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									New Concept Ideation

       New Concept Ideation   1
  An Integrated Strategic Technology Planning
        and Development Environment

       New                               Technology
     Concept                            Roadmapping

                    of the

Stage Gate        Intellectual
Technology          Property
Development       Generation
and Review

                 New Concept Ideation                 2
Where Ideation fits
in the Big Picture                              Lean
                      Idea                     Convert best projects into
                  Prioritization               high impact products

           Ideation                 Convert best ideas into
                                    high impact projects

Voice of the            Generate high impact ideas
 Customer               for high-impact problems/opportunities
               Identify high impact

                            New Concept Ideation                            3
Input Ideas:                    Output Ideas:
                                                       What is
• Many                          • Few
• Crazy        Transform        • New
• Stupid        Inputs to       • Different
• Bad            Outputs        • Good
• Random                        • Out-of-the-box

                  Ideation                       Project

                   Ideation is a
                                                   Output ideas
                                                   ready to start
                       New Concept Ideation                         4
Four Goals of an Ideation Process:

To stimulate large improvements in -

1. Quality and volume of new ideas,               Need systematic idea
       - More good ideas per minute.                  generation and
                                                 prioritization processes.
2. Idea-to-project hit-rate,
        - More good ideas end up in products.

3. Cross-linking of ideas to create new opportunities,
       - Generate many new ideas in parallel – feed off each other.

4. Visibility of plans, activities, results, and methods,
        - People can see that you are making good progress!

                          New Concept Ideation                         5
• Ideation process is FUN!
      • Work = Fun

• But it can look like you are NOT working.
      • Fun = Work

• But this really works.
      • We will try to prove this in this course.

                     New Concept Ideation           6
New Concept Ideation Process:
• Purpose
  ~ Generate breakthrough solutions (stimulates research).
  ~ Generate/discover new customer needs (stimulates markets).

• Desired Strengths
  ~ Improves effectiveness of “brainstorming” (good ideas per minute).
  ~ Liberates inventors from artificial/inappropriate constraints.
  ~ Inclusive - provides equal opportunity for all ideas/inventors.

• Potential Weaknesses
  ~ Can lack focus (afraid to miss cool ideas).
  ~ Can miss the customer value proposition (cool but useless ideas).
  ~ Needs a destination for ideas (good ideas can drift off into space).

                             New Concept Ideation                     7
New Concept Ideation Process:                       •    Crazy
Purpose                                             •    Stupid
                                                    •    Bad
•   Generate breakthrough solutions:                •    Random
    •   Not interested in incremental (small) changes,
    •   Looking for totally unexpected solutions,
    •   Drives research into new technology areas
        (what must we work on?).

•Generate/discover new customer needs:
    •Not just directed at known/existing customer needs,
    •Discover = Find things that no-one has recognized as a need.
    •Generate = Invent new needs, reveal new possibilities.
    •Stimulates creation of new markets.

                            New Concept Ideation                    8
New Concept Ideation Process:
Desired Strengths

•   Improves effectiveness of unstructured “brainstorming”:
    •   More good ideas per minute per person,
    •   Captures what was said by who (for IP protection).

•Liberates inventors from artificial/inappropriate constraints:
    •Eliminates assumptions about what’s “in the box”,
    •Gives participants permission to think “outside the box”

•Inclusive - provides equal opportunity for all ideas/inventors:
    •No person can dominate idea generation,
    •No person can dominate idea selection.
    •Highly democratic.

                            New Concept Ideation                   9
New Concept Ideation Process:
Potential Weaknesses

•   Can lack focus:
    • Can get way out of the box, or into some totally different box,
    • Tendency is to want to capture everything,
    • “Lottery ticked innovation” – you may be a winner!

•Can miss the customer value proposition:
   •Great idea, but who cares,
   •Why are we doing this ideation session? For who?
   •Can we really make money on this?

•Needs a destination for ideas:
   •File cabinets full of posters.
   •What do we do now?
   •Where did I put that idea?

                            New Concept Ideation                 10
Later we will show more about how:
  •   Weaknesses of Ideation are eliminated by other processes,
      • Ideation eliminates weaknesses of other processes.

         New                                  Technology
       Concept                               Roadmapping

                         of the

 Stage Gate            Intellectual
 Technology              Property
 Development           Generation
 and Review

                      New Concept Ideation                 11
What Actually IS “Ideation”?
•   Event (like a meeting):

    •   Defined start and stop points,
                                                   •   Crazy
    •   1 hour to 3 days,                          •   Stupid
                                                   •   Bad
    •   5 to 100 people.                           •   Random

•   Purpose: Discover radically new problems and/or
    invent new solutions.

•   Objective: Efficiency - Increase rate of viable concepts per minute
    vs. non-structured (brainstorming) approaches.

