Possible Research Topics for The Rookie Project

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					            Possible Research Topics for The Rookie Project

*Note to students: You will have to narrow down these topics. These are listed to give
you ideas and to give you a starting point for your research. You cannot cover a wide
topic in one research paper. For example, instead of trying to cover Jackie Robinson’s
entire life and career, focus on how his career has affected baseball since then. Do not try
to cram too much information into your paper. Focus on one area of your topic.

The Invention of Baseball
The Beginning of Major League Baseball
Memorable World Series Moments
The Minor Leagues
Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth
Sammy Sosa
Mark McGuire
Jackie Robinson
Your favorite baseball player
Famous Managers
The Yankees
The Cubs
The Red Sox
The White Sox
Your favorite baseball team
Famous Homerun Moments
Creation of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Field of Dreams
Athletes from other sports who tried their hands at baseball
The Dominican Republic’s Contribution to Baseball
Baseball Scandals

*You must sign up for the topic you choose, and the teacher must approve of
it. No two students in the class will be allowed to research the same topic.