Yamaha TT600R by 0sn7t8T


									 SPARKER DC-CDI - mounting instructions for Honda Yamaha TT600R
Motorbike TT600R has the capacitive ignition with electronic regulation of ignition advance. Ignition consist of
these parts: one or two pick up sensors, voltage generator (it is part of alternator), control unit (it contains power
switching circuit and advance control circuit) and induction coils. Ignition can also contains blocking input
(blocking of ignition, if the side stand is extended and together NEUTRAL switch is OFF). Some ignition also
contains output for tachometer, output for fuel pump or output for exhaust throttle control.
Malfunction occurs in control unit or in voltage generator. Home-brew attempt to repair unit mostly failed. Some
malfunctions are from faulty periphery of ignition faulty wiring, bad contact etc.
We offer replacement of ignition with name "SPARKER DC-CDI". Ignition SPARKER DC-CDI is microprocessor
controlled and is successfully working on many motorbikes. The ignition has same advance as function of rpm
(speed) characteristic as the original ignition. Ignition SPARKER DC-CDI isn't supply from voltage generator but
from 12 Volts board supply. It needs 12 Volts board supply in time of starting (functional battery).

Wiring must be done according the table below. The wires of ignition SPARKER DC-CDI has various colors. (see
table). Counterpart connectors are included.

         SPARKER DC-CDI                            motorbike                              note
black                                blue/white                            blocking
yellow                               green/white                           CKPS
red                                  red/white                             key switched + 12 V
blue                                 black                                 ground
orange                               orange                                induction coil
blue                                 red/black                             engine stop switch

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