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									Magic Mesh Information
 Does The Magic Mesh Really Work?
Temporary Screen Door

If you are looking for a temporary screen door
for you house now that summer is coming you
should take a look at Magic Mesh.

The Magic Mesh product is a temporary screen
door you can use on any entrance way to stop
bugs such as mosquitoes from entering your

It is easy to install and take down and put away
at the end of the summer season.
Mosquitos Are A Pain..
I am sure you know that if you have had any
past run ins with mosquitos that having them in
your house is really annoying.

That constant buzzing as they fly around at
night and the potential they could bite you and
possibly give you West Nile Virus all add up to
a pest that you want to keep out of your house
during the summer with a good screen door.
Installing Screen Door Is Expensive..
Getting a permanent screen door though
installed in your house can be expensive and is
hard to do yourself.
Use A Temporary Screen Door..
So why not use a temporary screen door that
you can install yourself in a few minutes that
will just as effective job of keeping unwanted
pests out of your house.
Its Easy To Install..
The Magic Mesh temporary screen door is easy
to install.

Simply you place sticky Velcro tabs above the
entrance way that you want to protect from
bugs and then stick the Magic Mesh screen
doors on to the Velcro tabs.

At the end of the summer season simply take
down the Mesh from the tabs and put it away
until you are ready to use it again.
Magnets Are The Key..
The Magic Mesh system uses a series of
magnets that open easily if you wish to walk
through the mesh to go in or out of the door
and then the magnets will close the screen
behind you automatically
Cons Of Magic Mesh
The mesh itself isn't the best quality but it will
certainly last for a few summer seasons before
you would have to order another one and for
the price of this product you really can't
complain to much.
Pros Of Magic Mesh
Compared with a normal screen door that
slams shut every time you use it, the Magic
Mesh is very quiet. The Magnets close and
open quietly and although using magnets is a
simple idea it works well and keeps the bugs
Magic Mesh Conclusion
If you purchase a Magic Mesh system right now
they have a 2 for 1 deal on. Simply order the
Magic mesh now and they will include a second
one for free in your shipment.

This offer won't last for long though.

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