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Child Support Enforcement by fdshsdhs


									          Child Support Enforcement
               Adams County, Colorado

7190 Colorado Blvd
Commerce City, Colorado 80022
   Who are we?
       Adams County Department of Social
   Our Teams
       Intake
       Establishment
       Accounting
       Enforcement

   Office Policy

   Non Disclosure
       Must have a good reason

   Custodial Party

   Non-Custodial Party

   TANF
   Types of Referrals
       TANF - Mandatory
       Medicaid - Optional
       Self Referral
   The Intake Process
       Interview
       Location of other parent
       Is there an order established?
            If yes, case goes to the accounting, then enforcement section
            If no, case goes to the establishment section
   Establishment Process
       DNA Tests Are Used When Needed
            If a person is found to be the father the case
             will proceed
            If a person is excluded by the test, the case will
             be dismissed
       Once Paternity is Established
            A support order is then established
            The father’s name is added to the child birth
             certificate, if not already noted
   Child Support Orders
       Administrative Process Action – Through
        Our Office
            Used to establish paternity and support when
             there is no need to appear in court
       Judicial – Through the Court
            Commonly used for minors, multiple alleged
             fathers, other pending or closed cases that
             have not addressed child support, or when
             non-disclosure is indicated
Review and Adjustment

     Review and Adjustment
         Used to modify already existing orders
         Request must be in writing
         No guarantee that amount will
          increase or decrease

   Guidelines
       Support amounts are determined by using
        a formula that takes the incomes of both
        parties into consideration
   Accounting
      Creates Ledgers and Posts Arrears

      Provides Arrears Calculations

   The Family Support Registry
      Accepts All Payments

      Provides Billing

      Provides Payment Histories

                  Family Support Registry
                  PO Box 2171
                  Denver, CO 80201
                 (303) 299-9123
     Administrative Remedies
         Drivers License Suspension
         Professional License Suspension
         Lottery Intercepts
         Bank Garnishments
         Wage Garnishments
         Workers Comp Liens and Attachments
         Unemployment Benefits Attachments
         Federal and State Tax Offsets
         Credit Reporting
    Judicial Remedies
        Judgments
        Property Liens
        Contempts
        Federal Prosecutions
    Negotiations
        The monthly arrears payment may be
         negotiable with the enforcement technician
        Remedies may also be negotiated in
         exchange for lump sum payments or
         employment verification
      Other Child Support Facts
   Enforcement will continue until emancipation and arrears
    paid in full
   Medical Support
   Fees
      Free to TANF Recipients

      $20.00 for Non-TANF Recipients

   Interstate Actions
   Locate Resources
      Federal and State Parent Locator Services

      Department of Labor and Employment

      DMV

      The Social Security Administration

      Federal and State New Hire Reporting

      Internet Locator Services
Foster Care
   Child Support is collected for both
   Out of home placement
       Residential Centers
       Foster Homes
       Emergency Shelters
 The Child Support Enforcement
 Program will put children first by
 helping both parents assume
 responsibility for the economic and
 social well-being, health and stability
 of their children. We recognize that
 children benefit from positive,
 ongoing relationships with both

 Adams County Child Support Enforcement
 7190 Colorado Blvd
 Commerce City, Colorado 80022

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