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									     APAN e-Science Track
        Update on
National Grid in Singapore

          5 July 2004

            Jon Lau
     Assistant Head, NGO
• Last presented @ APAN in Busan (Korea)
  in August 2003
• Since then…
  – NGPP launched, governance setup,
    applications developed, training courses
  – Planning for NG Phase 2 – industry focused
  – Access Grid node setup & more adoption
  – More international collaboration
      National Grid Vision
   to facilitate the seamless use of an
    integrated cyber infrastructure in a
 secure, effective and efficient manner to
  advance scientific, engineering & bio-
                 medical R&D,

with the longer term goal of transforming
     the Singapore economy using grid
                      National Grid Steering Committee
                                                                    Chairman – Mr. Peter Ho

       MTI       MINDEF                                             MITA                   MOH                  MOE            Industry
   (A*STAR,      (DSTA, DSO)                                       (IDA, MDA)            (Hospitals)           (Schools,      (Lilly, Philips.
   EDB, RIs)                                                                                                  NUS, NTU)       SCS, StarHub)

                                                                                                                        National Grid
Working Groups
                                                                                                                     Governance Council
Security                                                                                                                   (NGGC)
Middleware & Architecture

Governance & Policy                                                                                  Facilitates &          National Grid
Applications                                                                                     coordinates activities        Office
                               Physical Sciences

                                                                                                       National Grid        National Grid
                                                                     Digital Media
                                                   Life Sciences

System Administrators                                                                                   Operations          Competency
                                                                                                          Centre               Centre
Access Grid
                                                                                                          (NGOC)               (NGCC)

                         Virtual Grid Communities
• Formulate the framework & policies
• Plan & develop a secure platform
• Adopt common open standards
• Encourage the adoption of Grid
• Demonstrate the commercial viability of
• Lay the foundation for a vibrant Grid
  Computing economy

        [listed in alphabetical order]
 Entity        OS            Platform
  IHPC         AIX          IBM Regatta
One-North     Linux     Compaq Alpha Cluster
(BII & GIS)   Solaris          Sun
   NUS        Linux      Intel Xeon Cluster
   NTU        Solaris          Sun Fire
              Linux        Intel Pentium 4
   SMA        Linux          Itanium 2
Official Launch
         Industry Partners

• Platinum Partners

• Gold Partners

• Classic Partners
           Governance Council
• Roles
  – Develop & promulgate policies for
     • Management & operation of NGPP, Sharing of resources on NGPP, Assess rights &
       privileges of authorized users, Preventive actions & contingency plans for risk
       management, Security, Service continuity, Disruptive recovery & Code of conduct for

  – Develop a framework for service level management
    to ensure that NGPP service levels meet desired
  – Monitor & review performance & utilization of NGPP
  – Develop a framework for economic model for next
    phase of NGPP
   Physical Sciences VGC Activities

                                   Skewed Satellite Image   Geo-rectified Satellite Image
  Distributed Simulation of Flow     Geo-rectification of Satellite Images
      over Dimpled Surfaces

                                           Distributed Dissipative Particle Dynamics
    & Repair
                                                        (DPD) Simulation

                                        Collaborative Engineering Design & Simulation

                                                    Complex Design & Modeling
                 Sponsored by :

                 Supported by :

Organized by :
Life Sciences VGC

      E-Cell & Gene Simulation

             Encyclopedia of Life
    Life Science DB Mirroring
• Issue identified: various entities in
  Singapore downloading huge Life
  Sciences databases from overseas sites
  over limited bandwidth, resulting in
  infrequent updatedness.
• Solution: To rationalise the overseas
  download of common databases,
  provision these databases for local
  sharing, and failovers.
                                   Organised by

Sponsored by   Brought to you by
    Distributed Computer Assisted Cel Animation
•   A fully integrated 2D animation production system where many parts of 2D
    animation production pipeline are automated to free artists from mundane
    jobs to concentrate on creative tasks.
•   This project performs distributed cel animation from providing auto in-
    betweening to auto-coloring & take advantage of a large number of
    clusters & nodes in a grid to greatly reduce the production time & improve
    the quality of animation production.

