Topographic Map Project by 0sn7t8T


									                                Topographic Map Project

Total Points: 100 points              Due Date ______________________________

Objective: To create an original topographic map of an island using the rules of
topographic maps and your imagination.

1.Follow the rules of topographic maps: (20 pts)
   a) Contour lines cannot touch or cross each other.
   b) Every 5th line is bolder and numbered with elevation.
   c) The contour lines of a river point upstream.
   d) Steepness is indicated by the closeness of lines.
   e) Contour lines are endless and close.

2. The contour interval is 20 ft and there is a compass rose on the map. (5 pts)

3. Have the following geological features on your island. (5 pts)
a) Cave b) Gravel beach c) Marsh (swamp) d) Lake e) Spring

4. Have at least ten symbols on your island, which are also explained on a map key. The
symbols should make sense where you put them. For example, an airport should not be
on cliff or a town in the middle of a river. (10 pts)

5. Have three accurate scales written on the map: graphical, verbal and ratio. (10 pts)
The ratio that you will use is 1:64,000.

6. One side of your island must be noticeably steeper than all of the others. If this is
shown on a mountain, only one side should be steeper. In other words, the mountain
should be asymmetrical. The highest point on the island should be at least 630 ft above
sea level. Make sure you mark the peak’s elevation. (5 pts)

7. Your island needs to have one mountain, one volcano, and three rivers drawn correctly
with contour lines. (5 pts)

8. Your island needs to have a pit with a depth of 45 feet below the surface. (5 pts)

9. Draw a correct and complete topographic profile on graph paper of a North to South
line drawn across the island. The line must be labeled A-B and cross at least 10 contour
lines. The topographic profile needs to be on the side of your map. (5 pts)

10. Neatness and Creativity are important. (5 pts)
11. On the world map provided, indicated where your island is located. Make sure to give
the correct latitude and longitude coordinates. Also, write the correct magnetic
declination for the island’s location. (10 pts)

12.The shape and geological features of the island correctly correspond with the 3-D
model of the island. (10 pts)

13. Write a creative explaining how and when your island was discovered. Also, explain
how the island received its name. Your story must be one full page, double-spaced and
typed. Spelling and grammar are important.
(5 pts)


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