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					                    The HITTITE Spirit
      “Spirits of Fear, Terror, and Discouragement”

   Just as we said last week…it is very important to understand how
    each of these 7 spirits operates in order to recognize if our hearts are
    currently “infected” with any of them…and so that we can recognize
    them in the hearts of other people too…

   When you can understand how these spirits work in a person or in a
    group of people…then we can start the process of resisting their
    stranglehold on us and then conquer them like God told us to do!

   We are learning how these spiritual forces operate and how to deal
    with them….we’re not learning really how to “cast out a demon” but
    more along the lines of understanding how these spirits behave so
    we can discern more easily why and in whom, these forces are

   The sad thing is…these spirits tend to operate within the Body of
    Christ…yuck! We have to remember that we “do not battle against
    the flesh, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of
    this world.” Ephesians 6:12

   These spirits are very real…and their effects on our lives can be
    devastating…so it’s important to know how they operate

   The word “HITTITE” literally means “sons of terror”….the Hittites
    were descendants of Noah’s great-grandson Heth, whose name
    means “terror”

    TERROR refers to “an extreme manifestation of fear, and is always
    related to the element of MYSTERY”
    EX of TERROR: You may be afraid of a live wire because you
    KNOW that enough electricity is running through it to hurt you if you
    touch it…but this ISN’T terror…..TERROR is when you are walking all
    alone at night and you DON’T KNOW if someone is going to jump out
    and attack you…

   TERROR is related to the UNKNOWN….

   EX: a serial killer is loose in your neighborhood and you DON’T
    KNOW if you are his next target…

   Since terror is related to the unknown…it has to do with things YOUR
    MIND CANNOT SEE….terror is more EMOTIONAL than
    MENTAL….it’s based more on what your emotions “hear” than on
    what your mind can see


    TERROR is, of course, where we get the word TERRORIST
    from…TERRORISM means: A manifestation of fear; a literal fear of
    an unknown happening; a SECRECY planned and carried out with
    the aim to create panic and confusion among the unsuspecting

   Our minds prefer it when all is right with the world….when law and
    order is around…when we can count on something….when we know
    we can “trust” things to work for our well-being…

    BUT…when FEAR comes along and attacks our minds…rationality
    goes out of the window and PANIC sets in. When PANIC and FEAR
    sets in…we start reacting to things IRRATIONALLY!.....this is exactly
    the type of ground that the Hittite spirit loves!

 When we start acting irrationally….we need to remember and
  SPEAK OUT what the Word of God says to us about fear and

    Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation--whom shall I
    fear or dread? The Lord is the Refuge and Stronghold of my life--of
    whom shall I be afraid?”
    Isaiah 35:5 “Say to those who are of a fearful and hasty heart, Be
    strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance; with the
    recompense of God He will come and save you.”

    Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do
    not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I
    will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes,
    I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of
    rightness and justice.”

   2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of
    cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has
    given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced
    mind and discipline and self-control.”

   Hebrews 13:6 “So we take comfort and are encouraged and
    confidently and boldly say, The Lord is my Helper; I will not be seized
    with alarm [I will not fear or dread or be terrified]. What can man do to

   This evil spirit does NOT want you to remember these promises that
    God has given us in His Word!!!!

    The Hittite spirit….which is extreme fear of the unknown…works
    perfectly with the Girgashite spirit….remember how they are
    earthly…no spiritual vision… Once your eyes are off of God and His
    purpose…then you tend to fall back to your sensual (soulish) mind
    and begin to operate only out of what you can see and hear from the
    news, media, and newspapers in your environment…the
    consequence is that fear grips your heart, worries set in and you soon
    forget that faith does not work by sight…

   2 Corinthians 5:7 “we live by faith, NOT by SIGHT.”

    Because HITTITES are spirits of terror…they attack your
    emotions…they are the spirit behind NIGHTMARES and non-rational
    PHOBIAS such as claustrophobia, exaggerated fear of DOGS, and
    fear of being in the DARK…
    If you have ever suffered from one of these things…then you know
    that terror produces a sense of DEEP EMOTIONAL DESPAIR AND
    TORMENT….it can actually cause a desire not to live anymore

    Because it relies on craftiness, secrecy and stealth in order to
    maximize its attack…it is very hard to detect except by revelation by
    the Holy Spirit…

   HITTITE spirits are behind suicides…because it causes such a
    sense of dread, despair, and torment….which all play heavily on the

    There are groups of people that operate in this spirit…EX: Groups
    like Al-Qaeda and Hamas

   The HITTITE spirit attacks our emotions….our brain is set up with 2
    hemispheres…the right and the left….

