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									What Is The Different of Easter 2012?

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                  What Is the Different of Easter 2012

2012 is a very different year, it is said in the Mayan Calendar there is a end of the world. Anyway,

now we have come into 2012 now, and it seems all things goes well, and we can celebrate and enjoy

our holidays. Then the key topic is come, our Easter holidays is coming, and the date as follow:

Easter 2012

    * Good Friday – Friday, April 6, 2012

    * Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 8, 2012

    * Easter Monday – Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 will be like any other election year - only with the addition of the Summer Olympics. Mardi Gras

will occur February 21st with Easter quickly will follow. If the schedule holds, we'll get the Freedom

Towers that will replace those lost to us in New York. Halloween will come in October 31 like usual,

and life will just continues to chug along...or will it?

Just like some held their breath and hid in their plastic and duct taped enforced homes and shelters

during Y2K, some will also do the same thing (or perhaps worse) as we march closer to December

21, 2012. Seems these folks missed their doomsday date in 2000, and now have their energy going

towards the date that coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, a time keeping chart some 5000

years old.
There are scientists and others who speak about a mystery planet X some are calling Nyberg that on

December 21, 2012, will buzz Earth so closely that it upsets Earth's orbit and gravitational setting -

thus catapulting the Earth's surface into overdrive with earthquakes, tsunamis, and strong weather

patterns. Others credit an extremely rare galactic alignment that occurs every 26,000 years as the

cause of the apocalyptic event. During this alignment, the Sun will be aligned with at least 5 planets

as well as the rest of the Milky Way (how do we know this?) There are others still who believe that

the Mayan somehow knew about this 26,000 year cycle and decided to break it up into four 5,125

year segments - or Creation Cycles, and is said to have been ruled and destroyed by one of 5

elements; specifically, 4 Jaguar, 4 Wind, 4 Rain, 4 Water. The current cycle we're supposedly in - is

called the Age of the 5th Sun and the Mayan name for it (Cabin) translates into 'earthquake',

'movement', and 'shift'...but then again it also means 'turtle'.

Sounds pretty ominous don’t it? It is supposed to. I think some people just like to be afraid - like going

to a scary movie. Some people see what they want to see, when they want to see it and don't take

into account all the facts - like the fact that the Mayan calendar starts over once it ends and isn't even

used anymore - this doesn't seem to matter. And all this hoopla isn't helped by the fact that the

Mayans are supposed to have mysteriously disappeared....all of them - all at once. Where did they

go, Disney-land?

In conclusion, in 2012, we will elect someone for President, people will flash themselves for beads at

Mardi gras, folks will dress in their Sunday's best for Easter, metals will be won at the Olympics, kids
will get candy for Halloween, and 'holiday' presents in December. I suspect we will also probably

have some earthquakes that year, some bad storms will occur, and people will die - but doesn't that

happen every year? So where does that leave us? Me, I plan on getting up for work on my birthday,

December 21, 2012 and hope that someone has bravely stepped through their duct tape and plastic

and shown up to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me.

The Ends:

Easter is a good time to book Croatia holidays as the Croatians really celebrate this festival in a big

way! Being a Catholic country, to the Croatians, it's very important; even more so than Christmas.

Easter traditionally begins on Palm Sunday and continues throughout the whole of Holy Week.

Throughout Croatia there are processions, parades and ceremonies every night and it's a fabulous

time to visit the country and be caught up in all the festivities. Community groups don traditional

costumes and sing medieval hymns. Some groups even re-enact scenes from the Bible and all the

city gates are blessed.
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