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Apache Apache Indians


									   Apache Indians

By: Sean Goins and Katy Hall
       Mrs. Smalley
            Food and Hunting
• The Apache hunted and gathered deer, rabbit,
  berries, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and buffalo
• They hunted with bows and arrows,
  knives/axes and guns
        Daily Life and Activites
• Apache women took care of the children and
  made clothing. They prepared and cooked the
  food, gathered fruits, vegetables, and
  firewood. They also gathered the grasses for
  making baskets.
• Apache men hunted and
  trained for combat.
            Belief and Worship
• Had two cultural hereos:
   Sun/Fire and Water/Moon/Thunder- these
  were believed to destroy harmful creatures
• Medicine Men, Sand Painting
• Spirital Dances to ward off evil spirits, bring
  rain, and grow healthy crops
 What are the Apache known for?
• Warriors and Survivors
• Gentle and affectionate with there own tribe
• Valued there children/young
  What changed for the Apache as
         Settlers Arrived?
• Survived by adopting certain customes and
  learning to use trade with goods and crops.
• Eventually they had to raid and loot to survive
  until the U.S military engaged in fierce battles
  until most were captured and shipped to
  reservation camps.
     Traditions and Celebrations
• Spiritual ceremonies were a big part of life.
  The Medicine Man or Shaman of the tribe
  would perform Long Life, Healing, and War
• The elder would pass down a Code of Honor
  to the young through example and teachings.
   Contributions to Texas
•Brought farming and crop cultivation
    •Contributed to trade and war

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