   SHORT SCIENCE LESSON: The RIGHT side of the brain is
    associated with (LOGICAL REASONING): truth, law, limitations,
    established truths, death, structure, seen, public openness, and

    The LEFT side of the brain is associated with (CREATIVE AND
    INTUITIVE PROCESSES): spirit, grace, freedom, life, New unknown
    truths, intuitive randomness, unseen, secrecy, and hearing…

   So…..the MIND is on the RIGHT side of the soul and our
    EMOTIONS are on the LEFT side of our soul…

   Emotional people tend to be more creative than those who are by
    nature logical thinkers…that’s why most singers, composers,
    painters, and poets are emotional people…

   _________________________
   Another aspect of the “suicide” part of this spirit…the Hittite spirit
    attacks the LEFT side of the brain…which also deals with grace and
    secrecy…….one definition of GRACE:….seemingly effortless beauty
    or charm

   Physical beauty is a God-given gift…it is actually to draw people to
    God’s beauty…not to you…

   There is only so much of your “grace” or “beauty” that you should
    expose in public

    EX: Just like in Exodus 3:5 God tells Moses not to draw any closer
    to the burning bush….God was not going to expose any more of
    Himself until Moses COMMITTED to God’s calling for his life….you
    see…Moses was drawn to the bush to “behold this great sight”……in
    the same way…there are certain dimensions of your physical beauty
    that MUST NOT be exposed in public.

   There is a certain deep enjoyment of another person’s grace that can
    only be done in intimacy that is covered in COMMITMENT…a

    EX: you can’t truly enjoy another person’s friendship until that
    friendship reaches a level of trust where you can tell each other
    secrets and share your deep thoughts and fears….

    Exposing yourself like that to a stranger who has not entered into a
    true friendship covenant with you would be SUICIDE…they would
    turn on you and rip you to shreads….

    EX: Spouses can enjoy each other’s physical beauty in a deep way
    because they have such intimacy…they have a COVENANT….to do
    this outside of a covenant is an act of SUICIDE….

 Matthew 7:6 says you can’t throw your “holy things” (your inner
  treasure) to the dogs and do not throw your pearls before pigs,
  because they will trample on them and then try to destroy them….

 When you expose yourself this way and you don’t have a
  COVENANT…then this beauty loses its truth foundation and
    becomes false beauty….it becomes totally LEFT sided with no
    RIGHT side…that opens the door to the Hittite spirits ….

   This is why men and women who improperly expose themselves
    physically to other people end up having constant bouts with
    DEPRESSSION, DESPAIR, and sometimes even SUICIDE.

    This is why propsitutes usually become drug addicts in their quest to
    flee from the torment of the Hittite spirits that they have opened the
    door to by their constant exposing of intimate beauty without
    demanding a COVENANT in truth.

    This is also why many congregations have lost their TRUE prophetic
    anointing…because young “women” or “sisters” go around the
    congregation wearing low-rise pants or low-cut shirts or short tight
    skirts or other provocative clothes…exposing their physical grace in
    public, and that in turns draws Hittite spirits that slowly suck up the
    true prophetic anointing in their own lives and the lives of those in the
    congregation!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! DO YOU GET THIS!!!!! How important
    is it for you to DRESS DECENTLY!!!!

   Do you see how the devil has even come in to our fashion culture to
    zap out this generation when it comes to the prophetic!!!!!! He knows
    what he is doing…..BUT do WE realize it!!!!!

    Two studies I was reading said that if you have a strong
    PROPHETIC CALLING on your life…you are likely to be attacked by
    this spirit….by the spirit that causes despair or emotional and mental
    attacks…on the outside the prophetic person may seem to have it
    together…but often those in the prophetic will tell how they are often
    under mental attacks by the enemy…but through Christ you can
    stand strong and defeat this spirit! Your “standing strong” helps to
    produce incredibly major victories in the spiritual realm that bless and
    liberate many people!

