Sandhills Optimist Club Youth Baseball by KJ99yUE


									                       2012 Sandhills Optimist Club Youth Baseball
                                P.O. Box 2347, Southern Pines, 28388
                                               For Information Call 910-690-7142

                            Registration Deadline February 12th Fee $65.00
                       (Registration fee will go to $75.00 after the deadline has passed)
                 Baseball Fee includes a hat, shirt, pants, socks, belt and secondary insurance coverage.
                     Make checks payable to Sandhills Optimist Club.

                Player evaluations will be held for all players and any players.
  Evaluations will be held at Memorial Field in Southern Pines on Saturday March 3rd.
Birth Certificates required for all players. New Teams are being created so players will not
          be on the same teams as last year. This should help balance out teams.
                                          rd                 th
                Ages              March 3           March 4 (rain date)                         Location
                12                12:00 pm          12:30 pm                                    A - Field
                11                 2:00 pm           2:30 pm                                    A - Field
                10                12:00 pm          12:30 pm                                    C - Field
        `        9                 2:00 pm           2:30 pm                                    C - Field
                 8                12:00 pm          12:30 pm                                    B - Field
                 7                 2:00 pm           2:30 pm                                    B - Field

                          Opening Day – TBD – All Teams will play if possible
                    Rained out games will be played on Friday nights of the same week.

Participant’s Full Name _______________________________________________________
Player Shirt Size_________________________                             Player Pants Size ________________
Age ___________ (as of April 30, 2012)                            Date of Birth ______________________
Mailing Address _______________________________City ________________ Zip________
Email_____________________________ Home Phone _____________________________
Father’s Name ______________________________Business/Cell Number ______________
Mother’s Name ______________________________Business/Cell Number ______________
Emergency Contact ____________________________Phone__________________________
Relation_____________________________                         Email Address _________________________
                                  Parental Acknowledgment & Agreement
I hereby agree to allow my child to participate in this activity sponsored by the Sandhills Optimist Club, the
Southern Pines Recreation & Parks Department, Pinehurst Parks & Recreation Department and Aberdeen Parks
& Recreation Department. I understand that my child may suffer accident or injury as a direct or indirect result of
participation and agree to assume all risks involved in my child’s participation. I further agree to release and hold
harmless the sponsoring club, recreation departments, all volunteers and agents of the league from any
responsibility should an accident, injury or death occur.

Parent signature ____________________________________ Date ________________

I would be interested in being a Coach/Assistant Coach - ______yes                                ______no

Date ____________ Amount __________ Check # ________ Cash ______ League__________ _________
                              OPTIMIST BASEBALL LEAGUES
ROOKIE LEAGUE – An instructional league for 7 & 8 year old children with machine pitching geared to
teach players the basics of baseball.

MINOR LEAGUE – A league providing play for 9 & 10 year old children. This is a player pitch league
with limited base stealing.

MAJOR LEAGUE – A league providing play for 11 & 12 year old children. This is a player pitch league
without base stealing limits.

Please visit on the web for additional
entry forms and information concerning scheduling, scores, standings,
cancellations, etc.

Your participation in the Sandhills Optimist Club is welcome. Any Sandhills Optimist member will
be glad to provide more information.

                                     THE OPTIMIST CREED
*Promise yourself to be so strong, that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. *To talk health,
happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. *To make all your friends feel there is
something in them. *To look at the sunny side of everything and make our optimism come
true. *To think only of the best, and expect only the best. *To be just as enthusiastic about the
success of others as you are about your own. *To forget the mistakes of the past and press on
to greater achievements of the future. *To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give
every living creature you meet a smile. *To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others. *To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too
strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Sandhills Optimist Baseball
P.O. Box 2347
Southern Pines, NC 28388

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