Oral Presentation Rubric REVISED by jennyyingdi


									Core Competency

                                              Oral Presentation Rubric (REVISED 10/03/06)

OBJECTIVES                Level 5                      Level 4                      Level 3                      Level 2                     Level 1
Overall           Sophisticated use of         Above average use of        Adequate use of               Poor use of evidence and    Ineffective use of
Content           evidence and research        evidence and research       evidence and research         research                    evidence and research

Credibility       States credentials, shows    Shows some credibility      Does not state anything       Behaves in manner to        Late for speech,
                  expertise, may cite          as described in Level 5     to show credibility           hurt credibility            inappropriate behaviors
Organization      Easy to follow; many         Organized; few              No transitions                Jumping around; no          Very hard to follow
and Outline       transitions used             transitions used                                          transitions; lacks
Language          Appropriate for              Appropriate for             Appropriate for               Speaks above or below       Uses slang or
                  audience; creative and       audience; clear             audience; parts unclear       audience                    inappropriate language
Audience          Makes entire speech          Makes attempts at           Fits some of speech to        Does not consider           Insulting or offensive to
Relevance         have meaning to              having speech relate to     audience                      audience in giving          audience
                  audience                     audience                                                  speech
Eye Contact       Given 90-100% of the         Given 75% of the time;      Given 75% of the time;        Given less than 75% of      Given less than 50% of
                  time; looks around room      attempts looking at all     does not look at all          the time                    the time
                  at all audience members      audience members            audience members
Vocal Delivery    Rate, volume,                Slightly fast/slow; minor   A few disfluencies (e.g.,     Hard to hear; incorrect     Vocal delivery interferes
                  pronunciation,               disfluencies (e.g., ‘uh,’   ‘uh,’ ‘like’); heard fairly   pronunciation, pace         with entire speech
                  articulation great           ‘like’)                     well                          problems
Professionalism   All aspects of speech        Most aspects of speech      Lacking some                  Inappropriate behaviors;    A lot of
                  and dress are                and dress are               professionalism or not        not professionally          inappropriateness
                  professional                 professional                professionally dressed        dressed                     including dress
Confidence/       Exudes confidence            Shows minor                 Nervousness is seen but       No attempt at poise; lack   Complete lack of control
Poise             throughout speech            nervousness                 poise is attempted            of confidence in self       over speech

Time              Exactly within limits        Slightly over or under      Within 30 seconds of          Over/Under limits by 1      Over/Under limits by 2+
Constraints                                    limits                      limits                        min                         minutes.

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