    Because of our fear of our “personal self” being hurt…we actually put
    up barriers in our minds to protect ourselves from anyone or anything
    that would inflict inward pain….some of these barriers are:
    wall of “coldness” that hopes to protect us from people who would
    hurt us…

   A person who suffers from deep emotional despair usually falls into
    states of DEEP DEPRESSION AND SADNESS…if you ever look into
    a person’s eyes and you can see a sense of deep sadness and
    despair…you are looking into the eyes of a person under Hittite

    Since HITTITE spirits prey on people’s emotions…they like to stay in
    the dark and remain unseen to the mind…they WHISPER
    SPECULATIONS into the person’s emotions…this means that people
    who have the nasty habit of spreading rumors and speculations are
    people who hang on to the Hittite spirit in their hearts…YUCK!

    The HITTITE-spirit prefers to HIDE itself….it often disguises itself as
    a “FRIEND” rather than “FOE”…..which is exactly the mode that
    terrorists operate in…..

   Look at this example from the BIBLE….

    2 Chronicles 18:28-29 “And the king of Israel went up, and
    Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, to Ramoth-gilead. And the king of
    Israel said to Jehoshaphat, I WILL DISGUISE MYSELF, and go into
    battle; and you put on your robes. AND THE KING OF ISRAEL
    DISGUISED HIMSELF. And they went into battle.”

 When you read the whole entire thing in 2 Chronicles 18….we find
  that: (READ IT!)

o Ahab (the king of Israel…bad guy) and Jehoshaphat (the king of
  Judah…a righteous king who sometimes hung out with the wrong
  crowd) go into battle against the revelation of God (v. 16)…but
  God…knowing their hearts gives them what they have already
  decided to do

o In an attempt to keep the outcome that the prophet Micaiah said
   would happen Ahab chose to disguise himself
o (Ahab always hated Micaiah because this prophet always prophesied
   the TRUTH…Ahab would rather listen to the other prophets that were
   FALSE PROPHETS…they were more concerned with pleasing Ahab
   than saying what God wanted them to say….they were “real
   prophets”…they had a real prophetic calling on their lives…but they
   did not abide in everything they prophesied was lies)

o Notice in v. 23 Zedekiah slapped Micaiah and asked him, “When did
  the Spirit of the Lord go from me to you?”…..this means that
  Zedekiah…who had a legitimate prophetic calling…actually felt some
  type of spiritual presence flowing through him as he prophesied…and
  he thought that this presence was God…BUT Zedekiah’s heart
  wasn’t right…it was not set on God’s TRUTH and God’s
  JUDGMENT…he wanted to speak to please Ahab so it was a spirit of
  DECEIT that God allowed him to be exposed to….when God sees
  you placing your FAITH in your EMOTIONS and not on His
  truth…Get ready…cause those EMOTIONS will deceive you….Don’t
  idolize your emotions…Don’t put the “left” side before the ‘right” side

o Ahab even uses Jehoshaphat as bait by asking him to wear his royal
  robes into the battle while he (Ahab) puts on a simple soldier’s outfit

o Against all odds (because the Lord is sovereign even in this
  battle)…Jehoshaphat escapes death (v. 32) while Ahab, even though
  disguised…cannot escape the Lord’s hand

o The end of the whole thing happens when a lone Syrian archer fires a
  RANDOM SHOT which “just happens to kill Ahab”

o SIDENOTE: Just as Hittites can shoot arrows from the dark…God’s
  prophetic people can shoot prophetic words into the atmosphere and
  impact distant places…that is actually what we are called to do!

   Check out how exactly Ahab ends his life…he wanted to be hidden in
    battle…but he ends his life propped up in a chariot away from the
    battlefield (v.33-34) His PROUD HITTITE spirit still wants to stand
    up…even if he has to be propped up to do it…
   Can you see the Hittite spirit in Ahab…pride, hiddenness, secrecy,
    disguising himself…

   The HITTITE spirit might plan in the dark…but it will eventually come
    out in the light of God and He WILL deal with it!

