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									IT FORUM

           HRTC - IT FORUM

               An Update
 IT FORUM – The Beginning
• After meeting with
  various Hampton
  Roads community
  members it was
  decided a specialized
  focus group was
  required to meet the
  needs of a diverse IT
  membership within
                          Announced on Feb 19, 2007
IT FORUM – Guiding Principles
• Remain inclusive
  –   Small Businesses
  –   Large Enterprises
  –   Private / Commercial
  –   Government / Military
  –   Young Professionals / Seasoned Experts
• Highlight the unique ability of the Hampton
  Roads community to deliver solutions across the
  entire IT spectrum.
• Provide a collaborative forum for IT
  professionals to share lessons and explore
   IT’s All About the Business
• From the Backroom to the Boardroom
• Emphasize the integration of
  Business/Mission and IT
• Include the Provider and Consumer
    Business Drivers
                         Working Structure – The Input

                                                           IT Forum
Information Technology


                                Strategies/Processes        Applications
     Where Do I Fit? Heat Map to Follow
 Example: IT Service Management SIG

 Service Management                  Support / Restore                 Configure / Change            Performance / Optimization            Security / Continuity
         Lead                             Lead                                Lead                            Lead                                Lead

                                       Service Desk                    Configuration Mgmt
   Service Level Mgmt                                                                                      Capacity Mgmt                     Security Mgmt
                                      Incident Mgmt                      Change Mgmt
    IT Financial Mgmt                                                                                     Availability Mgmt                Service Continuity
                                      Problem Mgmt                       Release Mgmt

                                   Fault Mgmt Systems              Configuration Mgmt Database                                           Intrusion Detection
Dashboards- Visualization                                                                                 Transport Systems
                                  Trouble Ticketing Tools             Auto-Discovery Agents                                                   Anti-Virus
 IT Portfolio Mgmt Tools                                                                                Bandwidth Management
                                  Knowledge Mgmt Tools               Patch/Update Managers                                                     Firewalls
    Metric Compilers                                                                                    Demand Modeling Tools
                                    Service Desk Tools                 Hardware Emulators                                                     Encryption
     Cost Estimation                                                                                   Throughput Measurement
                                Network Operations Centers            Work Flow Automation                                                Risk Mgmt Tools
   Collaboration Tools                                                                                          QOS
                                   Trend Analysis Tools               Content Management                                                Modeling/Simulation
 OPS/Command Centers                                                                                       Packet Shapers
                                  Decision Support Tools            Project Management Tools                                          High Assurance Devices
          Portals                                                                                             OSS Tools
                                     Call Center Tools                  Provisioning Tools                                             Secure Data Storage

 Business - IT Customers           Service Desk Personnel               Network Architects                                                   Forensics
                                                                                                         Network Engineers
   IT Managers - CIOs               Help Desk Personnel                 Software Engineers                                                Security Analysts
                                                                                                          Data Center Staff
         Finance                    Call Center Personnel              Hardware Engineers                                               Security Consultants
                                                                                                         Modeling Analysts
    Service Providers                IT Troubleshooters                IT Testing Personnel                                                Risk Managers
                                                                                                       Network Monitoring Staff
         Trainers                       NOC Analysts                   IT Project Managers                                              Modeling Engineers
                                                                                                           OSS Personnel
       Consultants                  Knowledge Manager                    Quality Engineers                                          Disaster Response Planners
                                                                                                         System Integrators
    Process Engineers                System Integrators                 System Integrators                                               System Integrators

Business / Mission Strategy                                                Process Plans                                              Business Continuity Plans
                                        Process Plans
 IT Portfolio Management                                                   Project Plans                    Process Plans             Critical Infrastructure Plan
                                       Escalation Plans
    Industry Regulations                                                 Architecture Plans           Service Level Requirements       Disaster Response Plan
                                 Troubleshooting Procedures
 Government Regulations                                                     Regulations                Business Growth Strategy       Government Regulations
                                    Third Party Contracts
Service Level Agreements                                            Service Level Requirements          User Demand Patterns             Industry Regulations
                                 Service Level Requirements
       Program Plans                                                     Quality Standards                      Audits                       Assessments
       Assessments                                                             Audits                                                             Audits

       Note: These are just a few representative technologies, processes and personnel entities and are intended to be illustrative only
               The Community
• New Content
  Management Portal
  provides more effective
• Will be adding
  functionality to support
  working structure
• Decentralize approach
                        The Output

           Networking                                     Innovation
                               Business Ops

Training                                                          Lessons

Career                                                 New
Growth                           Exposure            Solutions

           Closing Remarks

      Call for Volunteers:
       User Group Leads
    Special Interest Groups
              Russ Herrell

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