                            New Concept Ideation                    12
What Actually IS “Ideation”?
Process: Systematic sequence of actions (vs. brainstorming).
 - Clearly-defined event goals (Why are we doing this?),
 - Measurable event objectives (What will we walk away with?),
 - Specific event inputs and outputs (Document deliverables),
 - “Standard” process actions, inputs, and outputs are adaptable to
     accommodate different or changing event goals and objectives.

 - Employs well-defined boundary conditions to keep event focused,
 - Utilizes appropriate tools to enhance quality and productivity of
 - Typically employs well-trained, experienced facilitator,
 - Typically employs multidisciplinary participants.

                              New Concept Ideation                     13
      High-Level View of Ideation Process

 How will we
conduct event?     1. Planning                 We usually focus
                                               on the Ideation
 Who is doing                                      Event,
what with what?    2. Preparation
                                                     And forget
     Do it!                                        about planning
                   3. Ideation Event                and follow-
 Make outputs
 “actionable”      4. Post-Processing

  Turn ideas                   Project Proposals
  into reality
                  Stage Gate Processes

                     New Concept Ideation                     14
Who are the Primary Ideation Process “Stakeholders”?

• Sponsor: The individual requesting the generation of new concepts
  using the ideation process. Can be the person with the problem that
  needs to be solved.

• Customer: The people responsible for planning and executing
  projects that result from the ideation process.

• Ideators: The individuals that participate in the ideation event.

• Organizer: The person responsible for insuring that all steps in the
  ideation process are executed in an appropriate manner.

• Facilitator: The person responsible for guiding the ideation

Note: A particular individual may play more than one role in this process.

                            New Concept Ideation                      15
An Ideation Framework:                                     Stakeholder
Activity                                  Sponsor Organizer Customer Facilitator   Ideators
1. Plan    1.1 Sponsor comes forward        Hi
           1.2 ID problem/solution domain   Hi
           1.3 ID organizer                 Hi       Hi
           1.4 ID customer                  Hi       Lo        Hi
           1.5 Define focus/theme           Lo       Hi        Hi
           1.6 Define outputs               Lo       Hi        Hi
           1.7 ID facilitator                        Hi        Hi        Hi
2. Prepare 2.1 Determine approach                    Hi        Lo        Hi
           2.2 ID ideators                           Lo        Hi        Lo
           2.3 Determine venue                       Hi        Hi        Lo
           2.4 Select tools/techniques               Lo                  Hi
           2.5 Prepare materials                     Hi        Hi        Hi
           2.6 Review materials                                                      Hi
3. Event   Generate ideas                            Hi        Hi        Hi          Hi
4. Process 4.1 Group/consolidate ideas               Hi        Hi      Optional    Optional
           4.2 ID/prioritize "winners"               Hi        Hi      Optional    Optional
           4.3 Select projects            Optional   Lo        Hi      Optional    Optional
           4.4 Define projects                                 Hi
           4.5 Hand-off to PROLaunch                           Hi

                                    New Concept Ideation                             16
Steps in the Ideation Event
1. Facilitator introduces:
   A. Goal – Specific needs/problems we will be addressing,
   B. Objectives – What we expect out of the event,
   C. Support information – Support goals and objectives.
   D. Participants – Participants introduce themselves.
2. Facilitator applies various techniques:
   A. Facilitator describes technique to be applied in the session.
   B. Participants generate ideas.
   C. Ideas are summarized.
   D. Ideas are grouped/consolidated.
   E. Participants “vote” on ideas.
3. After all sessions have been run:
   A. Ideas from all sessions are grouped/consolidated,
   B. Participants “vote” to select top ideas to propose as projects.
   C. Individuals that will prepare the projects.

                            New Concept Ideation                      17
Here’s a good book that describes various ideation techniques:

99% Inspiration:
Tips, Tales & Techniques for Liberating Your Business Creativity

by Bryan W. Mattimore

Unfortunately, the book is out of print, but used copies are available.

We will use several of Bryan’s techniques in this class.

You can find a summary of Bryan’s techniques here.

                            New Concept Ideation                      18
Short-Term Benefits of an Ideation Event:

•   Discover/invent new, distinguishable and potentially
    sustainable solutions to customer problems.

•   Discover/invent unrecognized or new customer needs.

•   Spread and confirm ideas generated elsewhere.

•   Generate enthusiasm -> buy-in -> ownership of new

                       New Concept Ideation                19
Long-Term Benefits of an Ideation Event

•   Enhance networking among technologists.

•   Establish a pan-organization (vs. location-centric)
    technical community (in large companies).

•   Improve employee satisfaction:

    •   Involvement (having an impact on the Big Picture),

    •   Security (focus beyond current problems).

•   Get low-value ideas off the list once-and-for-all!

                        New Concept Ideation              20

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