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example persona by jennyyingdi


									         Amy the ThemePark or Music Designer
                     Career Path                                     Skills & Capabilities

   Loves video games                                    Story-telling
   Graduates with a Computational Media degree          Understand target audience(s)
        Never does a graduate degree                    Creative
   First job as a Game Tester for Nintendo                   Visual and Audio design
   Later founds her own music studio                    Prototyping tools
   Last seen designing theme parks and systems               Including physical artifact prototyping
    to auto-generate Top 40 Pop hits                     Presentation skills
                                                         Can manage complexity

                     Knowledge                                                 Attitudes

   Understands gamer mentality, human factors,          Can work with technologists, artists, bankers, VCs
    psychology                                           Fun is GOOD (Entertainment is worthwhile)
   Finance & Project Management                         Compromise when needed
   Graphics, VR, AR/Sensors                                  Steve Jobs: Visionary on a Team
   Networking, soft R-T, system architecture            Self-confident, idealist
   Physical sciences, calculus, discrete math, num      Non-loner, extrovert, loves people, bathes
    methods                                              Lifelong learner
   Modeling and Simulation, AI, computability           Philanthropic
   Music, Lit & film theory, dramaturgy,

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