Redcliffe Golf Club Newsletter March

					         Redcliffe Golf Club Newsletter – March 2012

                                            PRESIDENT’S REPORT
It is regrettable but necessary that the Committee             Please let us know your thoughts on the direction you
increased competition fees by $1.00 as of 3 March. We          think the Club should go in the future when members
have been faced with unbudgeted items of considerable          input is invited shortly.
expense. Replacement of burst water main, new reserve
water supply tank, new regulations for workplace health        I am very pleased to advise that the Associates’ President
and safety, are just a few issues with which we must           (Janette Cooper) now attends the monthly Management
contend. I am sure that members will agree that it is far      Committee Meetings as an observer. I am sure that this
better that we tackle our cash flow problems now rather        will result in a closer relationship and better
than be compelled to take more drastic action later. Wet       understanding of the issues involving our Club.
weather in February meant that we again did not meet
our targets and we must therefore position ourselves for       It was very encouraging to have Wayne Grady play our
a bumpy trading period ahead.                                  course recently; he spoke highly of the course and its
On a positive note past President Paul Barber has agreed
to facilitate the drawing up of our next strategic plan. His   Congratulations to our course staff who have maintained
experience and knowledge in this matter is invaluable to       the course in such a high standard despite the poor
the Club and his interest is greatly appreciated.              weather condition at times.
                                                                                                          Good Golfing
                                                                                                 Doug Smith – President

                                      GREENS COMMITTEE REPORT
We have again had a wet start to the year and the course       Aeration is very important as it provides a number of
has been closed on a couple of occasions. It has been a        benefits for a golf green, such as; increasing the oxygen
special effort by Peter and the boys for the work over the     levels in the soil, encouraging deeper root systems,
wet they have been turning the course out in excellent         reducing compaction and improving water infiltration
condition week in week out.                                    through the profile.

The course is showing the effects of the weather, as we        The Course Master Plan works scheduled to commence in
have had very good growing conditions. With this there         mid-August 2012 will not be going ahead due to
have been plenty of questions asked about the de-              insufficient cash flow. As a temporary measure the 12
thatching of the greens every three weeks, this is not         tee will be moved to the proposed location as per the
new! The staff have done this every year however as the        Master Plan. A safety assessment of the new tee location
greens improve the effects of the de-thatching are more        will be carried out over the next six months.
obvious for all. So why do we de-thatch every three
weeks? This is done to remove excess organic matter            I would ask all players that use carts to please adhere to
under the surface, as excess organic matter can                the signage on the course. Once the 12th tee has been
contribute to a number of problems for a golf green such       moved, members will be allowed to drive their motorised
as; increased insects and disease pressure, soft and           buggies to the halfway house. Until such time please
uneven putting surfaces, slower greens and reduced root        continue to park your cart in the designated area.
structure. After each de-thatching the greens are rolled
and the effects are only minimal for a day or two.             We will soon be asking all members that have their own
                                                               cart to reregister their carts with the office to confirm
I have also had the question asked, why are we                 how many privately owned carts there are. This is not a
renovating the greens when they are in such good               step to try and introduce fees; it is a requirement for
condition? Again, to maintain them this process has to         OH&S that the Club knows who has privately owned carts
take place. We do a major renovation in spring and a           in use on the course.
minor one in March. The March renovation has been
completed and has to be done at this time as the               Until next time good golfing and I hope you all continue to
temperature is still such that the grass has not slowed its    enjoy our excellent course.
growth and therefore the greens will recover much
quicker in around 12 days. However if left another two or                               Chris Dewar - Greens Committee
three weeks, the night temperatures start to drop and the
recovery time is much longer.

                                                        Hole in One
                           Congratulations to the following members:
           Taylor Macdonald 13th, Chris Dennis 2nd, Mal Wright 13th, Andrew Ferguson 2nd

