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Are you taking full advantage of the benefits       The Issues Mobilization Political Action
offered to you by the New Jersey Association of     Committee is a financial platform that funds
REALTORS® (NJAR®)? Use the resources below          public information campaigns on issues
to expand your business, marketability and          affecting the industry and private property rights
knowledge.                                          at the local level.

AWARDS                                              LEGAL ACTION FUND
NJAR® takes great pride in rewarding                NJAR® members or boards/associations
outstanding member achievement each year.           involved in a lawsuit on matters affecting the
REALTOR® of the Year                                rights of all real estate licensees or the real
REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® of the Year                      estate industry as a whole can apply for legal
NJAR® Good Neighbor Award                           assistance from the Legal Action Fund. Contact
NJAR® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®             your local board/association for a
                                                    recommendation form.
Whether you prefer obtaining updates through        MEMBER DISCOUNTS
your e-mail inbox, mailbox or the Internet,         •   Bank of America Platinum Plus MasterCard
NJAR® has you covered. New Jersey REALTOR®          •   UPS Special Pricing
magazine offers in-depth articles on hot topics     •   10 percent discount at the
in the industry. The Week in Review e-newsletter        store (use promotional code NJ2 when
offers legislative news, NJAR® news,                    placing an order)
educational opportunities and more. Also be sure
to check out for 24/7 access to        PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
information.                                        Sponsored by NJAR®, the GRI designation is
                                                    offered at several locations across the state. GRI
Update your local board/association with any        Broker Courses may also be taken after the GRI
changes to your contact information.                designation to satisfy the education
Please note: NJAR® does not rent or sell            requirements for a New Jersey broker's license.
members' e-mail addresses.
                                                    NJAR® also offers regional education events
FORMS ONLINE                                        throughout the state. Check NJAR®'s Course
NJAR® Online Forms through MB Associates is a       Calendar at
member benefit that allows you to create and for
update NJAR® Standard Forms and Contracts           course schedules and information.
from any PC with an Internet connection. Visit and use the NRDS ID               RPAC
number located on your membership card to           The REALTORS® Political Action Committee
access NJAR®'s library of forms.                    (RPAC) supports candidates from both parties
                                                    who have an open mind when it comes to real
The ZipForm product is available in desktop and     estate issues. With the help of those who join
online formats for an additional cost by            RPAC, NJAR®'s strong advocacy efforts have
contacting (866) 693-6767.                          yielded many legislative successes.
INDUSTRY ADVOCACY                                   TRIPLE PLAY
Protecting your profession is a priority for this   The Triple Play REALTOR® Convention and Trade
Association. NJAR®'s efforts have helped pass       Expo is an excellent opportunity for professional
legislation that benefits our industry and have     development, networking and browsing the
defeated legislation that would hurt your           latest products and services in real estate.
business or private property rights.                Triple Play 2008, December 9-11
                                                    Atlantic City Convention Center

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