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					                           Essay on My Mother

My mother is healthy. She is beautiful too. She is hard-working she is
always busy. She is a housewife. I help her as best as I can.

She does a lot of work. She cooks and cleans the house. She washes
our clothes. She prepares many tasty dishes for us. In the evening she
tells us interesting tales from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
Sometimes she tells folk stories and stories from the Puran. Her energy
and sense of duty are wonderful. She gets up first of all early in the
morning. She is the last to go to bed.

She loves us all very much. We also love and respect her very much.
She is really a fine hostess to the guests who visit us.

She is a good singer. It is delightful to listen to her singing. She is fond
of bhajans.

She does everything cheerfully. In sickness she nurses us back to health.

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