Paraphrasing Sports Jokes

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					                                Paraphrasing Sports Jokes
OBJECTIVE:                  To give the students an opportunity to develop the skill of

MATERIALS:                  The list of sports jokes

PROCEDURE:                  Ask each student or group of students to take the following list of
                            sports jokes and paraphrase them by writing them down in words
                            other than already used.

    A. Hundreds of fathers spend thousands of dollars on their sons’ higher education
       and only get a quarterback.

    B. Only in baseball is there a real appreciation of a sacrifice.

    C. Being a good sport is very noble, but you always have to lose to prove it.

    D. The trouble with some golfers is that they stand too close to the ball—after they
       hit it.

    E. Bending exercises are nothing but an example of stooping to conquer.

    F. The best conditions for skiing call for a lot of white snow and a lot of Blue Cross.

    G. Ducks are Mother Nature’s proof that swimming does not always improve the

    H. Basketball, more than any other sport, attracts the highest type of player.

    I. You are over the hill when the most exercise you get is watching televised sports.

    J. It’s not the minutes you take at the table that add to your weight—it’s the seconds.

    K. A diet is one thing you must stick to through thick and thin.

    L. There are only three things a serious dieter should put in his mouth—a knife, a
       fork, and a spoon.

Copied from Research Workout, Creative Training in Research Skills by Harriet Hope Green and Dr. Sue Gillespie
Martin, with permission from Frank Shaffer Publications, Grand Rapid, MI.