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					                               M o n d a y, A p r i l 21, 2 0 0 3             D a i l y C h a t t e r s p o n s o r e d b y We s t e r n B l o o d s t o c k
                                                                           Chiquita Pistol
                                                                         takes no prisoners
                                                                      Futurity Champion claims Super Stakes with 227

                                                                    Tag Rice, above, rode Tooter Dorman’s homebred Chiquita Pistol to win the
                                                                    second leg of cutting’s Triple Crown. Lloyd Cox, top left, was open reserve
                                                                    champion with 221 riding, TR Dual Rey. Elizabeth Queen, center, and Mary
                                                                    Ann Rapp, bottom left, tied for the Non-Pro Reserve title with 215.5 on Zee
                                                                    Dualy and Little Janey Lena, respectively.

                                                                           hiquita Pistol earned the               a dash for the left corner where
                                                                           red badge of courage for                more than a few cutters have met
                                                                           her performance in last                 their fate. But the sorrel mare beat
                                                                    night’s NCHA Super Stakes                      her to the draw. Stymied, the cow
                                                                    Finals. Working fifth in the first             left the corner as fast as she’d
                                                                    bunch of cattle, the Smart Little              come and Chiquita Pistol drew
                                                                    Pistol daughter held a second cow              another bead on her.
                                                                    that would have wiped out an                       “When (Chiquita Pistol) got
                                                                    entire platoon of cutting horses.              through that turn, she stopped so
                                                                        “She was pretty nasty,” said               hard (on the other end), I haven’t
                                                                    rider Tag Rice of the second cow.              known a horse to stop that hard,”
                                                                    “I wouldn’t have cut her on any                said Rice. “I’ve learned from
                                                                    other horse.”
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                                                                        The kamikaze heifer made
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                                                                                            showing her, if you get a little behind,
                                                                                            she can catch up in a split second.
                                                                                                 “It gives you such confidence,” he
                                                                                            added. “You can ride her so hard and
                                                                                            be going so fast, but she never gets flus-
                                                                                            tered or quits thinking about what the
                                                                                            cow is doing and reading her. It’s pretty
                                                                                                 Rice had about 12 seconds left,
                                                                                            when he quit the second cow. But there
                                                                                            were no volunteers for the third cut and
                                                                                            when the buzzer went off, he was driv-
                                                                                            ing several cows out front and center.
                                                                                                 “I wanted to finish up with four or
                                                                                            five seconds left, but I got tangled up on
                                                                                            that cut,” he explained. “And she had
                                                                                            worked so hard on that second cow, I
                                                                                            wanted to let her gather herself a little
                                                                                            bit and catch her air.
Lewie Wood Jr., left, with his brother, Kobie Wood. Lewie won the Non-Pro Super Stakes on        “You don’t ever want to die in the
Peppy Plays For Cash with 217 points. Kobie rode the stallion in the Open Semi-Finals.      herd in the finals,” he added. “But she
                                                                                            was trying so hard, I just didn’t want

