Graduates of Distinction by dffhrtcv3


									Liberty Union High School District
     Graduates of Distinction

  Established in 1999, this annual event
  honors graduates of the District who
 have distinguished themselves through
      their accomplishments and/or
 contributions to their chosen profession
            and/or community.
Graduates of Distinction

                   April 10, 2002
              Mas Kamagaki
John Coelho

               Hugh Henderson
2002 Honorees
 Dave Blumen
  John Coelho
 Mas Kamagaki
Hugh Henderson
                                   Community Reception
                                   honoring the inductess

Ilene Foster, G.O.D. Coordinator
    shares comments from the
  activities of the day honorees
Mr. Coelho provides a story
  summarizing the day’s

                    Mr. Allen shares fond comments of
                   posthumous honoree David J. Blumen
Mr. Smith, Superintendent, presents Mr.
     Kamagaki with the coveted
    Graduates of Distinction Award

                       Mr. Henderson takes a moment
                       to express his appreciation for
                                   the day
 Mr. Allen accepts the
G.O.D. award in honor
and on behalf of David
  J. Blumen and his

                          Assemblywoman Lynne
                         Leach presents the honorees
                           with a resolution by the
                               State Assembly

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