, and be happy to read this.

Gabrielle. (If you want, you can follow me on Twitter : @mychemical_gday, and add me on Facebook : Gabrielle Armstrong
:joke : )
PS : I never saw you in concert, but I hope you will come in France next year, or I will kick your ass with my foot ! (
MOUHAHAHAHHAHAHA )                                                                                                      21
                             Hey guys !
I'm Alice , I'm 15 and I'm from France and I'm writing this
 for you while listening to Warning . It feels so special to
    write something for my favorite band . I don't know
     exactly how to tell you but you've made who I am
      today . I will never thank you enough for all the
     things that you gave to me . Thanks to you , I'm
      not afraid to say what I'm think , I've got more
                         self-confidence .
   You're not like all of these other bands , you spread
            a message and your music helps people .
           Everyday , I listen to your music , you're
                like the « soundtrack of my life » .
        I'm sure that I'm not the only one to ask this
       question but : It would be so cool if you could
         come in France soon and not only in Paris ,
                  come in Lille or Beauvais ( Fans
                  from the North of France would
                  be so happy to see you there . )
             and I will give you some French wine !
               Because in fact , I've never seen you
              in live and it's one of my main pain , I
                know that you're amazing in live .
               Even if Awesome as Fuck and Bullet
           in a Bible are amazing , and even if when
              I watch them I feel like if I was at the
        concert ( Yeah, I scream the «Hey-oh» after
            Billie Joe in my sofa . ) , it's not exactly
          the same thing . I want to see Tre making
             funny things , Billie Joe being the King
            For A Day and Mike doing his awesome
         bass solos ! I hope I have convinced you .
         Last thing : Billie Joe , your tweets are epic
     , Mike tweet something and Tre , please , make a
Twitter account . By the way this is my Twitter account :
@Happy_Pumpkins , if you want to tweet me something ,
       I know that you probably won't but anyway …
          I also want you to continue to make great
       music and rock this world ! Once again , thank
       you for everything .And I hope that you enjoy
   what we have made for you . French Idiots love you .
             I will always support you , much love ,
                              Alice . Xo
            ( PS : Sorry if my English isn't perfect. )
How Green Day saved my life... Twice (and more)

Dear Green Day...
I guess it's not the first time someone tells you your music saved their life. But you're gonna hear it again.

What to begin with?
I've always suffered from anxiety, panick attacks, insomnia and what comes out of a fucked up brain. When I was 12, I was
so low I even think I was experiencing depression. I wasn't like everybody else, I had no friends, I felt like shit, and only my
records kept me from giving up and just kill myself. It was the time when American Idiot was released, and when I really
discovered Green Day.
I remember I had already seen a video from you on TV when I was 10, "the one that goes dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-
dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun with the jerk running at the pool and the cool blond guy singing with his hat covering his face
and muuuum I wanna play the drums" (at the time I hadn't bothered remembering the name of the song or even the band
but all of this came back to my mind when I saw the Warning video again three years later). But not what you can call being
a fan.
Anyway, I began listening to all of your albums. And when I was 13 something happened: I heard Road To Acceptance.
The lyrics struck me like lightning: what exactly was I expecting? A fucking miracle? If I wanted to get out of this state of
mind that wasted me, I had to kick myself in the ass. This song made me understand that, not only I was not alone, but it
was possible to change, and I didn't have to ''sculpt my life for others' acceptance''. If some guy from Rodeo, California
wrote those lyrics and then became a rock god and a family man, maybe I wasn't a basket case. So I decided to change. It
took a long time, but I finally managed to be what I had to be, and not a poor copy of myself that others and society
expected me to be. Now I am who I want. I'm not afraid to talk. I play the drums in a band, and that's the best thing that
could happen to me. I live. This change didn't make me happy, it didn't wipe away my anxious thoughts. But it allowed me
to make friends, it gave me enough strength to carry on with life, and today it's the one thing I can be proud of about
All I needed was a trigger and the rest of the job was mine to do. But this song was the trigger, and for that, you're the band
that saved my life once.

