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PowerPoint Presentation - Ethics and Stem Cell Research


									Ethics and Stem Cell Research
Totipotent Cells
Pluripotent/Multipotent Cells
Deriving Stem Cells
Cloning and Stem Cells
            Source: ACT website
Adult Stem Cells
       Current ESC policy

Set by President Bush in August 2001:
  Federal funding is allowed for research using
  stem cells isolated from blastocysts before the
  date and time of Bush’s announcement.
  No federal funding may be used to extract new
  stem cell lines (which would involve destroying
  an embryo).
  There are no federal restrictions on privately-
  funded ESC research (funding brings rules).
           Current ESC policy
Additional policy restrictions on Federal
funding for ESC research:
  The stem cells must have been derived from an
  embryo that was created for reproductive purposes;
  The embryo was no longer needed for these
  Informed consent must have been obtained for the
  donation of the embryo;
  No financial inducements were provided for
  donation of the embryo.
 From NIH:
      Current ESC policy

President Bush estimated in August 2001
that “more than 60 genetically diverse
stem cell lines already exist”
National Institutes of Health currently lists
only fifteen stem cell lines eligible for
Federal funding.
  Moral Status of Embryos

Mere tissue?
Full persons?
  Moral Status of Embryos

Potential vs. actual persons
Does it make a difference (ethically) if the
embryos used for research are left over
from IVF or created for research?
  Moral Status of Embryos

About 200,000 frozen human embryos
already exist in fertility clinics around the
country. These will remain frozen
indefinitely or be discarded if they are not
used for research.
Against ESC research:
       For ESC research:

ESC research will help cure serious

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