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									                    Sweaty Palms – Natural Cures for Sweaty Palms

      Sweaty palms, sweaty hands, what’s the difference? Either way when you
shake someones hand or touch them tenderly, they are going to shy away from
your touch. The common knowledge today is that sweaty palms are caused by
nervous tension, stress or anxiety. This is accurate for the most part, but there are
people out there who suffer from this condition without feeling a bit of
nervousness or anxiety. For those that experience sweaty palms without anxiety,
they should be sure to check with their physician to rule out any underlying
medical cause.

      The        condition    is     clinically    known       as     “hyperhidrosis”
http://www.excessivesweatingrelief.com/sweaty-palms-natural-cures and it is more
common than one would think. Once you have overruled any underlying medical
condition, there are many types of natural treatments and home remedies that can
provide relief from the condition. Not so long ago, the medical community
believed that sweaty palms were the result of psychosomatic (symptoms produced
by the mind and triggered in the body by the brain) illness. Today it is common
medical opinion is that the crisis is just due to a physical condition.

                                   No More Sweaty Palms

      Foods that contain iodine which is a highly reactive element should be
avoided to alleviate your sweaty palms. Foods to avoid are asparagus, broccoli,

beef, turkey, liver and white onion. The tannic acid in tea can provide relief by
removing some of the toxins associated with these foods and help to reduce your
sweaty palms. To get the benefit of the tea, soak five bags of tea in a quart of
water. Cool down the tea and soak your hands in it for ten to fifteen minutes
every day. The tannic acid acts as a natural antiperspirant for your hands and it also
contains antioxidant properties that can control the odor of the sweat that your
body produces.

      Drink sage tea because it has properties that reduce sweating in general and
it will help to moderate your sweaty palms. A healthy diet and drinking plenty of
water will keep your body functioning properly while it helps to control your
sweaty palms. It is pretty obvious, that if you optimize your body’s performance
through a healthy diet, it will have fewer toxins to remove and will not have to
produce as much sweat.

      Never use baby powders or talcum powder on your hands, because this will
simply aggravate the condition by blocking the palm’s ability to release heat
through the pores. Another disadvantage is the mess that results when the sweat
mixes with the powders!

      Some people find that an antiperspirant rubbed on their hands has a
temporary beneficial effect on the condition. There are many natural
antiperspirants on the market and I would recommend that you only use natural
products. An antiperspirant that is rubbed on the hands is capable of reducing the
amount of sweat that your palms produce. It is up to you to experiment and find
the one that works best for you.

                                   Medical Procedures

      Severe excessive sweating in the palms that cannot be relieved through
natural remedies can be treated with surgery. That is the most invasive of all of the
procedures and as of now, it is the only permanent cure for the problem. Keep in
mind that surgery is only recommended for the most severe cases and should only
be considered after consulting both your physician and surgeon.

      Natural remedies can be very effective in most cases and they cost way less
than surgery. For a very few people, surgery is the only answer. The surgical
procedure is known as “endoscopic thoracoscopic sympathectomy” and it can be
performed in the hands, feet, armpit and also the face.

      While researching recent studies regarding excessive palm sweating, I came
across an interview with Dennis A. Damiles, an RN (registered nurse) who is noted
for his masters in Memorology (Memorology is an innovative awareness and
memory enhancement program designed for those who want to upgrade the quality
of their learning potential).

      He was asked about his knowledge of the condition commonly called,
sweaty palms. He stated that he had experience assisting a doctor performing
Botox Palmar injections on a person suffering from the disorder. He described the
procedure: the hands were washed and dried, then, under the doctor’s supervision,
he wiped the palms with an iodine solution and then bathed the palms with iodine

reactor solution. The areas that darken showed where the overactive sweat glands
were located. The doctor then injected each of the darkened areas with the Botox
solution. The palms received approximately 15 injections each which caused them
to swell approximately 20% in size. The patient reported to the doctor that the
treatment worked as described for four days before the sweating returned to
exactly the same level that he had when he went in for the procedure! The patient
said “it’s too costly for a procedure that lasts only 4 days”. The patient also stated
that during the four days that he was free of the sweaty palms, he could hardly use
his hands due to the numbness!

      Damiles was not impressed with the medical treatments that he had
witnessed for treating sweaty palms, so he set about looking for natural remedies.
During his time working as PDN, he suggested that similar patients use a treatment
called the “Salt and Water Method”. Prepare a 1/4 gallon of water mixed with 3
table spoons of salt. Cool the solution and and soak your hands for four or five
minutes each day. The solution deactivates the sweat glands in the palms and cools
the hands so that the sweat glands are not stimulated to make sweat.


      The Chinese have used acupuncture as a natural homeopathic management
tool for centuries for a variety of physical ailments. Acupuncture has been proven
to be very effective in treating sweaty palms. A qualified acupuncturist can
perform the procedure and stop your sweaty palm syndrome. This procedure is
effective an nowhere near as invasive as surgery or electroshock treatments.

      Natural remedies for sweaty palms are the preferred way to treat sweaty
palms. The invasive surgical alternative should only be considered after all other
treatments have been tried. There are so many different natural remedies available
that some combination will work for almost everyone. There is no need to resort
to radical invasive procedures when a combination of diet, physical exercise,
antiperspirants and stress relief techniques can bring the same or better results.

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