                                             TREASURER’S REPORT
The start to the current financial year has been difficult. In   Given the introduction of the federal Workplace Health
a similar trend to the previous year long periods of wet         and Safety legislation, which imposes hefty penalties for
weather kept players off golf courses with Redcliffe being       non compliance, it has been necessary to engage a
no exception.                                                    consultant to provide an audit and recommendations for
                                                                 the Club. There is approx $4,000 included in the current
The December / January period is traditionally a high            expenses for this purpose. On a positive note,
income period for the Club, with high numbers of social          subscriptions and nomination fees are in line with last
players hitting the fairways. The last 2 years have been         year, although we do have the capacity to take on new
adversely affected by the wet weather as the following           members.
figures show.
                                                                 With improved weather conditions the position should
These figures represent the 4 months to end of January           improve over the next few months.
and are Competition fees, Social Play fees and Social Club
fees                                                             As most members would be aware, we have had some
        2009         2010           2011         2012            water supply problems over the last couple of months.
      67,155        67,124         61713        69,054           Unity Water have advised that we need some on site
      88,991        95,801         63332        85,644           storage, that they can pump into during the day, and that
                                                                 the Club can pump onto the course at night. Most of the
      37,440        39,293         32186        32,334
                                                                 supply problems have occurred at night, which is the only
                                                                 time we can water the course, because of the recycled
In themselves these figures don’t appear too bad;
                                                                 water that is used. In order to ensure continuance of this
however there is a flow on to other parts of the income
                                                                 vital commodity, the Club is in the process of purchasing a
which are also affected such as poker machines and bar
                                                                 large tank, which will hold sufficient water for a day’s
                                                                 watering. The cost of the tank is in the order of $25,000
                                                                 which is another cost that will need to be met in the short
The overall profit for the 4 months over the last 4 years is:
    2009               $ 91,643
                                                                 In addition to the reduced cash flow, due to the lower
    2010               $112,346
                                                                 than normal profit last year, and a high level of capital
    2011               $ 26,024
                                                                 expenditure, our cash reserves have been depleted. At
    2012               $ 8,449
                                                                 the end of 2009 our cash position was $94,194, whereas
                                                                 at the beginning of the current year the cash position was
Obviously this result is affected by higher expenses in
some areas, with expenditure on the course being some
$30,000 more than last year, although a large proportion
                                                                 The Club remains in a sound financial position, but as a
of that is a higher depreciation expense due to the new
                                                                 result of the forgoing it means that our ability to
multi function centre at the course maintenance facility.
                                                                 undertake large projects is limited for the time being.
Our wages expense is higher by some $33,000 due in part
                                                                                                            Happy Golfing
to the necessity of training time for office staff, as well as
                                                                                                   Geoff Miller – Treasurer
higher wages at the bar to ensure a high level of service
was always available.

 Please support our Caterer “Sunile”, the bistro is open Tuesday to Sunday 9.00am to 3.00pm
                  All functions catered for, ask for information at the Office

               Please ensure that you have registered your email address at the office as most
                correspondence will be electronic in the future. Please email your address to
                                                 CAPTAIN’S REPORT
It is a pleasure to start with a number of bouquets.           At times things happen that slow us down. Please
Thanks to my predecessor Tony Corcoran for his efforts as      consider calling the following players through. This is not
captain on behalf of the members.                              a loss of face but an action that will be applauded by
                                                               fellow players. Also appreciated will be your efforts to
Following the big wet, the greens staff did a remarkable       make up the ground that may have been lost.
job to get the course in such wonderful condition so
quickly. Great work to you all!                                Good luck to those playing in the handicap matchplay.
                                                               Please ensure that matches are completed by the due
After just a few days in the job, the decision to allow        date.
buggies on the course after the rain was difficult and we
appealed to members to use thought and commonsense             The Wednesday timesheet is now available for on-line
in their use. You responded magnificently and there was        bookings from 6am, two weeks in advance.
almost no evidence that carts had been on the course.
Thank you and well done!                                       Please start saving your “brownie points” now in the lead
                                                                                                   th     th
                                                               up to the Easter Carnival on April 7 and 8 . This is a 2
The pennant season ends on Sunday 25 March with                round stroke event in 3 grades sponsored by Schweppes
Redcliffe travelling to Gailes, thank you to all the players
and caddies this year.                                         It seems that the 12th tee and a rampant dingo are not the
                                                               only OH&S issues on the course. In the 3rd round of the
I would like to point out one significant effort in a match    Summer Cup, “Knocker” Knowles was waiting to tee off
this season, that of Ryan Walk. Ryan was 5 down in round       on the 9 . He and his partners covered their heads as
one but recovered for a 2 up win. In one so young that         something rattled through the leaves above them. When
shows great character.                                         nothing happened they lifted their heads – and that was
                                                               when the large mango smacked him fair on the noggin.
Rules books for 2012-2015 are available from the office.
Principal changes for this period are:                         Wayne Grady and his dad recently visited the Club and
      R18-2b; ball moving after address – not necessarily a    played with Taylor Macdonald and “Knocker”. Taylor
      penalty, and                                             parred the front nine and then returned 8 under on the
      R13-4 Ex2: a player may smooth sand or soil in a         back for a 63, nett 68 and 39 points. That’s some golf.
      hazard ONLY if it is for the purpose of caring for the
      course and not to improve the lie or intended stance     Congratulations to junior, Doug Klein, for his first sub par
      or swing.                                                round during the Autumn Trophy. 68 hits for a 14 year old
      This allows us to rake bunkers where others haven’t      is something special.
      or to rake where we have collected the rake prior to
      playing a shot. This should help speed up play.          Summer Cup Winners: A Grade: Bill Williams 207, B
                                                               Grade: Peter McEwan 208, C Grade: Vince Utz 210
The “slow play” monster regularly raises its head. Pages 8,    Redcliffe Cup Winner: Mark Nykvist 63
31 and 35 of the fixture book offer hints to help maintain
your place in the field.                                       “Man blames fate for other accidents but takes personal
                                                               responsibility for a hole in one!”

