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                           Best iPad Apps for Education

There’s no doubt that the iPad is an excellent device and the iPad’s potential remains
undeniable, particularly in education. For a more concrete sense of what the iPad can
do, I’ve made my picks for the best existing iPad apps for education. If you want to
know which is the best iPad app for education, just follow us.

Best iPad Education Apps - Star Walk

Star Walk is an award-winning education app that allows users to
easily locate and identify 20,000+ objects in the night sky. It is fun
& educating at the same time! Star Walk is an excellent guide to
stars, planets, and constellations. You can play and learn them all
while sitting comfortably in the arm-chair at home or during actual
star gazing outside. This is a great tool for identification of the heavenly bodies and for real
placement according to your location.

iPad Apps for Education - Penultimate

Penultimate is a first-rate handwriting app for the iPad that aims to
replace your favorite pen with your index finger. As opposed to
other drawing apps, the developers have created a realistic flow to
the pen that makes it feel very fluid and realistic in its movement. I
really enjoy drawing in this app, and it has also spurred similar apps
to include some of the same features. Make it your own, then share and collaborate with your
coworkers, classmates, and friends.

iPad Educational Apps - Mad Libs

Mad Libs is word game that create a new story by changing a few
selected words in the story. So it is a good app for storytelling and
parts of speech. Your children and students will be laughing as they
learn a few concepts at the same time. For years, parents, teachers,
and homeschoolers have used these fun word games to teach
children grammar, sentence structure, parts of speech, and even vocabulary! Mad Libs makes
learning more fun!
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Free Educational Apps for iPad - NASA

The first official NASA App invites you to discover a wealth of
NASA information right on your iPad. The NASA app collects,
customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically
updated information, images and videos from various online NASA
sources. It is available free of charge on the App Store from Apple
directly on iPad, o iPhone, iPod Touch or within iTunes as well as in the Android

Best iPad Education Apps - Essay Grader

This is a great, adaptable app for teachers to use in grading papers.
It walks through a paper from introduction to conclusion, and allows
for indepth commenting through a checklist system. While this app
is preloaded with more secondary feedback items, each comment
can be adjusted to your specific criteria, which means it could be
used at many levels. This app clearly has had a great deal of thought put into its development,
and is very detailed.

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