Wexford, Pa.
                   Minutes of the Congregational Council Meeting
                                   June 22, 2003

Call to Order
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregational Council meeting was called to order at 6
PM by President Deb Adamczyk. Council met in the Library at Trinity Evangelical
Lutheran Church.
Deb Adamczyk-President                        Brenda Hauser
Judy Swallow-Treasurer                        Andy Irlbacher
Deb Balaban                                   Tracy Koebnick
Amanda Dominick                               Sarah Shinn
Scott Dunlop                                  Pastor Fred Schenker
Hans Fox

Excused: Karen Byers, Jerry Hurt, Bill Kirk

Guests: Jim Adamczyk, Dianne Barbin, Janet Montelaro, Ray Ojerholm

              CUMULATIVE ATTENDANCE RECORD-Jan.-May 2003
Deb Adamczyk-Pr.      5
Jerry Hurt -V P       5
Bill Kirk-Secy        5
Deb Balaban           5
Karen Byers           4                1
Amanda Dominick       4                1
Scott Dunlop          5
Brenda Hauser         5
Hans Fox              4                                  1
Andy Irlbacher        5
Tracy Koebnick        4                                  1
Sarah Shinn           5

Spiritual Activity-Led by Pastor Fred Schenker.

Glade Run video-Deb Balaban and Janet Montelaro explained the Glade Run Capital
Campaign to be conducted over the course of the next year. It was moved and seconded
(Balaban/Hauser) that in the first half of 2004 the congregation support the Building
Bridges Campaign of the Glade Run facility in cooperation with the Community
Outreach Committee. Motion passed. Deb Balaban and Janet Montelaro will co-chair
the effort. Janet Montelaro excused herself from the meeting at this time.

06/22/03 Council Minutes                      1
Minutes, Financial Secretary & Treasurer’s Reports-Finance Committee Chairperson
Ray Ojerholm shared thoughts he had regarding church financial reports. Specific
suggestions he made which Council would like implemented:
    1) Do away with the “Treasurer’s Report” and present an “Actual vs. Budget” report.
    2) Have the Finance Committee review the church’s monthly financial information
        and report to Council on a quarterly basis their assessment of the church’s
        financial condition.
Ray Ojerholm then excused himself from the meeting.
-It was moved and seconded (Irlbacher/Balaban) to approve the minutes as circulated.
Motion passed.
-Treasurer Judy Swallow joined the meeting and gave further observations regarding the
financial reports. Council requested that Judy meet with Ray Ojerholm to finalize the
stream-lining of the financial reporting process. Judy will research the possibility of
paying additional church bills via electronic transfer. Judy excused herself from the
meeting at this time.
Committee & Staff Reports
        Pastor’s Report-Pastor expressed his appreciation for the Call Committee and
        Personnel Committee in the interview process for Minister of Music.
        -Pastor Cochran of Trinity North Side contacted the church to discuss the
        possibility of sharing the expense of a Russian seminarian student. Trinity’s
        commitment would involve a $1000 monthly stipend for the seminarian and
        responsibility for housing and transportation. Council felt that as these items
        were outside of the present budget and that use of the seminarian may not fit with
        the church’s vision for staffing that they would regretfully have to pass on the
        -A question was raised regarding the status of the call of an Assistant Pastor or
        Associate in Ministry to Trinity. Council requested that this item be placed at
        the top of the September Council agenda.
        Stewardship fund-raising plan for new property-Tracy Koebnick reported that at
        this time the Stewardship Committee’s efforts are directed toward Consecration
        Sunday preparations. Consecration Sunday is scheduled for Nov. 23, 2003. It
        was moved and seconded (Fox/Hauser) that $3000 be reserved for Consecration
        Sunday activities. Motion passed. Bishop McCoid will be preaching on
        Consecration Sunday. Pastor Fred reported that Barbara Carl who is in charge of
        the ELCA Gifts and Annuities program will be preaching at Trinity on Oct. 19.
        Personnel-report on comparable area Sexton/Custodian compensation-No
        report was presented as Personnel liaison Bill Kirk was excused from the meeting.
Old Business
        Update from call committee for Minister of Music-Jim Adamczyk joined the
        Council meeting and presented an update of the call process. The call committee
        has interviewed 6 candidates for the position of Minister of Music and has chosen
        a candidate and an alternate candidate to offer the position to. Jim also presented
        the finalized contract to be presented to the candidate. It was moved and
        seconded (Shinn/Hauser) that the contract for Minister of Music as presented by
        the Personnel Committee be approved for use with the calling of the Minister of
        Music. Motion passed. It was moved and seconded (Dunlop/Shinn) that David