   God’s Word and God’s Truth will find you out! those who use
    secrecy, who practice deceit, who would try to shut up the prophetic,
    and who misuse others for their own gain…are siding with the Hittite

   God often works against His adversaries by coming “in the opposite
    spirit”….so He deals with it by Prophetic Truth since Prophecy and
    Truth are very opposite to FALSE SPEECH and DECEIT

   This verse in Proverbs tells us that God provides the Church with

    Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he
    that keeps the law, happy is he.”

    But…when the Hittites enter a place…they try to pervert the
    prophetic anointing because they have no regard for the RIGHT
    side…the TRUTH side…..but this verse says that HAPPY is he that
    KEEPS THE LAW….so the way to stop the Hittite vision-robbing spirit
    is GOD’S LAW!!!!

   That is why God has told us to keep the WORD before us and in our
    hearts at all times… you stand on the Word of God…the
    TRUTH…the Hittite spirit is driven away….it cannot survive in the
    TRUTH of God’s WORD!

    The Hittite spirit can be found in those who practice:
o   Gossip and slander
o   Those who abuse others by use of words and speech
o   Inordinate desire to keep secrets
o   Those who terrorize others in whatever form it may take
o   Rumor-starters who delight to instill fear and distress others
o   Leaders who quench the Holy Spirit’s voice
o   Those who try to discourage instead of encourage
o   Undue criticism bent on controlling others

     It can be found in those who suffer from:
o   Phobias of all kinds
o   Fear and mental torments
o   Those who are melancholy in nature (a feeling of thoughtful sadness)
o   Ongoing suicidal tendencies
o   Long-term depression
o   Irresponsibility and un-accountability
o   Co-dependence on others as a way of escape

    Let’s go back to the children of Israel…..Moses has died and Joshua
    is ready to begin leading them into the Promised Land…look at the
    ONLY nation that the Lord mentions….it’s the HITTITES

   Now hang with me….and let me show you what is happening…then
    and NOW

   The HITTITE spirit attacks our emotions….remember what we talked
    about a few minutes ago: our brain is set up with 2
    hemispheres…the right and the left….
   The RIGHT side of the brain is associated with (LOGICAL
    REASONING): truth, law, limitations, established truths, death,
    structure, seen, public openness, and seeing…

    The LEFT side of the brain is associated with (CREATIVE AND
    INTUITIVE PROCESSES): spirit, grace, freedom, life, New unknown
    truths, intuitive randomness, unseen, secrecy, and hearing…

   So…..the MIND is on the RIGHT side of the soul and our
    EMOTIONS are on the LEFT side of our soul

   Remember that the Hittite spirit attacks the EMOTIONS…trying to
    go unseen by the mind….

   NOW that we got that straightened out….check out this Scripture…

    Joshua 1:3-4 “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread
    upon, that have I given to you, as said unto Moses. From the
    wilderness and this Lebanon even unto the great river, the river
    Euphrates, all the land of the HITTITES, and unto the great sea
    toward the going down of the sun, shall be your coast.”

 When the Lord is speaking to Joshua…God first refers to the
  “eastern” side of the Promised Land…the wilderness and “this
  Lebanon”…all the way east to the Euphrates…which is modern day

    Then God refers to the “western” side of the Promised Land…the
    land of the Hittites…all the way to the Great Sea (which is the
    Mediterranean Sea).

   The land of the HITTITES is to the west….or the LEFT…

    At first this may not seem like anything important…but God never
    “puts” anything in the Bible just to put it there…could He have been
    trying to tell us something through this….

 What does the HITTITE spirit attack….the EMOTIONS…the LEFT
  side of the brain…
   The Hittite spirit likes to try to bypass the mind and slip in unseen….

   Remember that the Old Testament is a “type and shadow” to the
    New Testament…still very relevant for us today….

    Just as they were PHSYICALLY going in to the Promised
    Land…today we are SPIRITUALLY going in to take the Promised
    Land and THINK ABOUT WHAT SPIRIT has reared its head up over
    the past few years…..a spirit of suicide through a group called Al
    Qaeda…..the spirit of the Hittites….