                                                                                              Trevor Pryor - Club Captain

                                                 VETERANS’ REPORT
2012 has been a stop/start year to date for RVGC,              It is also good to see, Captain Col, back on deck after
inclement weather having a large influence in the              some complicated surgery and looking forward to his 81
reduction of playing opportunities.                            birthday this month.

However, most playing days have seen fields of seventy         We have quite a few octogenarians in the Club, all going
plus including visitors from other Qld Golf Clubs,             strong and playing some great golf.
interstate and overseas.
                                                               Once again I would like to extend an invitation to all RGC
Our annual much anticipated trip to Twin Waters Golf           Members (Ladies included) over 50 years to join us on a
Resort on 5/3/12 has now been deferred to 23/4/12              Monday morning for good competitive golf in a friendly
because of wet weather. There are a few places still           atmosphere.
available on a “first in first served” basis.
                                                               A timesheet for available hit off times is situated in the
Membership is still very strong and it is good to see          Pro Shop.
younger members taking some responsibility for the                                                          Good Golfing
administration of the Club.                                                                   Geoff McGrath - President
                                               ASSOCIATES’ REPORT
                                                                   The Gold pennant team’s start their bid for another flag in
                                                                   April – Hope you are all practising hard as I feel 2012 is
                                                                   Redcliffe’s year. Put your hand up if you wish to be part of
                                                                   the team as a caddie

                                                                   A big thank-you to Peter and his team for the great job
                                                                   under adverse conditions in making Redcliffe the best
                                                                   course on the north side. We have had great feedback
                                                                   from a number of social players over the past few
                                                                   months. We can all do our bit to help keep the course in
                                                                   pristine conditions just by filling in divots and repairing
                                                                   pitch marks.

         We are going to have to get our thinking caps             As per your request at the AGM the time sheets are
         on and our machines in overdrive to keep up               available from 0900 hours. Would love your feedback --
         with this group. Great display!!!!!!                      Does it work for you? It is on a 6 month trial and 3 months
                                                                   has elapsed.
Congratulations to all for a very successful 2011 and we
will strive to make 2012 even better. Some great scores            The weather has been hot and a little trying but we must
were posted over the Summer Competition -- Well done               not let slow play become an issue this year. Think of your
to all the winners. Summer Cup winners for 2012 Division           fellow competitors and try and keep up with the group in
1 Deanna Cruickshank Division 2 Kristine Houston –                 front.
                                                                   We have some big events coming up in the next few
It was great to see everyone back on opening day and see           months so pencil them in your calendar.
you all survived the festive season. The weather has been          Open Day March 27th
a little against us, so of late the fields have been a little on   May Thomson April 17th
the low side. Please encourage any of your friends who             State of Origin May 22 - Dress as per your Country of
have often said “Would not mind playing golf” to come              Birth – Looking forward to seeing Fiona in her kilt this year
and have a go. We extend a big welcome to our new                  May 29 1st Round Stroke Championships
members and hope they enjoy their golf with us. Our
sponsors are important to the running of the Club so               On behalf of your Committee Janette, Daphne, Deanna,
please try and stay for presentation and enjoy the                 Chris R, Chris S, Lorelle, Natalie, Fay, Karen, & Lorraine - I
comradeship of your fellow members.                                wish you all a very enjoyable golf year. We appreciate
                                                                   your feedback and ideas for improving our Club.
Please check that we have your E Mail address as keeping
up with the times this will be our main form of contact                         Good Golfing and let’s make 2012 – Our Year
especially for matchplay draws.                                                            Janette Cooper - Ladies President

                                           Any Keen Euchre Players??
A lot of members, particularly retirees, may not know that         Our Club provides this perfect location, and have helped
since 1995 this Club has hosted the most popular Euchre            us by allowing players to become social members, for a
game in Redcliffe.                                                 nominal annual fee of $5.00. All players must join, to be
                                                                   able to participate. This fee, of course, applies to anyone
We regularly attract close to 50 players on alternate              who wishes to use the social amenities of our Club.
Thursdays. Play starts at 12.30pm and finishes by
4.00pm. The cost is $6.00 per player and all proceeds go           Newcomers are most welcome, and will find our games
toward prize money, afternoon tea and “end of the year”            are both competitive and friendly. Please give me a call
events.                                                            on 38801310, or 0403704134, if your need further
This is a “set partners” game, and all members are most
welcome to join us. If you cannot find a partner, I can                                                          Dave Ridgway
usually assist in that regard.

