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									Designate a Guardian for Your Children in Your Will

If you have young children, the last thing that you want to think about is what will happen to them if you
pass away before they reach the age of majority. Even if you are young and healthy, a car crash or other
accident can end your life prematurely. To provide for the care of your children in case of an
unfortunate event, you should declare a Guardian for them in your Will.

If you do not choose a Guardian, then it will be up to a Probate Court to make the decision. An Indiana
Probate Court will carefully examine your children's best interests and attempt to appoint the most
appropriate Guardian. However, the proceedings themselves may not be in your children's best
interests. The Court might have to choose between multiple sets of grandparents or other relatives all
battling for Guardianship. This often requires a Court to have social workers interview the children and
can make the children feel like they are choosing between family members. For a young child, it is not a
comfortable position to be in.

Avoiding the possibility of a Probate Court appointing a Guardian is one of the most important things
that you can do for your children. The hope is that the Guardianship provisions in your Will are never
needed. If they are, however, your children will be very thankful that you thought to include them.

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