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									                                     Pollution Poster

   CATEGORY      4 Superior               3 Very Good              2 Fair                  1 Poor
Attractiveness   The poster is            The poster is            The poster is           The poster is
                 exceptionally            attractive in terms of   acceptably attractive   distractingly messy
                 attractive in terms of   design, layout and       though it may be a      or very poorly
                 design, layout, and      neatness.                bit messy.              designed. It is not
                 neatness.                                                                 attractive.

Grammar          There are no             There is 1          There are 2                  There are more than
                 grammatical              grammatical mistake grammatical                  2 grammatical
                 mistakes on the          on the poster.      mistakes on the              mistakes on the
                 poster.                                      poster.                      poster.

Required         The poster includes All required elements         All but 1 of the        Several required
Elements         all required elements are included on the         required elements       elements were
                 as well as additional poster.                     are included on the     missing.
                 information.                                      poster.

Title            Title can be read        Title can be read        Title can be read       The title is too small
                 from 6 ft. away and      from 6 ft. away and      from 4 ft. away and     and/or does not
                 is quite creative.       describes content        describes the           describe the content
                                          well.                    content well.           of the poster well.

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