 Where is Al Qaeda based out of…? The modern day Iraq…which is
  the land of the Hittites which was called “this Lebanon, all the way
  east to the Euphrates” in Bible times…

    The Hittite spirit…a spirit of TERROR…that tries to slip in unseen to
    the mind…that plays on the emotional left side of the brain…a spirit
    very connected with suicide….

    Remember when God said to “destroy them totally” way back in
    Deuteronomy 7…..or they would “turn their sons and daughters away
    from following Him”……isn’t it interesting that this Hittite spirit is so
    active today!?

    There is something going on in the SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE! The
    time is coming to take back the spiritual PROMISED LAND

   Since Hittites thrive where the “right side” is ignored….they are
    automatically driven away when the right side is restored.

    Hittites are sprits of CHOAS and DISORDER…they hate the
    establishment of LAW and JUSTICE….This is why the Al Qaeda are
    making such a concerted effort to cause chaos in Iraq and to prevent
    the establishment of a just government.

    It was God’s PROPHETIC PURPOSE for Saddam Hussein to be
    toppled in Iraq…Hussein’s fall acts as a prophetic seed that will
    unleash the fall of countless other “fame-seekers” (which is the
    Amorite spirit) in the years to come…

   The fall of Iraq is a prophetic figure of the fall of Babylon…like is
    prophesied in Revelation 17 and 18…

    This war has stirred up so much emotion because of the spiritual
    ramifications that are going on with it…

    The men and women who are giving their selves to serve and to
    liberate Iraq are unleashing powerful spiritual consequences on the
    Hittite spirit that will bless millions and millions of people in the years

   _________________________

 When God told the Israelites to totally and completely defeat these
  tribes…He was giving us incredible WISDOM in order to make our
  lives so much more peaceful

    Have you ever heard someone say “You can’t make peace with an
    enemy who is not defeated”….cause what you end up with is a
    “cease fire”….which just let’s the enemy regroup and attack another

    Kinda like when you’re sick and the doctor gives you antibiotics and
    you only take them for a few days…cause then you feel better…when
    the instructions CLEARLY say to take ALL of the
    antibiotics….WHY???? Because if you don’t…the sickness comes
    back to haunt you again and cause you to get sick again…..

   TAKE ALL YOUR MEDICINE!!!!.....Get rid of all the Hittite spirit in
    your life!!!

    As Christians we have traded victory for a false sense of peace that
    later bubbles right back into our lives to wage battles and war

    In our own homes we want peace…but we just get so weary and
    tired…so we live in COMPROMISE…..ever been there?
   COMPROMISE is the place that the enemy of our soul gives us rest
    because we have given up the attack on his
    kingdom…..lukewarm….remember this!?....YUCK!

   Hittites represent fear and terror….don’t we find it so much easier to
    avoid things that we fear …even if it is something we know the Lord is
    calling us to do….

   Some people have an intense fear of the unknown….so they become
    a creature of habit…they get comfortable living in the land of

 We gotta realize that peace ONLY comes from God and not our mind
  and intellect’s ability to reason our way back to comfort…

    Don’t let fear stop you from doing what the Holy Spirit wants to do
    through you and in you!

   Just like Donny preached yesterday….you have to come up out of
    Egypt… can only do this through your faith in OBEDIENCE!!!!!

   It’s easier said than done….but GET UP and go kick some Hittite


 We will be in a battle with Satan and his evil forces until we die. He
  never quits and we should never quit. Satan counts on us being
  quitters…..we must PERSIST!

   The battle becomes more fierce as we are used more by
    God…..however…the victories become greater and greater!

   Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy…he works hard at his job. He
    will take everything from you that you will let him have.
    Satan is a good devil and works 24 hours a day at his job of
    destroying you. We need to be as good at being Christian as Satan
    is good at being evil.

   You must learn what your condition is: mentally, physically,
    spiritually and materially. You must learn WHY you got into that
    condition so that you will not repeat the same mistakes.

    God realizes that the human race is lazy. We want what God has for
    us without having to put out much effort…that is why God requires us
    to work at being Christians

   Christians will never conquer the world for God in their present
    condition without deliverance….to take the Promised Land…we must
    get rid of the evil inhabitants in our lives

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