Scaling Ratios

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					Scaling Ratios

Many real world problems involve scaling a ratio up or down to
find an equivalent ration. This requires finding larger or smaller
numbers with the same relationship as the numbers in the original
ratio. For example, the ratio 1:2, 2:4, and 3:6 are all equivalent.
Suppose a shade of green paint is made with 3 parts yellow paint
mixed with 2 parts blue paint. You would get the same shade of
green whether you mixed 3 gallons of yellow paint to 2 gallons of
blue paint, 6 gallons of yellow paint to 4 gallons of blue paint, or 9
gallons of yellow paint to 6 gallons of blue paint.

Another example:

3 parts cocoa to 1 part milk = ___parts cocoa to ___ part milk