Obama and his magic word by axmilka


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									Obama and his magic word
When Obama began his campaign, he chose one word to be the slogan for the campaign, this word be ...
Word is change, is the magic word is given a good impression, when someone hears that word, it would a good
impression .
 And because of that everyone wants to change the level of his life to obtain a good life for that Obama chose
that word to be decided upon by the U.S. citizen.
Does not believe that all Americans were rich and they have no problems and enjoy a comfortable life, but in
fact, Americans citizens have the same problems faced by any citizen in any other country.
In America, there are problems about taxes and there are problems in education and therapeutic insurance there
are problems. With these problems, Obama chose a single word, the magic word is .... change.
Why Obama chose this word is change?
Obama chose the word to be the slogan of his campaign because Obama and his campaign team knew what is
missing and what Americans want, Americans awant working to improve their standard of living and want to
change the policy of the government in its relations with them and with the outside world.
Obama chose that word because of the magic. Obama wants to change and believe in change, such as the
Americans. Americans must find solutions to all problems in their lives, Americans should have access to wage
guarantee their annual income to help them in their lives and in the face of life's problems. Americans should
look for a solution to reduce taxes, Americans must do many things, but the U.S. Constitution gives all the
powers and decisions of one person to serve as what he wants all Americans .... This person is the President.
Americans will not be President, the President shall be one person, not many people, Americans want change
and Obama wants to change, so Americans must choose Obama.
Change ... The magic word for Obama to be president of the United States.
Change ... Yes, we can.
The magic word . Change. it was before..... What is the new word to continue Obama President of the United
States of America.

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