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If you thought being in “good hands” with Allstate applied only to car insurance, think again. Debbie Bates, owner,
Allstate offices in The Villages at Cypress Creek and Brandon, wants to let you know there is more!

Protect your family with one easy, affordable policy. GoodForLife™ combines life insurance with critical illness and
severe accident benefits and pays you back at age 65. It protects: provides cash for you family if you die. It pays: Pays
you for certain severe accidents or if you become critically ill. It forgives: Skip up to six premium payments. And it
gives: Get half of your money back when you turn 65.
Motorcycle Insurance
Allstate understands what riding means to you. In fact, Allstate has more than 600 agents who ride, and many more
who understand riders. Allstate offers insurance features you can appreciate because when you’re riding, the last thing
you want to worry about is having the right protection. And you may be able to save up to 40% on the plan you
choose.. Savings that help make prices more competitive. Savings on your premium with discounts on plans including
discounts for a safe driving record, multiple motorcycles, multiple policies, transfers, “motorcycle organization” and a
Motorcycle Safety Course Discount. With unique coverage options that fit your lifestyle: up to $30,000 in optional
coverage for custom parts, guest passenger liability coverage, lease/loan gap coverage, first accident waiver and towing
at no additional cost. : Great Rider Discount, Multiple Motorcycle Discount, Multiple Policy
Golf Cart Insurance
Nothing beats the convenience of driving your golf cart around the course or around the block….until something unex-
pected happens. Allstate offers affordable coverage that helps protect you, your passengers and your golf cart, includ-
ing: bodily injury coverage, property damage coverage and medical payments coverage.
Retirement Strategies for Women
First the facts.
Women live longer than men (National Vital Statistics Reports, April 2009) ~ According to the National Center for
Health Statistics, American women can expect to live to age 80.2 whereas American men can expect to live to age
75.1. Living longer means you need more money. Women earn less than men (U.S. Census Bureau, America Fact
Finder, September 2007) ~ According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women who work full-time, year-round, average 76
cents to every dollar earned by men. It isn’t easy to set aside money for retirement on a lower income, but it can be
done. Women are more likely than men to work part-time (U.S. Department of Labor, September 2006) ~ consequently,
they earn less money. Less time and lower wages can adversely affect your Social Security retirement benefits, pen-
sion and personal retirement savings. Women are not as likely as men to have a pension (U.S. Government Accounting
Office, September 2007) ~ according to the U.S. Government Accounting Office, 29% of women 65 or older received
pension benefits versus 45% of men. If you won’t be getting a pension from your employer, you will need to increase
your personal savings for retirement.
To plan for your retirement, it’s best to first determine what you are worth financially. Then, determine what is impor-
tant to you and then start developing your financial goals. Consider what matters to you.~ determine what you want
out of life during retirement. Think about what makes you feel secure and why. Dream about the lifestyle you want to

Debbie Bates can guide you through this process! Call her at 633.0006 to learn more about the many ways you can
protect your life, your family, your valuables.
                                                              837 Cypress Village Boulevard
                                      The Eye Associates
Do you experience itching, red, irritated, and/or burning eyes? You may have Dry Eye Syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when normal tears are not sufficient to keep the front surface of the eye moist and
well lubricated. It is one of the more difficult conditions that eye doctors are asked to treat. An estimated 20
million Americans suffer from varying degrees of dry eye, most commonly those older than 50 and women.
Tears help keep the eyes healthy and comfortable ~ they bathe the eyes and wash out dust and debris, and pro-
tect against infection.

Dry eyes may occur if you don’t produce enough tears, if existing tears evaporate too quickly, or the abnormal
composition of components (water, oils, proteins) in your tear film. While environmental changes, such as a
windy day, dry climate or exposure to smoke, may exacerbate dry eyes, the syndrome is typically a chronic
condition caused by a variety of factors.

Tears are made up of three components: an outer layer of oil, a middle layer of water, and an inner layer of mu-
cus. If you do not produce enough tears, or if the composition of your tears is not balanced, your eyes will not
be properly lubricated. The result may be blurry vision, scratchy, itchy eyes, and pain.

If you have any of the following symptoms, ask your doctor if you have Dry Eye Syndrome.
    stinging and itching
    excess tearing
    burning sensation
    inflammation and redness
    sandy/gritty feeling
    sensitivity to light

Patients often feel their problem cannot be dry eyes, because their eyes overflow with tears.
It may sound odd, but watery eyes are sometimes part of Dry Eye Syndrome. Dr. Richard
Hector, our Fellowship Trained Dry Eye Specialist explains, “When the cornea becomes
too dry, tear glands over stimulate the production of the watery component of your eye's
tears. Unfortunately, these reflex tears do not lubricate well and may actually aggravate the

Dr. Hector, a favorite among patients and staff, has an easy-going manner that puts every-
one at ease. His kindness to all has earned him the reputation for providing friendly, person-
alized care. After seeing Dr. Hector for troublesome dry eyes, many patients have raved
about the relief they experience and how it has positively affected their daily lives.

Dr. Hector joined The Eye Associates in 1986 after serving his country in the military for over 10 years. Dr.
Hector specializes in diseases of the external eye and cornea, including corneal transplants and troublesome dry
eye syndrome. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery and the American Board of Oph-
thalmology. Dr. Hector also is the Principal Investigator of Clinical Studies for The Eye Associates.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Hector, please                 769 Cortaro Avenue
call The Eye Associates at 941- 792-2020 or toll free at 1-866-865-2020.                               634.2020

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