clean install of the BlackBerry Device Software by saputra9493


									                clean install of the BlackBerry Device Software
To perform a clean install of the BlackBerry Device Software, perform the following steps:

   1.  Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer and open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
   2.  Double-click the Application Loader icon.
   3.  Click Next to start the installation process.
   4.  Type your BlackBerry device password, if prompted, and click OK.
   5.  Click the check boxes next to the names of the applications you want to load and click
   6. Click Advanced, and then click the check box beside Erase all currently installed
   7. Click Next.
   8. Click the check box next to Do not automatically backup the application data during
       the loading process, and uncheck the box next to Backup and restore applications
       installed wirelessly.
   9. Click Next > Finish.
   10. When the process has completed, the message The loading operation was successful
       will appear. Click Close to return to BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

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