                                        FROM THE MANAGER’S DESK
I am pleased to advise that any Member who signs                 At this stage the alleged incursion on the 18th tee by
up/introduces a “NEW FULL MEMBER OR ASSOCIATE                    DERM will not be taken any further, therefore the Club
MEMBER” to the Club will have $100.00 credited to their          will not be conducting any surveys.
E Wallet Account.
                                                                 Slow play is always an issue in most Clubs; if any member
Volunteers are important to any Club and I would like to         would be interested in marshalling on a Saturday or
sincerely thank all the members who volunteer their              Sunday on a voluntary basis please register your interest
services on a regular basis. Recently a band of volunteers       at the office. Barry Adnams currently marshals the Social
cleaned up the garden behind the 5 green. Your                   Clubs every Sunday morning.
assistance is greatly appreciated.
                                                                 At the recent Management Committee it has been
In an attempt to alleviate car parking in particular on a        decided to permit the Members to tee off the blue
Saturday, over the next month the car parking spots              markers during practise rounds.
against the fence to the left when first entering the car
park will be changed to double car parking spots for             Mr David Van Praagh has been appointed as the House
members and trailers to park. The shrubs near the fence          Director on the Management Committee after a vacancy
have been removed and the spots will be extended which           occurred. There were four applicants for the position
will enable members with trailers to park on an angle            which is pleasing and reflects that the members do show
which will be line marked. If any member with a trailer          an interest in their Club. If you would like to be part of
has difficulty in reversing their trailer out of the angle car   the House Committee please let the office know.
parking they will be requested to park in the street. This
should add ten more car parking spots plus an extra four         Members/Visitors are reminded that rubber thongs are
spots in the other car park will be marked.                      banned from the Golf Course and the Clubhouse. Any
                                                                 member/visitor wearing rubber thongs in the Clubhouse
Tee sign advertising is available on the course, for further     will be refused service. Also please remember that a
information please contact the office.                           collared shirt or specific turtle neck golf shirt must be
                                                                 worn at all times.
A new Workplace, Health and Safety Act came into effect
on 1 January 2012 which has created additional tasks for         The telephone numbers listed in the Club Fixture Book are
staff in order for the Club to become compliant.                 to be used for golfing purposes only; it is not a business
                                                                 contact list.
.                                                                                    Kerry Newsome – Secretary Manager

                                                DOLPHINS’ REPORT
The Dolphins were first formed in 1971 by a few Redcliffe        past player on this trophy for the last three years and
Club members; John Brockie, Clive Black, Jim Carruthers,         fortunately we still don’t have to fill it.
Mike Worboys and Frazer Woolley; to get together and
enjoy a game of golf, friendship and a few drinks                This brings me to a few members that have been on the
afterwards. 41 years on we still continue to thrive and enjoy    endangered list of late; Max Wilson, Maurie Murphy, Noel
each other’s company every Saturday morning sharing the          Brockie and Mick Forrest; with all making good recoveries
high’s and low’s of a good day out spoiled by a round of         and hopefully not long before their presence is felt back in
golf.                                                            the Club.

With the introduction of new members; Chris Dewar, Steve         June is our day trip to Bribie Island Golf Club, followed later
Clarke, Don Heirdsfield, Rod Phelan, Kieran Teale and with a     in September by the weekend away to Byron Bay that
couple of expressions of interest in joining the Dolphins; we    always has many tall tales to be brought home to ponder
now continue to average a good 40 players each week and          over for many a day. Everyone is still bemused about the
enjoy the facilities provided at Redcliffe.                      snake and the chook from last year’s trip to Murwullimbah.

