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2008 TRISTATE PRESIDENT                              MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS (cont.)
William Whitney Hunter - Jones Lang LaSalle          And don't miss out on all of the benefits offered
                                                     exclusively to TriState members - USI Affinity
MISSION                                              Insurance and Pearl Insurance (E&O, health,
The TriState REALTORS® Commercial Alliance is        long term care and life), Staples Business
the preeminent advocate for the commercial and       Advantage, Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal,
industrial practitioner in Eastern Pennsylvania,     Avis and Hertz rent-a-car, UPS/FedEx, and the
New Jersey and Delaware. We seek to advance          Philadelphia Business Journal are just a few of
continuously the financial well-being, industry      the many companies that make services
stature, and professional growth of each             available to our membership. A complete listing
member. TriState sponsors educational and            of TriState member benefits is available on the
training opportunities, provides forums for          TriState homepage. Please feel free to contact
interaction, speaks as a unified voice on            the TriState office for further details.
legislative and community issues, and promotes
ethical standards of conduct.                        NETWORKING
                                                     TriState's Annual Commercial Real Estate Show
EDUCATION                                            (A.C.R.E.S. Conference), Annual Golf Outing, Best
The Commercial Real Estate School of the             Real Estate Deals Awards with the Philadelphia
TriState REALTORS® Commercial Alliance               Business Journal, Environmental Update
provides customized instruction for commercial       Seminar, Holiday Reception, Joint Real Estate
real estate professionals. We are the only           Luncheon, Young Real Estate Professionals
commercial-focused school in the tri-state area.     (YREP) Events, Specialty Meetings (office, retail,
Our courses are approved for Mandatory               industrial and investment) and other TriState
Continuing Education Credits in Pennsylvania         seminars and programs offer terrific
and Delaware. Courses are also accepted for          opportunities to network throughout the year
credit by the Boards of Appraisers in                with fellow commercial professionals.
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and by
the Pennsylvania Legal Education Board. For          COMMUNICATIONS
additional information, be sure to check out The     Weekly email NewsBriefs and a quarterly news
Commercial Real Estate School website at             journal, the TriState UPDATE, alert our members                                of upcoming events and important issues, as
                                                     well as state, regional and national regulatory
POLITICAL CLOUT                                      and legislative matters. The TriState
TriStates political clout, now strengthened and      Membership Directory, available both online and
expanded at the state level through                  in print, allows for easy access to member
representation in the state associations of New      REALTORS® and Affiliates.
Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, and federally
through the National Association of                  STANDARD FORMS
REALTORS®, one of the largest and most               A unique benefit of TriState membership is the
effective lobbying forces in the country, provides   provision of standard forms. Forms designed
legislative pull in serving the best interests of    specifically for commercial practice facilitate
the commercial real estate practitioner.             understanding between REALTORS®, their
                                                     clients, and their customers. Standard forms are
MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS                                  available for download in .pdf format by TriState
TriState offers Certified Professional Mediation     members. Refer to the 'Members Only' section of
and Arbitration Services for members                 the TriState web site for full access.
experiencing contractual conflicts and ethical


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