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Internet Banking is the facility which allows the bank's customer to do banking transactions
through Internet.
Internet Banking offers a convenience to the customers and his banking needs can be
sourced without physically visiting any of the branches, some times right at his business
place, residence, market or even while traveling. Internet Banking Service is available to the
customers of Core banking branches of the Bank.
Services offered through Internet Banking
Union Bank of India offers you a wide range of services through Internet Banking such as

Sr No Services Offered
   1    Account Information: The user can get the information of the operative accounts,
        deposit accounts, loan accounts and all accounts. An user can get the following
        information :

            1. Last "n" no. of transactions.
            2. Statement of account – the user can have the statement of account for any
               period starting from the date of migration of his branch to CBS. The user
               can print or save the statements.
            3. Stop payment of cheques : Upon registering the stop payment request
               successfully the system generates a receipt with date and time. The user can
               save the transaction details for all future references to Bank like the date and
               time mentioned on the receipt.
            4. Status of cheques issued.
            5. Lien details.
            6. Flexi deposit details.
            7. Tax deduction at source details.
            8. Temporary Overdraft details.
            9. Nominee details etc.

   2    Transfer of Funds: Under this option the user gets the facility to transfer funds
        between different accounts. The options available to him are as under:

            1. Transfer of Funds between self accounts.
            2. Transfer of funds from self account to any third party account within the
               Core banking branches of bank.
            3. Scheduled Transfer for a future date.
            4. status of fund transfers.
            5. Status of pending as well as unapproved fund transfers.

   3    Bills: This option is meant to facilitate payment of bills. Through this feature the
    Internet Banking user can do the following:

       1. Selecting payee from the list of payees registered by Bank for bill payments.
          These will include utility companies like Telephone, Electricity, Gas,
          mobile etc.
       2. Setting up new payees personal to the user like his landlord, relatives etc.
       3. Making of payments.
       4. Online payments as well as scheduling of payments for a future date.
       5. View pending payments as well as history of payments.
       6. Sending of mails to the RM for bill payments.

4   Requests: A variety of request options are available to the user under this module.
    All the requests are to be attended end to end by the Relationship Manager of the
    branch. A user can make request for
          1. Issue of cheque book - the cheque books are to be mailed to the address
             registered with the Bank and the courier charges to be recovered from
          2. Issue of Demand Draft- in case of online DDs the same are to be printed at
             the branch and to be mailed to the address of user registered with the
             Bank. Courier charges to be recovered from the user.
          3. FD account opening- in case of FDRs the same have to be printed at the
             branch and delivered to the user against AOF for the deposit. The AOF to
             include nominee details.
          4. FD renewal- in case of FDR renewals the same have to be printed at the
             branch and delivered to the user against AOF for the deposit. The AOF to
             include nominee details.
          5. FD breaking- these requests are off-line type in nature and need to be
             executed as per the instructions of the user.
          6. Account opening forms for SB/CD the users can make requests for
             opening of additional accounts. The requests need to be acknowledged and
             AOF sent to the user promptly.
          7. Switch mailing address- the user can select between the different
             addresses registered with the Bank viz. present, permanent and office
             address to be used as his mailing address.
          8. Query on status and history of requests.
5   Mails: Every user of Union e-banking Retail service is linked to a Relationship
    Manager who looks into the mails and requests made by the user. For this purpose
    the user is provided with a mail option, which he can use for communicating with
    the Relationship Manager. The mails option enables him to

       1.   Compose and send mails to his RM.
       2.   Receive mails from the RM.
       3.   Create different folders for storing mails.
       4.   Mail alert box for receiving alert mails from Bank.
           5. Storing of sent items.

   6    Trade : The trade module gives query on status and history of

           1. All the import and export LCs.
           2. All the inland and foreign bills.
           3. All the bank guarantees and forward contracts.

        The module also allows the corporates to make request to Bank for

           1. Opening of LCs.
           2. Amendment of LCs.
           3. Lodgment of Inland and foreign bills

        All the requests mentioned above shall be accepted by Bank as advance
        information and shall be acted upon only when the original documents relating to
        the LC or bills are produced at the branch.
   7    Limits : The limit module enables the corporate to query upon the various limits
        sanctioned to it by the Bank. The corporate also gets the status of utilization against
        each of these limits both in rupee terms and in percentage terms.
   8    Currency : All the transaction options available in Union e-banking corporate
        module of Internet baking are in Indian rupee INR only.
   9    Uploads : The Union e-banking corporate allows bulk upload of both debits and
        credits type of transactions. The corporates can use this facility for salary
        disbursements, dealer credits and dealer debits where the debits and credits are
        intended to several accounts at a time.
  10    Customization: This option enables the user to customize the Internet Banking
        options as under:

           1. Changing of passwords – both login and transaction passwords.
           2. Changing of own profile by nicknaming of accounts like salary a/c,
              expenditure a/c etc.
           3. Changing of date format viz. dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yyyy.
           4. Changing of amount format from lacs to millions
           5. Changing address, phone no, primary accounts etc.

  11    Activity: The option enables the user to query on his own activities as under

           1. Financial enquiries i.e. third party fund transfer, breaking an FD, FD
              account opening etc.
           2. Non Financial enquiries i.e. Check book request, Mail request etc.

** For corporate users only.
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Fax: +91 22 22043654 Email:

Please contact on Toll free number 1800 2222 44 for all your queries

For NRI customers +91 22 25719600
(Applicable telephone charges to be paid- Not Toll free)

Customers can call up directly on the number for

1. Reissue of view / transaction password

2. Enabling existing user ID when it is blocked after three consecutive wrong attempts

3. Any help required for log in to ebanking

4. Tax payments

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