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									Best Kundali Matching Tips for a Successful Life

Kundali Matching is very important in the Indian society, Hindus. However, modern and
broad outlook one has in India, the process of kundali matching outweighs all other decisions.

Kundali Milan ascertains a harmonious relationship in a married life. This is the reason that
Indian marriages have a strong bond sustaining years of married life. However, the increase in
love marriages leading to failure has once again resulted in reaching for horoscopes. People at
least try to check using free Kundali Milan. The gun Milan and match making, both are equally
important in marriages, regardless of whether it is love or arranged marriage.

Free janam kundali can be prepared through the internet, if you have the correct time and
birthplace. However, matching of horoscopes is very important and is based on 8 folds. There
are points for each and the maximum total can reach 36 points. However, minimum 16 points
need to match and marriages are not accepted for any points below 18. Horoscope matching is
important and if it fails to match properly, it may lead to divorce, or childless issues and many

The 8 folds are:

      Varna Milan- Varna indicates spiritual development such that both belong to the same
       degree. One from higher Varna is not the right mate to a lesser Varna. Hence, same grade
       is expected to determine the Varna and this offers 1 point.
      Tara Milan- This offer 3 points from thirty six. This states the auspiciousness and
       inauspiciousness of both.
      Vashya Milan- Vahsya offers 2 points of thirty six. This offers the magnetic control
       between couples. This is determined based on the Moon sign of Vedic Astrology. If the
       moon signs are friendly in both, full points are given.
      Yoni Milan- This brings 4 points of thirty six. Yoni refers to sex and this compatibility is
       considered to be very important. It is believed that sexual harmony plays a pivotal role in
       making a marriage happy.
      Grah Maitri Milan- This contributes 5 points and suggest the behavior, matching views
       and temperamental compatibility
      Gan Milan- Offers 6 points. This is based on the Moon as a birth chart and a person is
       divided into Divine, Human and Diabolica, the Dev, the Manushya and Rakshash,
       respectively. A mismatch in Gan indicates total disharmony and quarrels in the
      Bhakoot Milan- Bhakoot Milan offers 7 points and assists in judging the capability of
       agreement, health, happiness, prosperity and longevity to lead a happy life together. This
       is based on the Moon’s sign.
      Nadi Milan- Nadi offers 8 points and is the most important. It is believed that same Nadi
       couple will suffer in childbirth or something related to their child.

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