                    (a) key-1         (b) inbetween-1     (c) inbetween-2

           (d) inbetween-3      (e) inbetween-4         (f) key-2

                                 Auto In-betweening
Promoting Grid Computing
Grid Technology as Competitive Weapon
     by Dr. Andrew Grimshaw (Avaki Corp., USA)
Gridbus Toolkit for Grid & Utility Computing
     by Dr. Rajkumar Buyya (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Challenges in High Performance Computing using Clusters & Grid
     by Dr. Dave Scott (Intel Corp., USA)
PBS Pro as a Grid Enabler by Michael Humphrey (Altair Engineering, Inc., USA)
The UK e-Science Programme
     by Dr. Anne Trefethen (e-Science Core Program, UK)
Grid Computing at IBM by Dr. Jean Pierre Prost (IBM Grid Design Center, France)
ThaiGrid by Dr. Putchong Uthayopas (Kaserat University, Thailand)
eScience Projects at Edinburgh eScience Centre
     by Derek Waddell (Edinburgh Research & Innovation, UK)
Grid Computing & e-Science – from Design to in-Service Support
     by Dr. Peter Cowley (Rolls-Royce plc, UK)
The MicroGrid – Enabling Scientific Study of Dynamic Grid Behavior
     by Dr. Andrew Chien (UCSD, USA)
Grid – The Real Thing by Dr. Dejan Milojicic (HP Labs, USA)
APSTC Grid Initiatives in Asia Pacific
    by Dr. Simon See (Sun Microsystems)
AIST Grid Initiatives in Japan & Asia Pacific
    by Dr. Yoshio Tanaka (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science &
    Technology, Japan)
Grids for Real: Experiences from Operational Public & Enterprise Grids
    by Sravish Sridhar (United Devices, Inc., USA)

Digital Media VGC Kick-off Symposium (H2 2004)

SuperComputing Global 2004 AG Site
  Grid Innovations & Applications
• Target:
  – Students at Institutes of Higher Learning
• Date: 1 Jun 2003 - 10 Jan 2004
• Jointly organised by:

• Sponsored by:
                    30 June – 1 July 2004

Hotel Grand Copthrone Waterfront, Singapore

• Problem solving environments, workflow & development tools
• Grid programming models, languages, debugging & compilation
• Grid Tools, Middleware & Fabrics
• Scheduling & resource management
• Grid applications & system solutions in science & engineering
• Novel uses of grid computing concepts & technologies
• Grid Security
• Singapore to host in 2006 (with NTU)

• Other forthcoming events
  – PRAGMA 2005 (with BII)
  – LSGrid 2005 (with NUS) - tba
  – APAN 2006 (with SingAREN) - tba
     NGCC Training Courses
• Introduction to Grid Computing &
  National Grid Pilot Platform
• Introduction to Globus Toolkit for
• Setting up an Access Grid (PIG)
• From Cluster to Grid – Building a User-
  Friendly Grid-enabled Cluster
• Grid-Enabling of Applications
NGCC Training Map


                  IT Professionals

                  Users/Business Professionals

National Grid Phase 2

    The 4 “Beyonds”
Beyond R&D
               … to Industry
• Working with
  –   Infocomm Development Authority
  –   Media Development Authority
  –   Economic Development Board
  –   Private sector MNCs & SMEs
  –   …

• Use the Grid infrastructure as an enhancement
  of the business ecosystem for corporations &
Beyond Computational Grid
            … to Access Grid
• An ensemble of resources including multimedia
  large-format displays, presentation & interactive
  environments, & interfaces to Grid middleware
  & to visualization environments.
• Support group-to-group interactions across the
• For example
  – AG is used for large-scale distributed meetings,
    collaborative work sessions, virtual workshops,
    education sessions, seminars, lectures, tutorials, &
    training. Group conferences of dozens of people at
    six or seven different sites are common.
               AG Sessions
• NGO-AIST MOU Signing (14 May 2004) @ I2R
• NGO-KISTI on project collaboration (1 June
  2004) @ I2R
• Keynote speeches @ Graphite (16 - 18 June
  2004) @ NTU
• Coming:
  – AG Sessions between NTU & Birmingham University,
  – More AG Sessions between NGO & KISTI
  – To participate as a site in SC Global 2004
• AG Special Interest Group
           … to Data Grid
• Surprising few data intensive grid

• Rationalizing Life Sciences database
  download, mirroring & maintenance as
  well as hosting of locally generated
  databases (ala NCBI)

• Participation in CERN LCG project
Beyond Singapore
         … to International
• The Grid extends beyond national
• The Singapore National Grid wants to be
  plugged in to the global network through
  – Working with organizations like SingAREN,
    APAN & other such bodies; and
  – Advanced network infrastructure that APAN &
    others are building.
• Promotion of e-Science type projects
                 Operational Grid with

          ANL           CERN LCG
Caltech   NCSA              CERN
 SDSC     Purdue PSC


                                         [Courtesy of Hewlett Packard]
MOU Signing & Seminar

     14 May 2004
Beyond Bilateralism
      … to Multi-Lateralism
• Current projects tend to involve 2 parties

• Need to involve more than 2 parties to
  address larger sized problems

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