       ewie Wood Jr. was apprehensive         of mutton withered and he has a round         to mess it up. I’m not going to complain
       about his draw on Peppy Plays          back, and that saddle rolls. I can’t pull     about a 227.”
       For Cash in the Non-Pro Finals         the cinch any tighter. I’m going to have           Chiquita Pistol, who is out of Miss
— second in the first bunch.                  to have a special saddle made.”               Chiquita Tari, by Pay Twentyone, scored
     “I had such a nice run in the Futu-          Wood purchased Peppy Plays For            a record 230.5 to win the Augusta Futu-
rity, but I didn’t think (the score) would    Cash for $55,000 at Western Blood-            rity, and 231 to win the Abilene Spec-
hold and, sure enough, it didn’t,” he         stock’s NCHA Summer Spectacular               tacular.
explained. “So when I drew in the same        Sale. He and Kobie had spoken with                 Wallace “Tooter” Dorman, who is
hole here, I just hoped we would get a        the previous owner, Charles Crawley,          the foreman of Helen Groves’ Oakwood,
good check.”                                  about the horse, but the price was too        Texas division of Silverbrook Ranches,
     Wood watched 19 more riders aim          steep. “I said that I’d wait and take my      raised Chiquita Pistol and started her
at his 217-point score and miss. “It’s a      chances,” said Wood.                          himself. But following surgery on his
thrill,” said Wood. “This is the toughest         Between open and non-pro go-              shoulder, he decided to take her to
of the tough. When you get that many          rounds, Peppy Plays For Cash cut seven        Ronnie Rice to finish for the Futurity.
good horses and you have a good horse,        times in one week. “He’s so strong, I         Rice, who was recuperating from a pro-
you’re very fortunate.”                       wasn’t worried,” said Wood. “But that         cedure to place a stent in an artery to his
     Peppy Plays For Cash, sired by Play-     cool weather helped us because he was         heart, gave the mare to Tag to ride.
gun, also advanced to the Open Semi-          fresher.”                                          “It felt better to me than winning it,”
Finals, where he scored 207 under Kobie           Peppy Plays For Cash has won over         Ronnie said after the Futurity. “Person-
Wood, Lewie’s brother.                        $222,000, including $35,825 for the           ally, I thought he’d won it last year.”
     “Kobie cut three bad cows,” said         Super Stakes Non-Pro title. He claimed             Tag was reserve champion of the
Lewie. “My first cow was a good cow.          championships in the Memphis and              Futurity in 2001 aboard Mr Beamon. ★
Not a great one, but a good one. The          Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Futuri-
second cow is the one that made my            ties and placed in the open finals of
run. She was salty. It took some time to      the Memphis Futurity and at Abilene.
break her down, but we did and that’s             Mary Ann Rapp and Elizabeth
what they paid me for.                        Queen tied for second with 215.5 points.
     “I’m fortunate that my horse can         Rapp rode Little Janey Lena, the Smart            “No hour of life is wasted
handle bad cattle,” he added. “He’s           Little Lena daughter who carried her
what I call a cow horse. He reads his         to win the 2002 NCHA Futurity. Rapp’s           that is spent in the saddle.”
cattle.”                                      husband, Phil, rode the mare to split
     Wood d id have one a n x ious            6/7 in the Open Super Stakes.                          Winston Churchill
moment, when his saddle rolled to one             Queen was aboard Zee Dualy, by
side during a turn. “I just got a piece       Dual Pep, the mare she rode to place
of mane and put my weight on the              third, with 221.5, in the Bonanza Cut-
down side,” he explained. “He’s kind          ting.
                                     Flowmaster/NCHA Super Stakes Open Finals
Score   Horse                  Sex   Sire                   Dam, Dam’s Sire                             Onwer                         Rider                Earned
227     Chiquita Pistol         M    Smart Little Pistol    Miss Chiquita Tari, by Pay Twentyone        Wallace (Tooter) Dorman       Tag Rice            $98,996
221     TR Dual Rey             S    Dual Rey               Peppys Misty Oaks, by Candy Bar Peppy       Holmes/Rollins                Lloyd Dennis Cox    $85,216
220     Shakin Rondee           G    Smart Little Rondee    Shakin Flo, by Mr Peponita Flo              Sandy Bonelli                 Sandy Bonelli       $71,435
219     Lil Faye Rey            M    Dual Rey               Lil Lenas Sis, by Doc O’Lena                Gary & Alycia Bellenfant      Gary Bellenfant     $50,764
219     Mr Jay Bar Cat          S    High Brow Cat          Ms Jar Bar Fletch, by Jae Bar Fletch        Crystal Creek Ranch           Matt Gaines         $50,764
217.5   Calie Del Rey           M    Dual Rey               War Lena Calie, by War Lena Bars            Tag Rice                      Tag Rice            $29,409
217.5   Little Janey Lena       M    Smart Little Lena      Playboys Ruby, by Freckles Playboy          Phil & Mary Ann Rapp          Phil Rapp           $29,409
217     Dos Palomino            S    San Jo Lena            Docs Flying Sug, by Doc’s Sug               Debbie Patterson              Chris Benedict      $25,993
217     Royal Red Rinpoche      M    Smart Mate             Royal Blue Dually, by Dual Pep              Royal Red Rinpoche Partners   Kathy Daughn        $25,993
217     Smart But Stylish       M    Docs Stylish Oak       Miss Rey J Smart, by Smart Little Lena      Carroll Baggett               Barbara Schutle     $25,993
216.5   Dually Lil Pep          M    Dual Pep               Missie Leo Lena, by Doc O’Lena              William & Lisa Hefley          Tom Dvorak          $22,575
216.5   J R Playboy By Color    G    Color Me Smart         Pampa Playgirl, by Freckles Playboy         Mary Jo Milner                Kobie Wood          $22,575
216     CD Fancy Chance         G    CD Olena               Peppys Fancy Chance, by Peppy San Badger    Dustin Adams                  Shannon Hall        $18,475
216     Meradas Rockalena       M    Meradas Money Talks    Olenas Winrock, by Doc O’Lena               Gary & Kathy Benton           Boyd Rice           $18,475
216     Shorty Be Sweet         M    Shorty Lena            Bring Money, by Doc Quixote                 Strawn Valley Ranch           Craig Thompson      $18,475
216     Spookys Smarty Pants    M    Smart Aristocrat       San Starlight, by Grays Starlight           Jeff Barnes                   Gary Gonsalves      $18,475
215.5   Could I Wood I          G    Nitas Wood             Nimble Jazzy Lee, by Jazzy Joe Lena         Dan & Karen Hansen            Don Crumpler        $15,059
215     Tess My Grit            G    CD Olena               Boontessa, by Boon Bar                      Ken & Marcia Hanson           Matt Gaines         $13,692
212     High Cattle Guard       M    High Brow Cat          Miss Sugar Freckles, by Freckles Cavalier   Bobby & Francie Butler        Craig Morris        $12,325
204     Smooth As A Cat         S    High Brow Cat          Shes Pretty Smooth, by Wheeling Peppy       Tommy Manion                  Matt Gaines         $10,958
203     Sweet Lil Pepto         S    Peptoboonsmal          Sweet Lil Lena, by Smart Little Lena        Rancharrah                    Mike Mowery          $9,592
195     Ristos Classic          S    Smart Aristocrat       Summer At Nap, by High Brow Cat             Jack & Susan Waggoner         John Wold            $8,225

