; 6 Jobs That Pay well
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6 Jobs That Pay well


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									6 Jobs that pay really well
1- Private Detective. Private investigator is the person by individuals or groups, team mission
investigations. Link index to discover information about legal, financial or personal problems
Private investigators generally work alone, but they sometimes work together with others
especially during surveillance or when they follow the theme. In fact, there is no need for formal
for most private investigator training and employment of researchers. Criminal and police are
really useful. Get certified in the Professional Association opportunities in the domain show
some scholars. The average annual salary for a private detective from $ 35000 to $ 50,000, with
the excellent support of 76,000 or more private investigator can vary content usually businesses,
location, industry, experience and benefits.

2- Body guard. Bodyguard is a type of safety officer or agent who protects a person usually
known and rich in attacks, kidnappings, assassinations, terrorist attacks or other threats. When
the Guard was among its clients, politicians, celebrities, principal, taxes and so forth are actually
a variety of threats. In General, there is no limit to the time the bodyguard. Bodyguard can have
long layers, and in the evening and on weekends, for the protection of 12: 0 am-day work. He or
she can be commercial and social facilities such as conferences, meetings, events, policies and
events within or outside. You can daily income bodyguard in low-risk areas, about $ 150 to $
200 and higher risk, the bodyguard can earn approximately $ 500 per day.

3-Pearl driver. Diving for pearls is clearly a dangerous and unusual that work, but he is doing
very well. In fact, both not bad job for all. Pearl diving can be very dangerous, it is important that
you are properly informed before diving straight in. Marine Logistics and technical schools offer
free Dive training, learn to use the right technical equipment and safety. As per
SalaryExpert.com, a pearl diver in the United States usually received between $34,459 and
$67,573 as of 2010.

4- White hat hackers. White hat hackers are hackers, help with the client, secure systems. A
white hat hacker is a consultant computer when security in networks and systems to protect
decomposes, test and evaluate their safety. The company can test these consultants and best
practices for implementation, make rental real hackers are less in the future. These white hackers
earn more than $ 130,000 per year.

5- Writer of greeting cards. Work as sponsors greeting cards that are written to provide a copy
of a birthday, anniversary, sympathy, and other needs. The card should have experts writing
talent, sensitivity and understanding that in the minds of consumers, so that they help messages
for cards, people can write, connect with each other. After the Union, greeting card, lower level,
range from $ 25 to $ 50 and $ 75 range up to $ 125 fonts in the plane.
6- Home healthcare Nurse. Nurse nurses nursing home to visit home. After a series of
knowledge and practice is home nurses health specializes in a wide variety of treatments for
emotional support and are looking for women who are victims of previous birth etc. .. As is the
Ministry of labour in the United States the average wage for home health nurses $ 49,000.

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