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					What Is IT Disposal?
There are many reasons why you may need to use IT disposal services. One of the main ones is
security The IT disposal services will be able to support your company in many ways.

Furthermore, in a world that is increasingly ecologically aware, most IT disposal services are looking
at re-using as much of the equipment possible. There are many services that could help a company
with IT disposal, below are just a few.

Data disposal. The IT disposal service makes sure that data that is no longer needed is erased
safely and disposed of correctly. IT disposal services use specific software such as Ontrack to
ensure Data Protection Act compliance. After the safe removal of data the company can get a
certificate as proof. There are many things that could need to be disposed of, from DVDs and smart
phones to Hard Drives and backup tapes. IT disposal services often allow the customer to supervise
the disposal of data. This service can often be done onsite as well as at a specified treatment

Not only data will need disposing of. Items such as toner cartridges might also need disposing of.
Disposal services offer the chance to recycle and reuse any type of model or make, whether they are
used and new. Because of the material they are made of, they can be recycled.

Laptops, faxes, printers, scanners, computers, photocopiers and plotters are also recyclable and IT
disposal services can ensure that this happens to help protect the environment. This is again
because of the material they are made from. The WEEE regulations obligations mean it is particularly
important for companies. This shows that they are committed to collecting, recovering, disposing and
treating recyclable items

Items that don't go to landfill sites such as computer monitors can be disposed of by IT disposal
services. Again WEEE - the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - prohibits this so IT
disposal services, with an approved treatment facility can recycle items in line with legal obligations.

With the use of Cathode Ray Tube monitors now being withdrawn from the UK they need to be
disposed of correctly as they offer a danger to the environment. The environmental agency has
requirements that mean the monitors need to be disposed of safely and if the IT disposal service has
an approved treatment facility then they can do this. If an item contains mercury for example, then it
needs to be disposed of at an approved treatment facility. This service can be provided by IT
disposal services.

IT disposal services put the emphasis on recycling and the correct and safe destruction and deletion
of hardware and data. The disposal services are available both off and on site.

There is some times the possibility to buy back items and IT disposal services also offer
refurbishment of end of lease equipment and asset disposal. If an item cannot be repaired then the
IT disposal company will dismantle it and recycle the parts. Thanks to this, nearly every single piece
of an item can be recycled.

IT recycling

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