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					Military, Personal and Political Timeline

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   Julius Caesar was born into the well known family of the Julus claiming to be descendants of
    the Trojan prince Aeneaus. At the early age of sixteen Caesar`s father died unexpectedly
    whilst putting on his shoes, making Caesar head of the family. Then after being made a high
    priest Caesar married Cornelia. Then when Sulla a war figurehead declared himself dictator,
    Caesar left the Rome and joined the army. After serving with distinction and winning the
    Civic Crown due to his influences in the siege of Mytilene, Caesar returned to Rome after
    Sullas death in 78 BC. On his return he purchased a home in lower suburb of Rome where he
    became a legal advocacy. His next step in life was to travel to Rhodes to study under
    Apollonius Molon. Unfortunately for Caesar he was captured by Cicilian pirates. After being
    captured , the pirates decided to ask for ransom for Caesar. Their asking price was twenty
    talents of silver. Caesar then laughed and told them to ask for fifty. After the ransom was paid
    Caesar then had the pirates captured and crucified. In 69 BC Caesar was elected Quaestor.
    Also this year his Aunt Julia passed away soon followed by Caesar`s wife. In 67 BC Caesar
    married Pompeia was elected Aedile. Then in 59 BC Caesar was elected as a consul in Rome.
    After overturning a rule Caesar gained control of four legions. In 48 BC Caesar was declared
    a consul for the second time then again in 46 BC. In 45 BC Caesar became dictator of the
    Roman Empire, and then was brutally assassinated in 44 BC.
   During Caesar’s life many important events were happening around
   91to 88 BC – Roman Social was is fought over Roman citizenship
    between Rome and its Italian allies.
   85 BC – Caesar‘s father passes away unexpectedly one morning.
   84 BC – Caesar takes Cornelia Cinna to be his wife.
   82 BC – Sulla returns to Rome and seizes it declaring himself dictator for
   81 BC – Sulla resigns his dictatorship and re-establishes consulship.
   78 BC – Sulla passes away.
   78 BC – Caesar makes his return to Rome.
   75 BC – Caesar attempts to travel to Rhodes to study but is captured by
    pirates. Caesar is released after ransom is paid and Caesar has the
    pirates captured and crucified.
   73 BC – Elected to be Pontifex.
   69 BC – Cornelia passes away.
   67 BC – Weds Pompeia.
   65 BC – Elected Aedile.
   63 BC – Elected Pontifex Maximus.
   62 BC – Divorces Pompeia.
   61 BC – Becomes Governor of further Spain.
   60 BC – Becomes Consul.
   59 BC – Marries Calpurnia
   58 BC – Victory over Germany and Helveti.
   55 BC – Invades Britain.
   54 BC – Caesars daughter passes away.
   49 BC – Civil war begins.
 48 BC – Caesars wife Pompeia is
 45 BC – Caesar is declared dictator of the
  Roman Empire for life.
 44 BC – Caesar is brutally murdered.
   Caesar was a military genius. Using strategy to out wit his opponents allowing
    him to gain fame within Rome. To be in power one must control the public
    opinion in Rome. His strategies lead to changes in military fighting. For example;
    he utilized military formation and movement, allowing for fresh soldiers to remain
    at the front. As he gained military success he also gained more military followers
    and funding from the senate.
   Caesar maintained strong allegiances with the major house of Rome until family
    insult turned the House of Brutus against him which will ultimately lead to his
    murder in the senate in 44 BCE.
   Caesar also happened to be smart man when it came to politics. He went about
    politics the way he did about war, aggressively. This would help him control the
    people but also lead to his death.
   Caesar’s ideas are so influentual that his ideas were used in practice by Hitler,
    George Washington and the Britain's.
   Although, Caesar gained power throw the Roman democracy he ultimately in his
    drive for power disregarded the system and crowned himself emperor.
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