KICK OFF MEETING by jennyyingdi


									APPEAR Project No. 49: Academic Partnership on Legal and Human Rights
     Education (APLHRE) between Karl-Franzens University Graz
(KFUG/IILIR), Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU-IFLS), and Addis
                     Ababa University (AAU-IHR)

                               KICK-OFF MEETING
                                    University of Graz
                                  15–16 December 2011

On 15 and 16 December 2011, the Kick-Off Meeting for APPEAR Project No. 49 took place
at the University of Graz, Austria.

The project was developed in response to the partnership demands of the participating Ethio-
pian institutions during the preparatory phase. It coincides with the implementation of the
Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s latest Five-Year Development Plan, which gives special
attention to education sector development.

The project’s overall aim is to strengthen and improve capacities related to legal and human
rights education in the two partner institutions, the Institute of Federalism and Legal Studies
of the Ethiopian Civil Service College (ECSC) and the Institute of Human Rights of Addis
Ababa University (AAU). Project coordination lies with the Institute of International Law and
International Relations of the Karl-Franzens University of Graz (KFU), assisted in part by the
European Training and Research Institute for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC).

The project covers five academic core activities, which together are intended to enhance the
teaching, research, training and management skills of the participating Ethiopian partners.
These activities include: Six short-term exchange visits (co-teaching at partner institutions);
assistance in curriculum development for a graduate program in „Human Rights and Federa-
lism“ (ECSC) as well as a specific “Human Rights Training” program (AAU); organization of
two joint research workshops; and, finally, organization of two “Human Rights Academies”,
to be held in Addis Ababa in fall 2012 and fall 2013 respectively. Moreover, the project will
cover the supervision of Ethiopian PhD candidates at the University of Graz.

o   Asfawossen Asrat Kassaye, AAU/Office of the Vice President
o   Girmachew Alemu Aneme, AAU/IHR
o   Kalkidan Negash Obse, AAU/IHR
o   Samson Kassahun Belachew, ECSC-IFLS
o   Solomon Abay Yimer, ECSC-IFLS
o   Mohammud Abdulahi Hussien, ECSC-IFLS
o   Wolfgang Benedek, KFUG-IILIR
o   Christian Pippan, KFUG-IILIR
o   Mesfin Ayele, KFUG-IILIR
o   Reinmar Nindler, KFUG-IILIR


Day One:

The Meeting started at 9 a.m. with opening remarks by the Project Director, Prof. Wolfgang
Benedek, representatives of the Ethiopian Civil Service College and Addis Ababa University.

Following the first working session, in which a Draft Joint Commitment of Project Implemen-
tation (JCPI) was discussed, the Ethiopian delegation was taken on a guided tour of the Karl-
Franzens-University. This was followed by a visit to the European Training and Research
Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC), where the group was welcomed by the
ETC’s director, DDr. Renate Kicker, and introduced to currently on-going ETC projects.

After lunch break, working sessions continued. Later in the afternoon, the group was joined
by the Dean of the Law Faculty of KFU Graz, Prof. Joseph Marko. Following an intensive
and fruitful debate on a draft document, the final text of the Joint Commitment was adopted at
the end of the afternoon session. It was officially signed in the evening during a joint dinner,
which ended activities on day 1.
        e              Commitment of Project Imp
Signature of the Joint C          o            plementation, 15.12.2011

Day Tw

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which w eventua successf            ed.
A great deal of work had to be finished by the delegations within two days

After two days of intense work and debate, the Kick-off Meeting ended in the afternoon of
day 2. All participants agreed that it was an extremely productive meeting, which streng-
thened the partnership between all participating institutions and successfully laid the path for
the future implementation of the project.

Participants were in good mood on the second day of the Kick-Off Meeting.

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