Building the Great Pyramid by mohsenaboelnaga


									                      Building the Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza is pride of Egypt It is the better of the world's Seven Wonders
which can never compare with anything. In fact, no one succeeded in building like Egyptian
The (King Cheops) Use the power of flood waters surging from the well of rising to the basin
and reservoir water huge carved in the bedrock of the pyramid to raise the stone giant that
weigh more than sometimes 55 tonnes to the high altitudes closer than 100 meters from the
surface of the earth. That is, it used hydraulic jacks and theories floating locks and systems
(reservation of water in confined spaces) and the momentum of water in wells in the
emerging building the Great Pyramid and the amount of weight lifting stones. Just as we
now lift the water to reservoirs in tall buildings in Cairo with the rush of water without any
engines.. known hydraulic law:
[Momentum of water = weight of the water / area of the well upward section]
It has been used boats and rafts, floating wood and stone channels and pipes for that
purpose, taking advantage of the geographical nature of the plateau of the pyramids.
Thus we see that there are wells rising and basins excavated in the rules of Al-Ahram and
rock wells, water storage and disposal of these vessels numerous next to the pyramids and
beside roads emerging that were used Dams for the seizure and storage of flood water and
the presence of the remains of walls that once surrounded each pyramid and the plateau
itself and the pyramid's construction was not completed until at the time of the flood, we
discover of all, lift the giant stones used to be the theory of buoyancy and hydraulic theories
and the strength of the rush of water.
Law using the known [work done = mass x gravity x height], we find that the ability to raise
one block of stone weighing 55 tons to a height of 100 meters are:
55 000 * 10 * 100/75 = any value of (733 thousand HP)
That is, we need far more than a million men to lift the mass of one room to room, the King!
So even if we used one hundred thousand workers, we cannot lift this block to the king's
chamber. He told very eminent scientists ironically comment on that... How the Egyptians
managed to collect one hundred thousand workers. Or even a thousand workers on the
block of one stone?!!
we must ask ourselves.. Did the ancient Egyptians have winches capacity of 700 thousand
horses and the length of her arm is greater than one hundred meters? Of course, the answer
is no.
Thus all the theories that fall imaginable Egyptologists method for building the pyramid
The following photos and engineering drawings clearly illustrates the complete system of
banks of water from the top of the Giza plateau to the bottom of the valley
Without these large banks, it cannot control the levels of the enormous quantities of water
required for various construction and operations of hydraulic lifting forces

The Secrets and Strange Notes about Great Pyramids:
- Re-polishing jewelry and coins that have been oxidized.
- Restore the purity of water contaminated after being placed inside the pyramid for several
- Keep the milk fresh for several days
- Dried flowers but retain their shape, color and smell.
- Wounds , blisters and burns heal more quickly if exposed to the field of energy hierarchy
has proven to be dental pain and migraine headaches as well as fade and dissipate the pain
of rheumatism.
- Plants grow faster in inside the pyramid by the outside.
- Washing the face with water, which may be placed inside the pyramid for the skin to
return to the youth and freshness and helps in removing wrinkles.
- Sitting in the form of space under the pyramid for some time gives a sense of comfort and
help to reach a state of meditation and dispel the neurological condition and end the tension.
- The food placed inside the pyramid, retaining its original flavor and smell good for a
longer period than set off.
- Sitting inside the pyramid several hours a day or twice a week and drink the water inside it
increases the power and gain more vitality and activity.
- Food and the remains of food and garbage if it is placed within a hierarchy of the garbage
they dry without firing any rotten smell
And have developed several theories to explain these phenomena:
One: that there is a movement of turbulence energy emitted from the head or top of the
pyramid expands in diameter, the higher and a height of 8 feet in diameter and 6 inches
above the pyramid is made of cardboard and a height of 4 inches and also found that if you
put crystals quartz over the hierarchical model, it increases the energy of the pyramid. And
also proved that there is a hierarchy within a magnetic field changes the powers that be as it
is known that a magnetic field can prevent the entry into force of electric current or magnetic
field alters the existing .. This indicates that there is an electromagnetic field in the pyramid..
The strength of this field Othblg 13.000 Gauss, while the land area is 1 Gauss and this is the
reason for increased seed-breeding and activate enzymes.
The second (theory of five):
In 1877 Joseph Sais discovers theory called theory of five it said:”the pyramid has five
aspects, including the base of the pyramid and all corners of the pyramid is five (1 \ 5) “…Is
the number 5 is in control of the pyramid? The number 5 reference to the fingers of the hand,
foot and sensory panels and Moses.
That view is engineering purely astronomical means that the dynamic engineering or formal
geometry hierarchy contains a vital energy at the center of a certain vacuum in the internal
format affect the physiology of members of animal or plant.

Experience has shown us what affects positively the vital forces hidden or apparent, and the
pyramid five faces with engineering controls and astronomical in terms of its status and
confirms that there is a secret of power in the vacuum of the pyramid, making him the
power of subtle healing through research and studies that confirm that the secret lies in the
power Five of the pyramidal form of the electromagnetic field with harmonious with the
north south axis of the Earth with an accuracy of the distance from the hierarchical to the
extent that the door of the pyramid towards Thuban

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