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									                    Sweaty Hands – Natural Cures for Sweaty Hands

      Sweaty hands, most often in the palm area, is a common problem suffered
by many. When your hands perspire, it can be an awfully embarrassing when you
shake hands with people. Normally this condition is caused by stress, anxiety and
or        nervousness.    There       are      lots     of      different      remedies
http://www.excessivesweatingrelief.com/sweaty-hands-natural-cures that you can
try which can help in reducing the amount of perspiration produced by your hands.
Since anxiety and stress can often play a roll in the condition, let’s start there.

                               Stop Hand Sweating Naturally

      Learning to relax and control the mind by performing yoga might be one of
the best techniques for curing sweaty hands naturally. Meditation and relaxation
techniques will help you to learn how to control your anxiety that may be
responsible for the sweaty hands. Learning what triggers your anxiety is half the
battle to overcoming your stress related syndrome. Regular exercise, getting plenty
of rest and using a natural relaxation method such as yoga or Tai Chi will enable
you to be calm and reduce your body’s need to produce sweat with the sweat

      Tea is another remedy that has been used effectively by people who suffer
from excessive sweating in the hands. Soaking the hands in cooled tea for ten or
fifteen minutes a day helps to slow down the sweat glands because of the
antioxidant properties that are found in the tea. Mr. Dennis A. Damiles, a
registered nurse, suggests this to all of his patients who suffer from this
embarrassing condition.

      Starting with the least invasive procedures and moving on to the most
invasive treatments, antiperspirants, acupuncture,and Botox are often used to
control sweaty hands. There are many natural antiperspirants on the market and
that is where I would start at first. It is important to use all of the natural remedies
that you can before you get into the more invasive treatments.

      Try soaking your hands in a half of a cup of luke warm vinegar and a quart
of water for about twenty five minutes every couple of days. Vinegar is another
natural substance that inhibits sweat production. Be sure to thoroughly wash your
hands after each treatment so that you don’t walk around smelling like a salad!

      Aromatherapy is another relaxation technique that may alleviate nervous
tension which may be triggering your sweaty hands. You can add lavender oil
during your aromatherapy treatments because lavender is know to have a calming
effect on most people.

      What you eat or drink and some of our “social habits” can contribute to
excessive hand sweating. Research studies show that drinking caffeinated
beverages and smoking may make your sweaty hands condition worse. Another
thing to look at requires that you check with your physician to see if any
medications that you are taking could be contributing to the problem. It is really

important to eliminate all of the things that could effect your condition so that you
can finally get down to the things that are causing your sweaty hands.

      One of the easiest and most important things that you can do is to drink
plenty of water every day. The body needs water to cool itself down. When the
body is not properly hydrated, it produces sweat in order to cool off. Increasing
body temperature due to too physical activity is the most common reason for
sweating, so if you can regulate your body temperature with water, your hands and
other areas may not sweat as much. At least eight glasses of water a day is required
to keep your body in good physical condition. Eight glasses a day is the norm, if
you exercise or it is really hot outside, your body requires more water.

      A well balanced diet is essential and be sure to stay away from excessive
sugar, fats and foods that have a high content of iodine such as beef, turkey, liver,
broccoli and white onions. If you combine a healthy diet with exercise, anxiety
reducing proceedures and various over the counter remedies, you should be able to
get control of your sweaty hand condition in relatively short order.

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