06/22/03 Council Minutes                    2
        Durkop be offered the position of Minister of Music with the church. In the event
        of David’s decline of the offer of the position the alternate candidate would be
        offered the position. Motion approved. Jim Adamczyk then excused himself
        from the meeting.
        Update on well –Scott Dunlop reported that he had met with the Beatty family
        and presented the well agreement to them. Discussion followed. It was moved
        and seconded (Irlbacher/Shinn) that Scott Dunlop remove that portion
        from the well agreement requiring the Beatty’s to make Trinity an additional
        insured on their homeowner’s policy and that Scott present the document as
        modified to the Beatty family for their signature. Motion passed. Scott reported
        that the Beatty family is interested in purchasing the property on which the well is
        located. Scott will contact Bill Sittig to assess feasibility of selling land across the
        street from the church. If a decision is made to sell the property, perhaps the issue
        could be placed on the agenda of the special congregational meeting to be held in
        the fall to discuss constitutional changes.
        Non contributing members/rolls cleaning project-letters have been sent to
        selected congregation members regarding their membership status. They may
        respond to the letter by the end of July.
Visioning-Council discussed their inability to discuss and work on visioning due to the
regular order of business being presented at each Council meeting. Council will hold a
special session on Aug. 24 beginning at approximately 11:15 AM for the sole purpose of
working on visioning. Council meeting schedule for the rest of 2003 will be:
Sept. 21 @ 6 PM
Oct. 19 @ 12:30 PM
Nov. 16 @ 6 PM
Dec. 14 @ 6 PM
New Business
        Seminarian Support-Joe Veres requested a $600 reimbursement for his CPE
        course expenses. It was moved and seconded ((Dunlop/Shinn) that $600 from the
        Seminarian Support fund be paid to Joe Veres for reimbursement of his tuition
        charge for the CPE course he is presently taking. Motion passed.
        Cell phone account for pastor-Pastor Fred would like to have a cell phone
        account for emergency purposes. It was moved and seconded (Hauser/Koebnick)
        to authorize Pastor Fred to spend up to $80 to initiate an emergency cell phone
        account for his use. Motion passed.
        ’04 Mission Support pledge-will be referred to the Finance Committee.
Adjournment-The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM with prayer.
Status of Action Items from May meeting
     Karen Byers to work with Judy Swallow and develop a set of expectations for
        future Treasurer’s reports.-done
     Tracy Koebnik, Sarah Shinn-work with Stewardship to develop fund-raising plan
        for new property.-pending
     Bill Kirk-request Personnel Committee poll area like-sized congregations as to
        Sexton/Custodian remuneration.-pending
     Pastor Fred draft letter to be sent to non-contributing, non-communing members
        regarding their membership status.-done

06/22/03 Council Minutes                       3
      Jerry Hurt-monitor ELCA convention in August for mandatory constitutional
    All council members be prepared to further discuss and refine visioning process
       as begun in March.-to be worked on at Aug. 24 meeting
Action Items
    Deb Balaban-present specifics about the Glade Run Capital Campaign to Council
       in November.
    Judy Swallow meet with Ray Ojerholm regarding church financial reporting.
    Judy Swallow-investigate possibility of electronic payments of various church
    Bill Kirk-place status of Assistant Pastor/Associate in Ministry call at top of
       September Council Agenda
    Scott Dunlop-arrange to have the Beatty family sign the well agreement document
       with the church
    Scott Dunlop-work with Bill Sittig to investigate possibility of selling land across
       the street from the church.
    Pastor Fred-check with Synod to see whether they have any agreements with cell
       phone services.

Respectfully submitted,
Dianne Barbin,
Church Secretary

06/22/03 Council Minutes                   4

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