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MS Math Curriculum and Pacing


									  “What students will know and
  be able to do in mathematics?”

  Fulton County Schools Mathematics Professional
  Development for Middle Schools
                                          August 12, 2010

Essential Question:
How do we use the FCS Mathematics Curriculum to facilitate student mastery of the
The Fulton County Schools
Mathematics Curriculum…
 stresses rigorous concept development, presents
 realistic and relevant applications, and keeps a strong
 emphasis on computational skills. A direct instruction
 approach provides students with specific skills-based
 instruction from their teachers at the beginning of new
 lessons followed by both guided and independent
 practice. Engaging students in problem solving and real
 world application are important aspects of mathematics
 instruction. Technology and manipulatives such as
 graphing calculators and algebra tiles support the
 conceptual development of mathematical concepts and
Multiple Levels of the Mathematics
 Teacher Lesson Plans
 A year long Instructional program
 District Curriculum Guidelines
 Georgia Performance Standards
Instructional Units
   Provides a basics from which teachers to
    make decisions about:
    ◦   What content to address
    ◦   What emphases to choose
    ◦   What pedagogical strategies to employ
    ◦   What assessment practices will be
Year at a Glance
Provides teachers with an overview of the
  curriculum including:
 ◦   Unit Sequencing
 ◦   Teaching Window
 ◦   Specific Direct Instruction Lesson
 ◦   Key Ideas and Standards
Curriculum Maps
Provides teachers with an overview of the
  curriculum including:
 ◦ Unit Sequencing
 ◦ Detail List of Standards
 ◦ Standard Alignment to ITBS and/or
Final Thought…
A curriculum is more than a collection of
  activities: it must be coherent, focused on
  important mathematics, and well articulated
  across the grade.

                       NCTM, 2000

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