Obama and the Islamic world by axmilka


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									Obama and the Islamic world
Obama start his Foreign Policy in a manner different from George W Bush, Obama decided to talk directly to the
 Islamic world, Obama decided to go to them, Obama chose Cairo. Obama was there, to change the policy of the
United States of America with the Islamic world. America was accusing the Islamic world to support terrorists,
and that all Muslims were terrorists, but as Obama has promised American citizens to change, Obama wants to
change U.S. policy with the Islamic world.
In the past, in policy George W Bush, Muslims who hate American policy and each joint with it. is the hatred
between the U.S. because of U.S. policy under George Bush and the Islamic world, America was heard of the
policy of Israel and American policy do not hear of the Arabs in the Middle East.
Obama went to the Islamic world to start a new policy with them and explain the U.S. position with them. When
Obama went to Cairo, he succeeded in explaination of U.S. policy with the Islamic world. Although there are
many people in the Islamic world believe that U.S. policy is not changed, but also they say, America began to
hear us now.
Obama .... Who knows how to attract people around him, Obama is attracting Americans,Obama chose this magic
word is change because he knows that Americans want change, well.
 Obama attracting Arabs and Muslims in one word - peace be upon you ( salam alykom ) - and be the word of
this word is sacred to the Arabs and Muslims. He start his meeting with that word.
Obama attract Americans around him by oneword be ....... The change.
Obama attracting Arabs and Muslims around him by one word be ..... salam alykom
Now ...... What is the new word.

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