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					       Patricia Bath

A strong woman who
 uses critical thinking
to improve people’s
When do you use your critical thinking skills? Do
you use them in school? At home? Most of us use
critical thinking skills each day because critical
thinking helps us figure out solutions to common
problems. Some people take critical thinking even
further. Some people use critical thinking to solve
problems and to make life even better for people.
Patricia Bath is one of those people. She uses her
critical thinking skills to solve challenges and make
life better for people!

Patricia was born in Harlem, New York.                      Her
parents worked hard so that Patricia could have
an education. Patricia’s parents also taught her
the importance of critical thinking. Her dad
traveled a lot. He encouraged her to be curious
about the world. Her mother encouraged her to
read and to learn.

Patricia followed her parent’s advice.                Even
though she grew up in a very poor neighborhood
and didn’t have a lot of role models, she was able
to achieve her dreams.           She graduated high
school in just two and a half years! Patricia went
to college. She also went to medical school at
Howard University. She focused on diseases and
problems     of    the    eye     and     became        an

                Patricia’s father is from Trinidad
While working to become a doctor, Patricia
noticed a problem.        She noticed that people
without a lot of money were more likely to
become blind than people who had money. Like
every good critical thinker, Patricia worked to
develop and test a solution for blindness.          She
created new inventions to help people see who
were blind! She also worked to make sure that
people without money were able to get the eye-
care they needed.

Patricia is so good at critical thinking that she has
been the first African American woman to do
many things. She was the first African American to
become a surgeon at UCLA. She was also the first
to create an organization to stop blindness.

In Strong Women, Strong Girls, you’ll get a chance
to use your critical thinking skills to make life better
for people, just like Patricia!    Just remember to
follow the four critical thinking steps: 1. Identify a
problem or challenge, 2. Identify a solution, 3. Test
your solution, 4. Evaluate your success.

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