But my story with you doesn't stop here. Let's look back again at this dark period of my life. Being a loner, I spent a lot of
time at home, listening to music, reading books and – I know you won't like this – spending too much time on the internet.
But it hasn't been only a waste of time for me. Still when I was 12, I signed up to a forum where I met a few people who
shared my love for Green Day. We chatted a lot, and I especially developed a bond with a girl my age called Mathilde, who
lived 250 miles away from me, and happened to be as crazy as me, in any way. Four or five years later, on New Year's
Eve, we met in real life for the first time, and since that day she's my best friend. Not even my best friend; there's no words
that fit the bond that links us. Our common friends that tried and describe our friendship ended up comparing us to a mix of
Mike & Billie Joe, Cornelius & Tyler Durden from The Fight Club and Bonnie & Clyde. Long story short, she's the one
person that keeps me going, and we're saving each other's life just thinking that one will always be there for the other. I
never thought I could experience such a friendship one day, and I know her thanks to you; for that, you're the band that
saved my life twice.

And I don't even talk about the amount of awesome bands I discovered thanks to you, all the times your music washed
away my pain, the number of friends I made thanks to our common love for you, the time of my life I had when I saw you
live in Paris two years ago, the laughs you give me when I read or watch your interviews, the way you inspire me to fulfill
my dreams... For that, you're the band that saves my life daily.

Even if it's unlikely, I still hope that someday I will have the occasion to meet you guys and tell you all of this in person
(even if I'd probably wouldn't find my words and end up doing ''arkrfshshfgt''). At least, maybe with this book you will have a
glimpse of how much you fans owe you and love you.

Billie Joe, Mike, Tré, thank you for saving me. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for being Green Day.

Victoire L.

Hello guys ! I'm writting this, listening "La Suerte de Mi
Vida", by a spanish band called El Canto Del Loco. Is it a
sign ? I don't know, but I know this title represents what
you're for me. You are the chance of a lifetime. The first
time I heard one of your song, I was only nine. I didn't know
what was the music, this fucking feeling when you are
listening a good band, when you want to cry because it's so
strong ... It was Good Riddance. At that time, I was too
young to understand what the lyrics meant, but I knew this
song was going to change and give meaning to my life.
When it finished I've cried like I've never done before. At
ten, I heard Boulevard Of Broken Dreams on the radio. And
I felt the same, I quickly understood this piece of music was
by Green Day. I bought American Idiot and I listened to it
again and again. I started to sing and play the guitar.
Thanks to you, I made gigs with my band, and I realized that
you saved my life. You helped me to fight against pain,
needy. Mockery, disease. Without you, I would not be here
anymore for a long time. My only regret is that in this text, I
just can't tell you how much you are important. You brought
me back to life ! I don't think you can realize what you mean
to me. I'm just a poor fan among millions others but I
sincerely hope one day I will speak to you in face to face,
and tell you all I want you to know. Tré, thank you to be so
crazy. We love you like that, take care. Mike, thank you to
be so thoughtful, THE perfect bestfriend ! And you Billie,
good luck. You'll make the good choices. I miss my little
Earth Angel. If you've got time and if you want to make me
feel happy as never, my twitter account is SmashFireOffcl,
you can send me a private message. Goodbye guys, and
remember the last year, Paris, Parc des Princes, 26.06.10,

Sixtine Williams.

The date of the Green Day show was now known, and some fans came with the idea of making their idols spend an
unforgettable night. So they set up a forum, welcoming everyone who wanted to take part in the plan by submitting their
ideas of things to do on the D-Day. The forum quickly saw a large number of registrations, from France but also from
Belgium & Switzerland, and a lot of suggestions.
There were so many topics of conversations, wild ideas and personal confessions that the WTFuckers, the name that
they called themselves, finally realized that they shared a very strong friendship, and actually formed a real little family.
The concert was soon to come, and the ideas for the show was now selected: Throwing a giant cock on stage, writing
some messages on a French flag and throwing it on stage, being a total rockstar if, by any chance, one of them was
picked out to sing on stage, but unfortunately no one of them was, sending handcuffs on stage, and last but not least the
" Thanks " signs on Good Riddance.
Even if all the actions actually didn't work, the French flag ended up on the singer's head, and the crowd was full of the
The WTFuckers hope that they left a deep memory in their idols' head, and they are proud that they kinda created this
"trend" of the signs at the end of the shows.

See you at the next show, for more surprises.

Comic Strip

This fake magazine was made by fans from France, Belgium and Switzerland. Hope
you will read it and you will enjoy it. Once again, please excuse us for our shitty
english. We love you. Kiss on your little ass. Fans.

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