So far this year we unfortunately have had two rained out        Congratulations to Greenkeeper Peter James and his staff
Saturday comps, but it is has been good to see many              for the condition they have been able to attain and provide
members return to buy raffle tickets for the meat trays and      over the sometimes difficult periods. Also Brian Swan and
while away the lost morning over a few beers, bets on the        the guys in the Pro Shop; with the attitude, professionalism
horses and the donations to the Clubs poker machine fund.        and help that is shown to all members. (we’ll just have to
                                                                 convert the KIWI)
Our first major trophy of the year was the Summer Cup and
was won by Peter McEwan with daylight coming second. We          We again look forward to working with Kerry, the admin
are in the process of playing our Past Player’s Memorial         staff, sponsors and Club members to ensure an enjoyable
Trophy which is dedicated to the memory of all past              day of golf at Redcliffe.
Dolphins that have made their way to that big putting green
in the sky. We have had a special place reserved for J.B. as a                                       Shane Krueger - Captain
                                            SUB JUNIOR REPORT
The Redcliffe Golf Club Sub-Juniors kicked off in earnest     This has also seen us attract members into our sub juniors
the first week of February with many participants ready to    from other Clubs outside our local area.
knock the rust off their golf swings.
                                                              Our vision is that we continue to lead the field in the
Our participant numbers have reduced from last year with      development of our junior programs and the
six of the Sub-Juniors progressing to full Club junior        opportunities we provide. The success of these programs
status. These new juniors to the main member’s                and opportunities will ensure that we continue an upward
competition are: Alex Raetz, Liam Spalding, Jason Senior,     trend in membership numbers for RGC while other Clubs
Michael Senior, Joe Walsh and Nathan Wilkins. We wish         are in decline.
them all the best and thank Brian Swan and the RGC
                                                              Coaching clinics are conducted every Saturday afternoon
members assisting them in their transition into the main
                                                              from 2.00-3.00pm where children are taught the
                                                              fundamental core skills to enable them to take to the
This year we expect our numbers to grow significantly         course. We also provide a Disability Golf Program (all
through the implementation of Golf Australia’s national       ages) through Special Olympics Queensland with clinics
“My Golf” program which is targeted at the 8-16 year old      conducted every second Saturday from 3.00-4.00pm.
juniors. RGC has registered as My Golf Centre. This
                                                              To ensure the ongoing success of the sub-junior program,
program is designed to take these juniors through a range
                                                              we rely on sponsorships and donations, so if there are any
of core skills through various levels. This program should
                                                              members who would like to contribute to our program it
be launched after the Easter holiday period. It is also
                                                              would be greatly appreciated. Donations or sponsorships
envisaged that our older sub juniors will undertake a
                                                              can be made through the Redcliffe GC administration
modified version of this program to continually improve
                                                              office or you can contact the Pro Shop, Brendan
their core skills.
                                                              Monaghan or Liza Jenner for more information. Our prizes
Brian and his staff are also conducting a number of school    for weekly events range between $80.00- $120.00 and
programs within the region and this should also see a         larger amounts for our major events like monthly medal,
number of juniors connect to the Sub Junior Program.          foursomes and Club championships.
Collectively, we have designed a pathway from beginner        We thank those sponsors and members who have given
clinics to full junior members and this document can be       previous support to our sub juniors and look forward to
viewed on the RGC website in the Sub Junior section. Golf     welcoming fresh support from other members.
Queensland has recognised us on our pathways and
                                                                                                        Yours in golf
promotes us as an example for other Clubs to follow.
                                                                                   Brendan Monaghan and Liza Jenner
                                                                                             Sub-Junior Coordinators

                                                PRO SHOP NEWS

We have some great buys in-store at present, with ex-
demo equipment starting at just $49, King Cobra graphite                 Lady member clinics and
irons 3-SW only $299, Titleist AP1 irons 3-PW only $449,                  ladies beginner clinics
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to name a few, come in and see one of the boys for a
great buy.                                                                     Book in now
                                                                             Phone 32842957
Wait no more, as the new Taylor Made RBZ and R-11s
demo’s are now in for members to try, also the popular                  Brian Swan’s Tip for the Month
Ping i20 and Callaway Razr-FIT with interchangeable shaft
options are here for demonstration, so if you think it’s
time to upgrade that old driver, come in and see us.
                                                              Many people ruin their chances of a good
                                                              swing by being too tense before they take the
Are your grips looking tired and slippery?? We have a         Club away from the ball. Try making sure you
great range of Golf Pride grips in stock, so why not drop     have a good waggle of the Club head to keep
them in after your round and we will have them re-            tension out of your hands and avoid being
gripped and ready to go for your next comp round.
                                                              “frozen” over the ball before you take the Club
New season Puma and Oakley clothing in store now, all         away.
styles and sizes available. Besides the shirts having great
colours and styles, the moisture-wicking material make it                               Until next time…..good golfing
cool and light to wear in the heat.                                                        Drummond Pro Shop Team
                                                                                          Brian, Chris, Freddy & Dean

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