                                Flowmaster/NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Finals
Score   Horse                  Sex   Sire                   Dam, Dam’s Sire                             Home                          Rider                Earned
217     Peppy Plays For Cash    S    Playgun                Peppys Dreamgirl, by Peppy San Badger       Dennis,TX                     Lewie Wood Jr       $35,825
215.5   Little Janey Lena       M    Smart Little Lena      Playboys Ruby, by Freckles Playboy          Weatherford,TX                Mary Ann Rapp       $33,657
215.5   Zee Dualy               M    Dual Pep               Jae Bar Pamela, by Doc’s Jack Sprat         Allendale,SC                  Elizabeth Queen     $33,657
214     High Ranking Colonel    G    High Brow Hickory      Colonels Desire, by Colonel Freckles        Ingtram,TX                    Lance Harrel        $31,490
213.5   J R Playboy By Color    G    Color Me Smart         Pampa Playgirl, by Freckles Playboy         Southlake,TX                  Mary Jo Milner      $30,044
213     Lonestar Rip            G    Br Little Peppy Doc    Shoo Ripples, by Lone Star Doc              Fort Worth,TX                 Gayle Karanges      $27,876
213     Peppiers Little Lena    M    Ima Little Peppier     Catalena Kate, by Doc O’Lena                Purcell,OK                    Bucki James         $27,876
211     CD Thomas Crown         G    CD Olena               Docs Handy Ann, by Doc Quixote              Poolville,TX                  Chad Bushaw         $23,540
211     Little Chantilly        M    Smart Little Lena      Chantilly Playgirl, by Freckles Playboy     Fort Worth,TX                 Stacie McDavid      $23,540
211     Royalty Cat             M    High Brow Cat          Miss Kitty Kitty, by Son Ofa Doc            Hempstead,TX                  Scott Ferguson      $23,540
211     Steady Play             M    Smart Peppy Date       Playindoc, by Freckles Playboy              Nanton, AB                    Carl Gerwien        $23,540
210.5   Hallalujah *            M    Sr Hallmarked          Freckles Van Lena, by Freckles Playboy      Weatherford,TX                Scotty Rice         $19,928
208     CD Fancy Chance         G    CD Olena               Peppys Fancy Chance, by Peppy San Badger    Logandale,NV                  Dustin Adams         $17,759
208     Little Jerri Sox        M    Smart Little Jerry     Cats Bobby Sox, by High Brow Cat            Spearman,TX                   Mark Pearson         $17,759
203     Dances In The Sand *    M    Sr Instant Choice      Dances With Trouble, by Smart And Trouble   Weatherford,TX                Bruce Lusk          $15,592
202     Crocheted               M    Smart Lil Ricochet     Sr My Quixote Lady, by Doc Quixote          Aubrey,TX                     Kyle Manion         $13,424
202     Play Smart In Rio       M    Smart Mate             Playhickory Rio, by Doc’s Hickory           Purcell,OK                    Frank Merrill       $13,424
201     Its Just About Me       S    Freckles Fancy Twist   Jigger Fulla Gin, by Tanquery Gin           Collierville,TN               Alisa McCleary      $10,533
201     Tm Quiver               M    Smart Lil Ricochet     Shes Pretty Smooth, by Wheeling Peppy       Aubrey,TX                     Tommy Manion        $10,533
194     Lil Faye Rey            M    Dual Rey               Lil Lenas Sis, by Doc O’Lena                De Leon,TX                    Alycia Bellenfant    $8,366
191     Bonnies Cat A Lena      M    High Brow Cat          Boon San Bonnie, by Boon San Lena           Allendale,SC                  Skip Queen            $6,920

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